Caking Baking For Nephew Turns Into Facial For Auntie 1080p - Butt3rflyforU Fantasies

Caking Baking For Nephew Turns Into Facial For Auntie 1080p – Butt3rflyforU Fantasies

Caking Baking For Nephew Turns Into Facial For AuntieYou are my favorite nephew and it’s summer time and that’s so exciting because you get to spend 3 whole months with me!!! So I decided to bake my favorite nephew a delicious cake!! I start gathering the ingredients and silly me, I knock over the flour and it spills everywhere!!!! You are trying to be helpful, you grab the broom and mop but I think I need to vacuum it first because the whole bag spilled! I begin bending and reaching in my yoga pants and tight gym top as I vacuum it up. You can’t help but stare are your hot aunt’s tight butt and huge tits hanging out of her gym top. You suddenly start feeling your youthful cock grow harder and harder in your pants. You can’t help it because her body makes you want to throw your cock deep inside your aunt!!! I finish cleaning it up and I notice you have been staring at my big ass and huge tits. I even notice your boner as much as you try hiding it!!! I am surprised that I turned you on so much!!! My young hot nephew gets that hard for me??!!!?!?! Omg sweetie, I can’t leave you standing there with such a hard on….Take your cock out and let me help you bring that young hard on, down!!!!! Let Auntie Rae tell you how to stroke it and maybe I’ll even help you!!!!

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Stroke Your BBC To Me 1080p - Butt3rflyforU

Stroke Your BBC To Me 1080p – Butt3rflyforU

You know how I crave big fat black cocks! They are the only cocks that really get me off. I love how tight my pussy feels when a huge girthy BBC fucks me! Do you like my big phat booty? Does it make that BBC rock hard? Let me strip and tease you with my fat ass and huge tits then I want to sit and bounce on your fat black cock til I cream all over it!!!! I’ll show you just how much I love and adore BBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yoga Mommy BlowJob POV - Vicky Vixxx

Yoga Mommy BlowJob POV – Vicky Vixxx

Your sexy milf Mom, Vicky Vixxx, is doing yoga in the living room in her sexy work-out outfit. Vicky moves into a few different yoga moves, and moves into a side angle…and her boob falls out of the side of her shirt. Your Mom notices you watching, “Oh my goodness, Son! We’re you touching yourself?” Vicky tells you that it’s okay to feel these sexual urges, it’s completely natural…even when you’re watching your Mom do yoga. “There’s nothing abnormal about a son being sexually attracted to his Mother.” Your Mom tells you that she will help you out with that. She always thought your first sexual experience should be with her, anyways. Mommy takes your cock, and begins to slowly suck all over the tip. Your Mom tells you that this has to stay between you and her… your Father can’t find out. She continues to stroke and suck your hard cock. “Mommy will take care of you like I always have…even if that means sucking out your first load.” Vicky sucks harder, wrapping her lips tightly around your cock. She strokes and sucks your cock until you cum all inside of your Mom’s mouth. “That was so much you almost gagged me, Hunny!” Vicky tells you to get cleaned up, and goes back to her yoga poses.

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Dear Diary: Stepsis Impregnation 4K - Snortneypoptart

Dear Diary: Stepsis Impregnation 4K – Snortneypoptart

Dear Diary, Lately I have been having really naughty thoughts about my new step-brother, like him getting me pregnant, our parents just got married and I have never had a boy around the house… My *step-brother* (simulated with me talking to the camera like it’s my brother) comes in while I am writing in my journal and I hastily hide it and then go out to meet friends… when I come home you are in my room with your cock out, I pretend to be offended and then you tell me you read my diary. I say it’s a good thing I think you’re so cute or I would never do anything like this, I start to suck and stroke your cock and then we fuck and you cum inside me, doesn’t your lil sister look so cute with your cum dripping out of her pussy?

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Stretching Mom Out 1080p - Sheena Ryder

Stretching Mom Out 1080p – Sheena Ryder

Mom needed to get stretched out for yoga, so I offered her some help.. As I was on top of her, holding her leg to my chest, her tight spandex and beautiful body began to turn me on. She noticed my hard-on and said “looks like you could use some help yourself” Mom pulled my shorts down and took me down her throat. She ran her tongue up and down my shaft and teased my balls.. Watch as I tear her tight leggings exposing her ass and pussy. I shove my dick deep into my mother and fuck her in the backyard before I blow my load into her mature pulsating pussy!

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Mommy in Yoga pants cum fuck her - Hot Wife Jolee

Mommy in Yoga pants cum fuck her – Hot Wife Jolee

Mommy in Yoga pants cum fuck her horny milf pussy Mommy is horny after a work out, Her boy looks horny to with that nice bulge in his pants, You cant help but get a hard on looking at mommy in her hot yoga pants, but mommy want more she wants your hard cock inside her and have you give her all your sperm. Taboo mom/son roleplay filthy fun.

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Personal Training with Mom - Bettie Bondage

Personal Training with Mom – Bettie Bondage

Look, you can’t be blamed for this. Your mom is the one who said she wanted to have you train her. It’s not like you offered. Ok, so, you didn’t HAVE to have her come to your house to train. And no, you didn’t have to make her change into tiny yoga shorts, and a thong…and little else. But she’s the one who wanted to be trained by you! It’s not your fault your mother is gorgeous, even if she doesn’t workout. She’s got a little waist, and a nice round ass…the truth is, you’ve been wanting a chance to see her in skimpy clothes for ages. Even if she is your mother. This was exactly the excuse you needed! Of course, you spin some bullshit about needing to see her form, and she eats it up. She is beautiful, yes, but she is a bit of a bimbo.
When you have her get on her hands and knees in front of you and move her hips up and down, pressing her pelvis into the floor before backing her ass up towards you…thats when things really go off the rails. You were just going to look! You swear it…but then, she was backing it up so seductively, she was practically begging for it! And so you got closer. You had her move her butt back, right into your lap. Into your rock hard cock, separated only by the thin fabric of your shorts, and her tight, tight spandex. You could feel the heat off her. What came next? Well, again, you can hardly be blamed! The way she was moving, you just had to get her on her back, and stretch out her hips…yeah, her hips…of course, you need to see things more clearly, you need to see her completely bare. And then, when you slip your fingers into her, that was just to check her…uh, core strength. Yeah. And when you made her cum on your fingers, even though she tried to hide the rise of color in her cheeks…well, then it was really her fault. And when she got back on her knees, backing up onto your now exposed cock, and kept rocking across it, the entire hard length, well…I mean…who could blame you, really?


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Spying on Mom's Yoga Practice 1080p - Bettie Bondage

Spying on Mom’s Yoga Practice 1080p – Bettie Bondage

Your mother is always teasing you, walking around in her tight workout clothes, doing yoga moves that you know are designed to make you hard. I mean, she has to know what she’s doing, right? Today, it’s too much. She keeps pushing her ass into the air, bending over at the waist, moving her hips, laying on her back and spreading her legs…all the while, her yoga pants are completely see-through! No one can be that naive, right? She must know what’s she doing…she must want it, the way you want her…
You watch her from the doorway for a while, getting rock-hard seeing your mother move her lithe and strong body, until you can’t take it anymore. You step into the room, standing over her as she stretches her legs, eyes closed. When she opens them, she acts surprised. Yeah, like you’re buying that. She knew you were home. She had to know you’d get excited, seeing her like that. There’s no way she doesn’t want it…she asks why you were watching and you tell her, point-blank, why. She plays like she’s startled, shocked that you would say something like that to your own mother but there’s no denying it at this point. Your boner is tenting your pants and she can tell. So what does she do? She goes back to her stretches!! She pretends she’s pissed but there she is again, bending over, wiggling her ass at you. You take your cock out and when she realizes, she acts SO offended, but c’mon. She knows what she’s doing.
You stroke as she feebly protests, her eyes darting back and forth from your face to your dripping cock, precum oozing out. After a few minutes, though, her fake resistance starts to waver. She can’t play this game forever. She reaches down, tentative, nervous, towards your rock-solid member. Wrapping her hands around, you watch as her eyes flash with desire, a little grin starting to play across her face. She’s stroking you, touching you, softly at first, but then longer strokes, faster, before she bends down, putting her ass in the air as she takes you cock into her mouth, sucking you like the little yoga bunny slut you know she is! She teases your cock with her mouth before bending over, making her skin tight yoga pants go see-through as she does. She pulls them over her big, round ass and pulls her thong aside, working your cock into her pussy with a deep, hungry groan. She milks your cock into her, taking your cum deep inside her pussy before laying on her back on her yoga mat, legs up, her son’s hot cum dripping out of her!


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