Mommy's Advice For Virgin Boys - Goddess Marley

Mommy’s Advice For Virgin Boys – Goddess Marley

Your hot new Step-Mommy is the perfect trophy wife that makes you tremble in more ways than one. For awhile, you thought that you were safe and no one noticed you sneaking around to hear Her being fucked, watch Her closely, and jerk off to all of it constantly. Until She calls you in for a chat when the two of you are alone. And She tells you right there and then, Step-Mommy knows everything and She has not only some advice for you but some new rules for the house. Don’t displease, Step-Mommy!

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Stepmother's LITTLE son: Denial SPH JOI - Baal Eldritch

Stepmother’s LITTLE son: Denial SPH JOI – Baal Eldritch

I just entered your room and what do I see? Instead of studying, you masturbate. Plus, you stroke your penis for taboo porn! Your grades are bad, now I see why… I’m sorry my boy, but what do you want to do with that little virgin dicklet ? I know… I see I won’t be a grandparent because this little sausage can’t impregnate any woman. :’D This little virgin willy doesn’t deserve pussy at all ! Are you stroking on mommy porn? I used to hear it, because the walls are thin. Im sick of it. So… Show me how much sperm is in that little testicle ! Yes, keep going! Oh my god… What kind of stupid faces are you doing while you masturbating?! XD Well, my boy , you will “end” as a virgin….

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Miss Celia - Humiliating My Virgin Step-Brother

Humiliating My Virgin Step-Brother – Miss Celia

Your hot step-sister is finding out so much dirt on you…Your are a virgin with a TWO INCH DICK…how can i not laugh at that?? It all makes sense now….i mean i knew you were wimpy but now i’m realizing you’re a beta bitch! You just sit at home and think of your hot step-sister you can never pathetic how i’m the only one that can get that tiny thing hard. All while your step-sister is having sex constantly. What a loser you are hahah!

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Man Maker: Mom's Friend's Weekend Fucktoy - 1080pHD - Sarah DiAvola

Man Maker: Mom’s Friend’s Weekend Fucktoy – 1080pHD – Sarah DiAvola

It makes you nervous that your mom left you alone with me while she’s away for the weekend. You should be nervous – and you’re not going anywhere, mister. I’m going to make you stay here, all weekend, giving me pleasure and doing every single thing I say.
Before we get started, I want you to make you tremble. Fear and arousal. I love to watch you shiver.
I’ve enjoyed watching you grow up. Get bigger. Stronger. Harder. It’s not my fault that your cock has grown bigger than your little mind can keep up with. I simply have a craving for young, timid dick.
There won’t be a moment where you’re not looking over your shoulders for me. I’ll wake you up and put you to bed. Feed you. Disrobe you.
I will teach you what to do with that hard penis you’ve got there, young man.
First, I’ll hold you down and give you a lesson in pussy worship.
Let me describe that, in detail.
Then, I will be so horny and wet that I can’t help but spread your legs – with my knees, because my hands will still be clasped around your little wrists, holding you down. Even as you struggle. The more afraid you get, the more your voice cracks! That turns me on even more – your squealing, begging, pleading – and then I remember.
you’re still a virgin, aren’t you?
Hmm. Do I want to fuck up your sexuality for the rest of your life? Do I want to be the reason you need years of therapy to untangle the mess I’ve made of your little brain?
Yeah. I do.
I slide My soaking wet, tight and hungry pussy……………………..
I will take your virginity and continue to abuse you over 3 days. I will fuck you while you cry. And each time, I’ll make you cum, which makes it all the more sexually degrading.
Let’s start our weekend fun, shall we sweetie?

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Your father went on a business trip so finally you can be alone with your hot stepmom for some days.You are an unmanly weak loser without any attractive quality.You are the most pathetic young guy I’ve ever seen and I’m almost sure you are still a virgin.I know you are in love with me and you think about me every single time when you jerk off. I’m glad we can spend some days together all alone because I wanna show you how a real woman treats a loser like you! MOMMA TAKES YOUR VIRGINITY AND MAKE YOU HER SECRET LOVER! Ok little boy,the time is here to become a man. Your stepmom takes your virginity and makes you her secret lover. Don’t worry I teach you everything you need to satisfy a real woman but after you’ll be mine and you can’t fuck other girls without my permission!

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Alpha Sister Train Virgin Brother - Queenieb and Pixie Peach

Alpha Sister Train Virgin Brother – Queenieb and Pixie Peach

Queenieb and Pixie Peach are sister with quite the reputation. They are known for their accomplishments between the bed sheets. Between them, they have bedded more men than you have probably had hot dinners. They are true alphas – goddesses who are worshipped.
They have heard that their younger brother is planning on losing his virginity. There is simply no way they can allow him to go about town ruining the family name. He is a pathetic little wimp. If he’s going to be taking his little pencil dick around town, he better know how to use it.
Queenieb and Pixie take one for the team and turn their wuss of a virgin brother into a true alpha male.

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Teaching My Inexperienced Brother - Stella Von Savage

Teaching My Inexperienced Brother – Stella Von Savage

I heard you’re going out with my friend from school, but I know you have no clue what to do when it comes to sex. She’ll spread the word that my step-brother is in bed, and I can’t have you and your inexperience ruining my school popularity. So, I decide to show you a thing or two to save my reputation – but there’s rules. You can’t tell anyone about this, and absolutely no touching (because I’m your sister and that’s just weird). I do a sexy striptease and challenge your ability to keep your cool while you watch a naked girl. Then I want you to whip out your cock so I can teach you a few things. But when I see how big your cock is, I just can’t resist getting some pleasure for myself….even if you are my brother. It’s ok though, because you promised not to tell anyone…. right? It’s our little secret…

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