Naughty Giantess Mom Makes You Watch Play Time 1080 HD - Raven Winter

Naughty Giantess Mom Makes You Watch Play Time 1080 HD – Raven Winter

Mommy is wearing her glasses, big hair, tight top, my shrunken son, I am sick of your bitching and crying. I hear you from below. I will get on my hands and knees and find your pathetic shrunken ass! You’re holding your shrunken son in your hand. He just complained to you that you dress too sexy when you pick him up. So you decide to strip and give him something to really complain about. You start masturbating with a big dildo and moaning heavily. He pleads with you to stop and you laugh at him, getting him closer to the action. Each time he pleads me I threaten to stick him on the head of my dildo and shove him so far up my pussy he will be lost in my cervix for weeks. You pathetic little fool, you will never win against your Giantess Mommy!

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Pay off your debts, my boy! - Baal Eldritch

Pay off your debts, my boy! – Baal Eldritch

They say step-mothers sacrifice for their k1ds… but why is this natural? This is not normal and not natural! I sacrificed my life for you! Pay back everything! Your step-dad got me pregnant and left me! I raised you alone! You ruined my perfect body, I couldn’t buy myself a decent dress! Because of you ! I couldn’t buy myself a decent meal ! My money went to your educations, to your fucking foods… But you’re done with that fucking school , and finally you’re about to work… Do you think that you just can walk away like this? The way as your step-father did? Well i have some bad news to you my boi ! For twenty years I couldn’t spend money on myself so it’s time to: pay me back! Did you think you would be free while I was in prison for 20 years? Do you think you can move on, and have a girlfriend? Well …. You will have nothing, theres no future for you ! You will live to give back everything to me, and more ! You will sleep five hours a day, and when its over you’ll go back to work! 24/7 ! You’ll pay me back everything, every single fucking cent what I spent on you ! You also have to pay the costs of my plastic surgeries, bc you was the one who ruined my body! I didn’t want to give you birth ! You were a fucking selfish leech, but now you will finally be useful… 🙂

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How To Be Daddy's Favorite - Goddess Tatum Kelly

How To Be Daddy’s Favorite – Goddess Tatum Kelly

Daddy likes me way more than he likes you and you’ve always wondered why. It’s because I suck his cock. Yes, you heard me right. I suck his cock every single night and because of that, I get to have whatever I want whenever I want. Are you jealous, little bro? Lucky for you, I am feeling generous and I am willing to show you what Daddy likes. This way, you can be the favorite for once! But before we start, you’re going to need to put on a pair of pink panties. Daddy loves pink! And as for the dick sucking, well I am going to let you practice on my personal dildo. Am I the best big sis or what! You will be Daddy’s favorite in no time!

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Angry Mom Kicks custom - Goddess Tatum Kelly

Angry Mom Kicks custom – Goddess Tatum Kelly

I come home early from work to find my lazy college-aged son taking money out of my jewelry box. This enrages me, so I unleash my powerful kicks on him to show just how mad I really am. Of course this is difficult to do in my work attire, so I slowly strip down to my pink bra and panties and start kicking again. I kick him all over his body, some of them low kicks, some high, and some of them spinning. Throughout this beatdown, I tell him how disappointed I am and I insult him for being such a loser. I even encourage him to hit me back, but he never does. It’s difficult to hit back when you’re up against these powerful legs! He will think twice before stealing from his Mother again.

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Mommy Catches You Sniffing Her Panties - MoRina

Mommy Catches You Sniffing Her Panties – MoRina

You were supposed to be doing laundry. Mommy is getting ready to leave to go on a date and she finds you in your room. She’s shocked to see her dirty panties on your face… and your hands down your pants! She’s pissed and yanks them off your face she gives you a really stern talking to… alternating with a few comments on how big it seems your peepee is getting as she’s waving her soiled panties around and scolding you. Just to make sure you won’t be doing naughty things with her panties while she is out, she slips them on in front of you. Hopefully her date won’t mind her wearing dirty panties…

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Worship Amanda

Your Bully Spanked Me – Worship Amanda

I couldn’t believe what you told me about your bully. So I went over there to have a talk with him. He ended up being different then I thought.. He was so strong, so well hung, so alpha. You are weak and pathetic stepmom’s boi. I went over to spank him and he spanked me… I liked it. He’s coming over soon and his well hung alpha cock will be sucked. Don’t worry, I’ll help you out.

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Bitchy Step Mother Demands Your Cum - Taboo MILF Kristi

Bitchy Step Mother Demands Your Cum – Taboo MILF Kristi

Your father has been long term dating an incredibly hot yet total bitch of a woman. Even though she is the biggest bitch in the world, you can’t stop your cock from getting hard every time you see her feet. She has the sexiest feet ever and she always has her toes painted just the right color.
She has even caught you perving on her feet before… she never spoke of it to your father but she punished you in her own twisted ways.
She was irritated that it’s been months and still no wedding proposal. She is starting to worry that your father might not marry her after all… and no marriage means no money. Day by day she is increasingly frusterated and she continues to take it out on you.
Tonight was one of those nights… your bitchy future mother in law decides to punish you for just existing and your punishment is admiring her perfect body while she tries to come up with a solution to her problem. Not that you mind… her body is perfect and you have no problems doing as she says… but apparently you fucked that up too, just like everything else.
After a long bit of being degraded for being a bad boy, the idea finally pops into her head! She has decided that the only way this marriage is going to happen is if she gets pregnant… and it’s obviously not working with your father so now she has her eyes on you.
She tells you that you will impregnate her. You will fuck your bitchy future step mother and you will cum deep in her pussy and get her pregnant. It’s the only choice you have, she says. But don’t worry, she knows how much you love her feet so she is going to let you worship them while you fuck her.
She lies on the bed, sticks her feet in your face and demands your cock in her pussy!

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Taboo Stepmom JOI CEI - Hentai Dream Girl

Taboo Stepmom JOI CEI – Hentai Dream Girl

Well.. as soon as I entered the bathroom I see that you masturbating ! That’s why you get bad grades at school, because you do this instead of learning ! Well, I’ll train you fucking idiot ! Grab your fucking horny stupid little dick and stroke it, till you cum ! But cum into your palm bitch, and lick your hand clean, little scum ! Get out of the tub and clean out the fucking bathroom as well, then go back to study you stupid little dick!

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Mummy Fucks You - Lady Nera

Mummy Fucks You – Lady Nera

It looks like Mummy is going to have to teach you a lesson about filling your nappies correctly isn’t she? She’s tried all manner of ways to make you fill your pampers uncontrollably but you always resist and hold on to your mess.
Until Mummy has a light bulb moment…Maybe a good ass fucking will teach you how to fill your pampers like a good little boy should.
Mummy is going to take down that diaper and have her fat cock get roughly accomodated in your tight little boy pussy if you like it or not. Not to mention that Mummy’s big dick doesn’t cum so she can fuck you as hard and for as long as she likes, or at least until Mummy thinks you’ve learnt your lesson. Maybe you’ll think twice about being a good diaper boy for Mummy.
Now come on little boy make that big stink in the seat of your diaper like a good little pampers bitch!

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