Wasted Mom & Aunt Need Son's Cock, POV - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Whitney Morgan & Carmen Valentina

Wasted Mom & Aunt Need Son’s Cock, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Whitney Morgan & Carmen Valentina

A taboo experience where mommy & auntie are heavily inebriated…
“Cheers!” Mom smiled, her glass clinking against her sister’s. “I’m glad we stopped by the store and got some more wine.” The two were still dolled up after a night of heavy drinking and dancing.
“That guy was so cute and now I’m horny,” Aunt Carmen slurred, her legs spread and her bare pussy exposed. That’s when you walked in. “Oh! Oh honey,” Mom was startled, but let out an embarrassed laugh.
“You didn’t see your Auntie’s pussy,” Carmen blurted out. “I’m sorry, should Mommy offer you a drink?” Mom shook her glass at you. “It’s only wine – it’s like grape juice but with a little bit of a bigger kick.” As the two rambled on, Mom caressed Auntie’s skin with her fingers.
“Oh, that feels good,” Carmen told her, then saw the surprised look on your face. “Oh don’t worry, your mommy touches me like this all the time.” Mommy agreed it was okay because you guys were “family.”
But things progressed right in front of you. They started making out and you felt your face grow hot. “Did you want to give Auntie a kiss? Cause you look jealous! You want to give her a kissie kissie? You don’t want to give her one? Maybe you want to give Mommy a kiss?” Mom said coming up and pressing her lips against yours, then plunging her tongue inside your mouth.
“Why don’t you give Auntie a kiss right here?” Carmen said spreading her legs and pointing to her pussy. “What’s the matter?” Mom slurred, then began joking around. “When a man and a woman love each other in a very fun way, they give each other kisses in their downstairs area.”
“Give me kissies, show me you love me. I couldn’t find any man to give me kisses down here tonight,” Auntie told you. “I love my nephew!” Mom instructed you on how to do it better as she watched you pleasure Auntie. “You gotta put your tongue in it, like you’re french kissing!” Mom told you.
“Do…do you want to suck on Mommy’s tits?” Mom asked, then struggled to get her tight, white dress off. You went back and forth between the two wasted women. Aunt Carmen shared Mommy’s tits with you, and the both of you sucked and flicked your tongue against her nipples.
Next, you shared Aunt Carmen’s tits with Mommy. You were throbbing hard, and Mom and Auntie noticed. They shared your cock, stroking it together, then took turns sucking it. “I don’t even go down on Daddy anymore, but you, baby boy, I could suck that cock all day and all night…” Mom confessed.
“Have you ever been inside a pussy?” Auntie asked. “Or is he still a virgin?” Mom had no idea. “I bet he’s been fucking cute girls left and right – have you?!” Mom blurted out.
“Why don’t you come over here and give Auntie what she wants…” Carmen told you, “what she’s been craving all night long. I’ve been trying to find a man all night to fuck me and your mommy, and we just didn’t have any luck tonight…until you came in!”
The two rushed to get their clothes off, then laid back. You started off with Aunt Carmen, making her orgasm, then switched over to Mom. “Good boy,” Mommy moaned, “right there. Cum with me, my baby boy.” Mommy was wild as you fucked her, and eventually, you came inside of her.
Mom and Auntie asked for more kisses, then slid their tongues against one another’s. They were so wasted, but wanted even more wine to share with you. As you left the room to get them some more drinks, you saw them caressing and kissing one another.

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Mom & Aunt Catch Son Masturbating, POV - HD 1080p - Whitney Morgan & Carmen Valentina

Mom & Aunt Catch Son Masturbating, POV – HD 1080p – Whitney Morgan & Carmen Valentina

You never imagined something so embarrassing would ever happen to you. While everyone was out, you had pulled out a dirty, adult magazine and one of Mom’s lacy bras to jerk off to. However, in the middle of pleasuring yourself, Mom and Auntie barged into your bedroom.
“Hey honey, we just got a bunch of groceries and…” Mom started to say, but it was interrupted with Aunt Carmen’s horrified gasp. “Do you see what he’s doing right now?!” her eyes nervously shifted away from your hard cock. “I’m so sorry, honey,” Mom said sympathetically, and you rushed to throw her bra underneath the bed.
“Was that my bra?” Mom asked. “Honey, what were you looking at? It’s okay, it’s perfectly natural.” They picked up your magazine and began flipping through the pages to see what was so intriguing to you. “Oh, someone looks older women…” Aunt Carmen smiled. “Look at this!”
“Honey, why don’t you talk to me about these things?” Mom asked. “You know I’m the cool mom.” They tried to find the page you had been jacking off to, and once they did, they turned it towards you. “You like blondes like your mommy, don’t you?” Auntie teased.
Mom grabbed her bra from underneath your bed. “You know, I was looking for this today, I went out completely topless. Oh, you’ve seen them before – you quit your blushing!” Auntie teased that you had sucked them when you were younger, which only made your face hotter.
“I can’t have my sweet, young man with blue balls – they hurt so bad from what I hear,” Mom began to say. “Just let Mommy give it a little stroke… See, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, sweetheart.” Auntie soon joined in to help, and the two shared your throbbing cock.
They stripped down and let you lick and suck on their beautiful, perky tits, then wrapped their warm, wet mouths around your cock. While Auntie sucked you, Mommy pulled out your magazine and showed off all the pretty women that you liked to jerk off to.
Mom and Auntie then took your cock inside their tight, pretty pussies, letting you fuck them until you came. “Well, we’ll let you be…you can have your naughty, little magazine, but when you get horny again, you better knock on Mommy’s door,” Auntie told you. “You pinky swear, right?” Mommy held out her finger.
“Don’t tell anyone…” Auntie whispered.

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Wasted Mommy Wants Son's Cock, POV - HD 1080p - Whitney Morgan

Wasted Mommy Wants Son’s Cock, POV – HD 1080p – Whitney Morgan

After a night out with her friends, Mom drunkenly slammed down onto your bed. “Hey baby,” she slurred obnoxiously, a big smile on her face. “How was your night? Oh, I’m sorry…were you trying to sleep? I just wanted to come in and check on you and see how you were doing…”
“I know I was being a super bad mom by letting you stay in the house all by yourself tonight,” she rambled, “but Mommy needed to go out and have some fun with her friends.” Her hand caressed your face and she pinched your cheeks, “Aww…you’re so cute. You’re growing up to be such a handsome boy! Do you know how handsome you are?!”
Mom started rubbing your chest, then sat up and puckered her red lips. “Oh my sweet baby boy, why don’t you give Mom a little kiss?” her warm breath hit your face and you shoved her away. “Don’t push me away! You used to give Mommy goodnight kisses, morning kisses, and good-bye kisses all the time…come on, give Mommy a little kiss. Oh, you think you’re getting too old and grown up for kisses?”
“Yeah, you’re feeling really grown-up, aren’t you?” she smiled devilishly as her hand brushed against your cock. “Did you just bat me away? Mommy’s just having a little touch…just a little touch. Mommy might have had…a few too many glasses of wine. Can I just sleep in your bed with you?”
She continued to drunkenly rant as her hands explored your body. “Oh, you look uncomfortable…I feel like…you got a little chub going on. Don’t push Mommy away…” She was sloppy as she stripped down, giggling and smiling stupidly as her head spun from the wine.
“How about you touch Mommy’s titties?” she slurred. “Look, Mommy got a new bra…” She shook her tits in you face, then insisted that you touch them. She went on to tell you about how lonely she had been, and all she wanted was to be touched.
Her hand wrapped around your stiff cock, and she could see the red on your cheeks from blushing. Eventually her warm, wet mouth would bob up and down on it, and she would beg for your throbbing cock inside of her. Her moans would be wild and loud, and after the two you came, she’d ask if she could lie in bed with you.
“Don’t worry, there’s room for us to snuggle together…” she’d tell you with a warm smile. “Good boy.” A few seconds later, she’d be fast asleep. What would she think when she woke up?Would she even remember what happened?

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Happy Birthday, Son! - Mom & Aunt Gift Son His First Sexual Experience & Threesome, POV - HD 1080p - Carmen Valentina & Whitney Morgan

Happy Birthday, Son! – Mom & Aunt Gift Son His First Sexual Experience & Threesome, POV – HD 1080p – Carmen Valentina & Whitney Morgan

When you got home, Mom and Aunt Whitney were waiting for you in your room. “Hey honey,” Mom said cheerfully, “I’m so happy for you today – it’s your birthday!” Because you were getting older and becoming more interested in girls, Mom wanted to give you an extra special present this year.
“Look at his eyes already gawking at my tits,” Auntie smiled. “See, somebody is very interested in girls, isn’t he?” Your eyes scanned their gorgeous, mature bodies that peaked through the revealing lingerie they had on. Mom wanted to make sure to give you a memorable gift…a learning experience. “For your birthday present, you get to play with us,” she told you.
“You get to have your very first sexual experience as a threesome with the two most loving women in your life,” Auntie went on to say. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything; Mom and Auntie would guide you through the whole thing so you could enjoy yourself.
They kissed you, then slowly stripped down, letting you enjoy, grope, and suck on their perky, pretty tits. “How about a double handjob from Mommy and Aunt Whitney?” Auntie giggled. “Oh, he’s loving this right now…” Their soft hands stroked your cock, then they proceed to share it with their wet, warm mouths.
Once they felt you were throbbing hard, they laid back and let you fuck them. Mommy wanted you to start with Aunt Whitney first, that way you could finish inside of her. “Good job, honey…” Mommy moaned, “you filled me up. Now go get cleaned up and ready for your birthday party.”
“How does it feel to not be a virgin anymore?” Auntie smiled, her fingers circling her clit. It was the best birthday present ever…and Mommy and Auntie reminded you to keep it all a secret.

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Controlled Family Fun: Son Uses Remote Control on Mom & Aunt, POV - Forced Sex - HD 1080p - Whitney Morgan & Carmen Valentina

Controlled Family Fun: Son Uses Remote Control on Mom & Aunt, POV – Forced Sex – HD 1080p – Whitney Morgan & Carmen Valentina

It was the perfect time to test out your new remote control. Your mom and aunt had been talking in the bedroom when you walked in with a big, confident grin. “Oh hey honey, how are you doing today?” Mom greeted you with a warm smile. “Whatchu got?”
You showed off your latest invention, which your aunt mistook for a TV controller, but Mom was thrilled. “Oh no, he loves to do these silly, little inventions. He’s going to be my mad scientist. He’s won first place in the science fair every single year,” she bragged to her sister.
You demonstrated how it worked by pressing a button on the controller, which caused Mom and Auntie to say naughty, filthy things immediately. “I want to suck your dick,” Auntie said seductively, then gasped in horror at what she had just said. “What just happened?” Mom’s eyes widened in disbelief and she shoved her sister, “Don’t say those things to my son!” But even Mom couldn’t control herself – she ranted on and on about how much she wanted your cock, then realized that she had been doing it, too.
“No, no, no!” they both yelled when they saw you bring out the control again. This time you had them do a sexy, little striptease for you. “Why am I moving? I can’t control myself…I don’t know what’s going on,” Auntie panicked. “He’s…he’s getting better with his inventions…” Mom lifted her shirt and groped her tits. They shouted at you about how inappropriate this was, and how you’d be grounded the moment they regained control, but you weren’t worried.
“This is humiliating,” Mom said as she danced provocatively and began spanking her butt. You continued to watch as they put on a very unwilling show for you, then hit another button. They fell to their knees and started masturbating right in front of you. They moaned, actually enjoying themselves, which made the situation even more mortifying for them.
And things only progressed from there. You had a throbbing erection, and you were going to make sure Mom and Auntie took care of it. You’d hit another button for them to give you a double handjob, then another for a double blowjob. “I don’t want to stroke it!” Auntie yelled. “What is wrong with you?!” Mom was appalled at how hard you were from family members touching your cock. “Do you know what this is? This is inc*st. A mother should not be stroking her son’s penis!” Mom explained.
But soon it’d be in their mouths…then inside their tight, mature pussies. After hitting a button to get them to lie back, you tried to decide who to fuck first – your aunt. The both of them were stuck in the positions they were in, and there was no fighting you as you fucked them. “Get out of your mother!” Auntie screamed as she watched you thrust in and out of her sister. “She doesn’t want to have sex with you! Stop torturing your mother and me!”
“No means no!” Mom yelled. When you had orgasmed, you left the two there as they threatened to take your remote. You knew they couldn’t move until you let them, so you gave them a cocky wave good-bye and left them there naked, spread, and exposed – your mother’s pussy full of your cum.

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Mom Loves When Son Touches Her While She's Sleeping, POV - HD 1080p - Whitney Morgan

Mom Loves When Son Touches Her While She’s Sleeping, POV – HD 1080p – Whitney Morgan

Every morning, after Dad left for work, you would sneak into your parent’s bedroom. Mom would still be sleeping, just like you had hoped, and that’s what made your cock throb the most – her not knowing what you were going to do to her mature body.
You’d pull back the covers, move her bra to the side, and grope her perky, little titties while she moaned in pleasure. A smile formed on her red lips as you touched her pretty pussy, then ran your tongue against the clit. “Mm…” she sighed twisting her body gently.
Her eyes finally opened and she let out a huge yawn. “Oh good morning, sweetie pie,” she smiled. “Looks like someone was getting carried away with Mommy while she was sleeping, weren’t you? I know how much you like to creep in and watch Mommy while she sleeps, so that’s why I wore something a little more naughty underneath the covers.”
“You know just the right ways to get me excited,” Mom said touching herself. She could feel that her panties were soaked, “Were you eating Mommy’s pussy this morning? Did you slip it in for Mommy already? You want to, though, don’t you?” Her fingers massaged her clit and she spread her pussy for you.
“Just slide that big cock into Mommy…right there…nice and deep, just fill Mommy up this morning,” she told you. Mommy loved the ways you touched her in the morning – the way you did whatever you wanted to her body while she was sleeping and completely unaware.
It was your regular morning routine, and Mom would let you do anything you wanted….

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Mom & Aunt Help Son with His Raging Boner, POV - HD 1080p - Carmen Valentina & Whitney Morgan

Mom & Aunt Help Son with His Raging Boner, POV – HD 1080p – Carmen Valentina & Whitney Morgan

You didn’t know else what to do. You barged into your mom’s bedroom and her hazel eyes widened. “Honey, are you okay?” she asked. “Me and your auntie are talking about what we’re going to do today.”
Okay, this just got a million times worse – you had no idea your aunt was in the house. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” Mom’s face flushed red with embarrassment. “Oh no, it’s fine…it’s only natural,” your aunt smiled at her.
The problem? You had a huge erection that wouldn’t go down, and now the both of them saw it clear as day. You had a big date later that night, so you decided to pop a couple of Dad’s Viagra to make sure everything would work “down there.”
“I haven’t seen a cock that hard since I was a t3enager,” your aunt said. Mom gave her a little nudge and giggled, “Oh, stop it!” Although it was a terribly embarrassing situation for you, your mom and aunt were doing the best they could to lighten up the mood “Honey, Mommy and Auntie can help you with this problem before you go on your date. No need to worry,” Mom comforted you. “Next time let me know before you steal your dad’s Viagra – what’s wrong with you?!”
They explained that you were far too young for that sort of thing, and at your age, all you had to do was thing of something and you’d have a boner. “You were too nervous, weren’t you?” Mom asked. “That’s okay, I understand.” Auntie chimed in that she understood you just wanted to impress the girl, and that she loved seeing guys get rock hard for her when she was your age.
“Okay, so your date is in how long?” Mom asked. “An hour?! The only way we can help you is by having you cum. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.” Your aunt smiled sweetly, “We’re all family.” Without hesitation, your mom and aunt pulled out their perky tits and encouraged you to play with them. You were allowed to grope, lick, suck – whatever you needed to do to cum.
“Don’t freak out, Mommy’s gonna take off her shorts,” Mom said, then began stripping down with your aunt. “Come over here and Mommy’s gonna suck you nice and good.” She wrapped her warm mouth around your hard cock and your aunt joined in. They shared your cock, then laid back on the bed for you to use their pussies. “You know what you’re gonna do with your girlfriend tonight? You’re gonna do that with Mommy…” Mom said, “and it’ll be good practice.”
“That’s right, just put your cock inside of Mommy,” Auntie said seductively. “I had no idea he had such a big cock,” Mom smiled. “Oh, it’s bigger than your dad’s.” You fucked your mom first, then moved over to your aunt’s sweet, pink pussy. They encouraged you to cum inside your aunt. “Fill me up,” she told you.
You finally shot a huge load of cum inside your aunt’s pussy. “You know Mommy and Auntie will always help you out. Look, your boner’s going down!” Mom said excitedly. “We told you we’d help you out. Now…go have fun on your date, honey!”

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Mom Helps Son Impregnate His Aunt - Breeding, Inbreeding, Family, POV - HD 1080p - Whitney Morgan & Carmen Valentina

Mom Helps Son Impregnate His Aunt – Breeding, Inbreeding, Family, POV – HD 1080p – Whitney Morgan & Carmen Valentina

A full family experience… Highly recommended clip!
“So, tell him…” your aunt, Carmen, nudged your mom. The two of them sat in front of you, and Mom could see the look of concern on your face. “Oh honey, you look so freaked out right now…” Mom said sweetly, “it’s okay, relax.”
They went on to tell you what a wonderful son and nephew you were, and that they needed your help with something. “So, your uncle and I have been trying to have a baby,” your aunt started to say, “but it turns out he’s infertile, meaning he can’t produce any babies.”
“And you’re so handsome…and such an amazing son to your mom,” she continued. Mom caressed your blushing face as auntie went on to say she wanted a son just like you. “So, I was wondering…can you tell him, I’m kinda nervous…” auntie looked over at your mom.
“Your aunt and I have a very, very special, intimate request to ask of you…” Mom started to say, “know that you are definitely in your prime right now – trust me, I do your laundry. So, you could give your aunt exactly what she wants. It wouldn’t be so hard to put a baby inside of her.”
“We won’t tell anyone,” your aunt chimed in, “we’ll pretend that your uncle is the father. No one will know you are the father.” Mom went on to say that it might make your uncle feel better about himself since they had been trying for so long, and that you would be doing a really great thing for the family.
Of course they knew that this would be a little uncomfortable, so they were willing to help in any way they could. Auntie had noticed you checking out her cleavage in her purposely worn, low-cut dresses, so they encouraged you to look and touch all you wanted, and they’d help you “down there.”
They wanted you to sexualize them, to think about them in an immoral, naughty way. Auntie needed a nice, big load of your cum deep inside her pussy, and Mommy was going to make sure she got it. She’d even let you use her body to get your balls full, and when you were ready to explode, you’d give your aunt all your seed. “Fill her up with your cum…” Mom said looking up at you, “make her cum with you. You hear me? You be a good boy and make your auntie Carmen cum with you.”
Making her cum would increase the chances of pregnancy, so you did exactly what they told you, and they gave you a satisfied smile. “Sometimes it doesn’t take the first time,” Mom reminded you, “so, you may have to do it multiple times if this one doesn’t impregnate her. That means you’ll have to play with Mommy and auntie Carmen more. What do you think, baby? Our little secret?”

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