Cuddle Fucking Mommy - Xev Bellringer

Cuddle Fucking Mommy – Xev Bellringer

You couldn’t leave your mother alone on Halloween, no matter how much she tried to rush you out of the house to party with your friends. She wouldn’t know what to do with herself… not without you there with her. You were always there, you made sure of it.
How could she resist snuggling up with her son, watching a scary movie tonight? Your mother was such a wimp, it’d be fun to watch her squirm. More than fun… more than you could have ever hoped. She could barely make it through the intro credits without squealing, pressing her soft breasts together in that sheer, lacy gown. You couldn’t stop staring at her nipples eager to pop out over her top.
Before long, your mother was clinging to you, her warm body against yours. She heaved in fear, giggling as she apologized for grabbing you close. But that was the only way she could watch the movie… and you wouldn’t argue with that. Her breath was hot on your skin, her plump nipples finally exposed, your mother none the wiser. She pleaded for her son’s arms around her, your hands pulling her closer.
You touched her legs… rubbed them reassuringly… lovingly… sensually. She couldn’t stop herself. Her hips moved rhythmically against your palms. She wanted you, even though she tried not to. Your mother moaned. It made you hard. She pinched her nipple. You wanted her to grab your cock. She inched her lacy hem up around her waist to reveal a bare pussy. Her hand inched down… and squeezed your stiff shaft. She wanted it between her legs… rubbing, pumping against her wet, naked pussy. But you would give her more than that. So much more.

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I Dare You To Cum In Your Sister's Pussy - Xev Bellringer

I Dare You To Cum In Your Sister’s Pussy – Xev Bellringer

Did it happen because of the game… or the drinks? If I hadn’t paraded around the hotel room in those lacy pantyhose and that tight, revealing top in the first place… if I hadn’t acted like such a slut, maybe my brother wouldn’t have wanted me so badly.
I just wanted to have some fun. We were stuck in that hotel room all night, what were we supposed to do? Just a harmless game of truth or drink to help loosen my goody-two-shoes brother up a bit. Maybe I wanted to watch him squirm, get a rise out of him. A BIG rise…
I knew my brother watched me in the shower at home, I knew what he thought about when he stroked his cock. Now he was stuck in a game and could only answer honestly… or drink. Either way, I knew he wanted his sister.
But I wasn’t ready for the way it made ME feel… to hear my brother say those things out loud. I liked it. It turned me on. And before I knew it, the real game was on. My brother turned the tables… truth or dare. It was so easy for him. I was a virgin after all, he knew I wanted his cock… to see it, to touch it, to… masturbate to it… bare, erect, right in my face. My brother knew I would do what he asked just to watch him play with his stiff cock… even pull my massive, creamy tits out.
I couldn’t resist. I was so desperate. I HAD to taste it, feel it swollen and hot in my mouth. It was the only way I could fulfill his dare… to orgasm then and there. I just… wanted it SO much… but he was my brother. It was wrong… we shouldn’t have… I shouldn’t have dared him… I couldn’t help it, I wanted it so badly. For him to cum deep into my pussy. A dare’s a dare… right?

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Mommy's Honeymoon - Xev Bellringer

Mommy’s Honeymoon – Xev Bellringer

Honey! You can’t just barge in on me in the bridal suite when I’m getting dressed. Oh, I suppose the son of the bride can have special privileges. Wasn’t the wedding just perfect?? And you looked so… grown up, walking me down the aisle.
What’s wrong? Oh honey… I’m getting ready to go on my honeymoon. I have to leave. I know it’s always been just you and me… But things will have to change. Well, you shouldn’t see me like this anymore… wearing close to nothing. It’s… well, your new father… he doesn’t like it when I walk around the house naked, with you there.
No, honey he’s not trying to tear us apart… nothing could. I love you more than anything… it’s just… I think he’s jealous… of you sweetheart. Of what we have. I probably shouldn’t say this, it’s probably just the champagne talking, but… if we weren’t related… I would marry you instead. You’re so handsome. You’ve turned into such a man…
Honey, no. You shouldn’t touch me there. Oh… I shouldn’t have let you see your own mother naked all of those years. I didn’t think… ohhh… I didn’t think about what my body would do to you. Aren’t there girls your age for you to… to… Ohhh, honey… I’m your mother! Yes, I love you, I do. But he’s waiting for me. What if he comes in… what if he sees us together. I… we… Ohhhhh… yes, I love it. I want it. Honey, you have to PROMISE never to tell anyone what I did with my own son… on my wedding night.

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Your Loving Mother - Xev Bellringer

Your Loving Mother – Xev Bellringer

You watched your mother through the door pulling her white, lace stockings up over her big ass as she talked to herself. You couldn’t believe it. Your own mother… was giving her body over to your bully every week to keep him from picking on you. To use however he wanted. She slipped into a loose blouse, her massive breasts bouncing against the lace. You could even see her big nipples through the fabric. Did he make her wear that??
You demanded she tell you everything – no matter how much she squirmed in reluctance, trying to keep her son from knowing the dirty, desperate things she did with her body… for you. But you deserved to know. You needed to hear your mother describe exactly what he did to her… how she let him use her. And how much she LIKED it.
You deserved more… it was only fair. You were her son. She loved you more than anything… and wanted you to know it. To feel it. All of her sweet love wrapped around your cock… deep in her pussy.

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Mommy Is Your Personal Pornstar 4k - Xev Bellringer

Mommy Is Your Personal Pornstar 4k – Xev Bellringer

I knew it would take something special to motivate my son to get better grades. Nothing really worked, not like this did. All I had to offer was… oh dear. I couldn’t believe he would ever want this… want me… dressed in slutty red lingerie, for him. But what kind of mother would I be if I backed out now… I would have to let my son do anything he wanted to me. Just like I promised.
But I couldn’t believe my eyes when he took the camera out. Was he really planning on recording me like this… us together doing unspeakable things? My son wanted to make his own mother into his personal porn star! I shouldn’t have liked the idea but… I did. The moment he told me to sit down on the bed and show my body for the camera, I wanted him to see me. I wanted him to want me. I did everything my son wanted – my fingers obediently slid down to my pussy, under the panties… into my wet slit.
Did he really want me to cum for him… right here, right now? But the only way I could orgasm is if I looked at a cock while I touched myself… and, oh dear… before I knew it my son whipped it out! And it was SO HARD!! For… me. He thought his own mother was sexy. I was so flattered, so ready to give him anything he wanted… and his big cock was just waiting for me… for my lips. There would be no taking this back… once my son and I did this… once I lowered my warm mouth onto his cock… and made him cum.

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Taking Advantage Of Your Slutty Mother 4k - Xev Bellringer

Taking Advantage Of Your Slutty Mother 4k – Xev Bellringer

You had never seen your mother act this way before. Dress this way. Or… speak this way. Like a slut. You watched her prepare for her date through the door, snapping a garter into place while she talked to the other man on the phone. He asked her to slip her hand down into her panties… no, the panties HE made her wear. She moaned like you had never heard, and began rubbing her pussy furiously. She barely said it through gasps of pleasure, but you could make it out. She was ‘his little cock sucking slut.’ And… did she just cum?? For him?! It made you furious… even jealous. She was YOUR mother, she belonged to you. Not him.
Just as she hung up and tossed the phone aside, it slid off the bed behind the headboard. Your mother hurriedly reached through the wood slats to retrieve it and her lacy sleeve snagged and caught on a nail. She struggled to free herself, her massive ass bouncing in the air as she fretted about being late. Your mother realized she would need her son to come free her. She desperately pulled her tight skirt down around her round booty, attempting to hide the slutty lingerie. She had no idea you had been watching the entire time. Or that you were feeding the deep jealousy, letting it swell, and grow into… lust.
You actually enjoyed watching her struggle in front of you, trying to understand why her own son wouldn’t help free her arm. But the more she wiggled on the bed, the higher up her skirt pulled up over her ass. You made her admit to everything… the real reason she was going out that night… the reason she was dressed like a slut… and what she wanted to DO with that man. Your mother was at your mercy. You could do ANYTHING you wanted to her curvy body.
You pulled the skirt down around her wide hips, and pushed her blouse up over her juicy tits. Your mother gasped, shocked by her son’s behavior… and his desires. You grabbed and groped her creamy ass cheeks, and she protested. At first. But you knew what she was, what she wanted. A big, fat cock in her mouth to suck on. And you would be the one to give it to her.

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Mother's Milk 4K - Xev Bellringer

Mother’s Milk 4K – Xev Bellringer

I didn’t mean for it to happen this way… to happen at all. I just wanted to spend the weekend alone with my sweet son on vacation, to bond with him again. Ever since the arrival of his new baby sister, I’ve been giving him less and less attention. I miss him. Too much. I’ve just been so overwhelmed… so much that I forgot my breast pump at home. I was just trying to fit into that tiny bikini, struggling to squeeze my massive, milk filled breasts into the itty bitty top. No matter how much I pulled at my nipples, drawing out modest trickles of milk, it wasn’t enough. I needed help… I needed my son to suck my breasts empty. It was the only way. I couldn’t believe he agreed to it. He was so obliging, so willing to help his poor mother. But I should have known, as soon as I straddled him on the chair and coaxed my aching nipple into his mouth… felt him gently latch on to my breasts…. pull my milk into his mouth… swallowing. I should have known how good it would make me feel. I moaned. Then he… grew hard between my legs. My son. For his mother. It was wrong. But I wanted more. And so did he. I slid onto the bed next to him… I asked him to keep sucking my tender nipples… to give me relief. I told myself it was just to fit into that bikini. But then I heard myself ask him to put his hand between my legs. Oh God, it felt good. We shouldn’t have done what we did. I shouldn’t have let him push me onto my back, continue to rub my pussy… continue to suckle on me. But I DID want it. I eagerly pulled his rigid cock out of his swim shorts and took him into my wet womanhood. I wanted my own son to fuck me… to fuck me like his father wouldn’t.

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Mommy's Special Game 4K - Xev Bellringer

Mommy’s Special Game 4K – Xev Bellringer

Do you have anything to tell me, young man? About what you did at school today… in the girls bathroom. You can’t just whip it out in front of girls. Your penis! Oh dear, is… is it because of the game we used to play? Honey, that was OUR game, you can only play that with Mommy. It’s well… very inappropriate with other girls.
Oh honey, I know we haven’t done it in a long time… remember what happened the last time we played? Mommy got so carried away… it’s just, you were so excited to show me your penis, Mommy took off all of her clothes too. I didn’t know it’d happen… it got so big and hard when you saw me naked…
There’s nothing wrong with your penis! You should be proud of how big its getting… But you can’t run around showing it to girls anymore, even if you really really want to…. Wanna play the game again? We can… as long as you’ll only play it with Mommy. Promise?
Don’t be shy, I can already see it poking out in your pants. Here I’ll go first honey… I remember how much you love seeing my big boobies bounce like this. Now now, you know the rules, it’s your turn to show me. Ohh my… your penis has gotten even bigger, hasn’t it?? You wanna touch it for Mommy… right now? Oh here, honey, let me do it for you.
Mommy’s getting carried away again, making you feel so good with her hands. Ooo you like when I squeeze it, don’t you. What about when I lick it… and put it all the way in my mouth. Sit still, honey…. let’s see how close I can get you over and over again. But you can’t cum, not yet… No matter how good it feels, wait for Mommy… wait for Mommy to rub her warm vagina against your penis….just a little bit, just enough…. Isn’t this a fun game??


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