Mommy's Little Vampire - Kelly Payne

Mommy’s Little Vampire – Kelly Payne

Mom finally comes home early next morning; she went out last night for a Halloween party having no idea the night would end this way. She looks sad, and as though she’s been crying. She tells you a woman bit her at the party, she thought it was simply playful fun, but she soon found out vampires are actually real, and now that she’s become one, she has to change you. She can’t live without you, and she knows you couldn’t survive without her being just a young boy. Mommy promises to protect you & care for you always, encouraging you to nurse from her breasts after biting you. She somberly speaks to you as you nurse, and eventually tells you how you are now hers and you both belong to them, the vampires that made you. She demands you allow her to place a collar around your neck, that is connected to nipple clamps. Mom struggles with the thought of you changing and continues to comfort you trying to keep you awake as long as possible before the change begins, awaking as mommy’s little vampire concubine.

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Vampire Mommy Virtual Sex - Jessica Starling

Vampire Mommy Virtual Sex – Jessica Starling

A slow fucking scene on your side while showing all the way from your head to pussy. I was hoping the aspect would appear as cuddled up next to you while still showing your body. It’s a loving, gentle mommy vampire video POV. You and your young son are very close, but you’ve just been turned into a vampire unexpectedly. Your son would never make it on his own so you have to make him one too, which means he’ll also have to become your lover forever. You are lying naked on your side and you call your son in and pretend to have him lay down infront of you. You gently explain whats happened and what you have to do to him, and how he’s going to be mommy’s lover forever. Mommy’s going to handle handle everything because he doesn’t know anything, and this talk has made you both hot. You pretend to bite him somehow and then you put his penis inside and slow fuck him/have him suck on your tits while he changes for the rest of the video. There is a lot of loving Mommy talk for the rest of the video about how much you love him and will always keep him safe, how he will be your baby boy forever.

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Mom and Son taboo Roleplay – Turning my son into a Vampire You are about to enjoy being my baby son forever. I, your Mother, have just been turned into a vampire. I am going to be kept by my new masters as their slave, pet and toy for their entertainment. I knew you, my son, wouldn’t make it in the world without his mom, so I asked to turn you into a vampire as well and they have agreed. They bring you to me, bound and blindfolded, my poor son, you must be so scared. I explain to you what has happened, and that I must turn you as well, so that mommy can be with you and care for you forever. I bite your neck, to make you turn as I have, don’t worry my son, mommy will look after you well in this process. My breasts have begun lactating again since I’ve turned, so I feed you as you are going through the process. Now it’s time to put your body back inside me where you belong, the pussy you came out of, is the pussy you are going back into. Mommy reminisces about your conception, you growing in my pregnant tummy, and my stretching vagina giving birth to you. Mommy cums all over your tiny body while it’s inside me. You’re tuning more and more, but don’t worry my son, mommy is here to take care of you, I will rock you here in my arms until you fall asl**p, kiss you, feed you milk from my lactating breasts, and though we are owned and slaves together, we are together forever baby. Mommy loves you so much, you will be my young son forever. This was a custom order but no names were used, taboo mommy son talk used the entire way throughout. Enjoy babes xoxox Here are the order details The Story It has a few themes you’ve already done: talking about how you made you son, breastfeeding, collar. I love those, but I have two more I really love: being mommy’s forever, being a slave with mommy and being held tight. Background: Mommy just been made into a vampire, and they decide to keep you for amusement and entertainment. It left your son all alone and you know he won’t make it without you, so you need to change him so that you can watch out for him still. It will mean he will remain your boy forever and your master’s allow you to keep him as your pet to perform entertainment for them. The mood is sombre for what you have to do to him, but you are also excited for your new relationship. But he would love to be yours forever, if you can just get him past this. Equipment and Filming: I’d like to see if this could be filmed with you laying on your side facing the camera, kind of close up like we are right there next to you, maybe a head to waist shot. I’d like to use the collar from your daddy video if possible. Video: Have a brief bit at the beginning where you are waiting and they bring your son to you, he is tied up and blindfolded until he changes and you are really worried about him. Tell him what’s happened to you and that you’ll have to hurt him a bit. He won’t understand what’s going on, but you tell him he gets to be your boy forever now and that you won’t let anything bad happen to him. Pretend to bite him just off screen by leaning forward to the side of the camera and put the collar on him to the side of the camera as well and tie the chain around your wrist or somewhere. It’s hurting him now so have him cuddle into you and breastfeed the rest of the video, your milk is flowing again after your change. He is slowly succumbing to the bite now and to comfort him you put him inside you. Just slowly, gently rocking him for rest of the video. This is where you can talk kind of sad about his short life, like ‘how you made your son’ video. How daddy shot him into you, how it felt to have him grow inside you for so long, and that day that he was born, etc. And you are sad that you are taking it away now, but you are going be the one to have him reborn. You need to explain that you are both going to be performer slaves after this, but you will always keep him safe and take care of him and hold him. He doesn’t cum but near the end you do, and when you finish you realize he’s succumbed to your bite and you lean into kiss him (right at the camera this time) then tell him you’re going to watch over your boy until he wakes up as Mommy’s vampire concubine. Sprinkle loving mommy talk throughout about how much you love him, how much he means to you and how you’re holding him tightly and won’t let him go. Notes The sex is the least important part, I’d love it to be filled with the Mommy/dirty talk from all the themes. If possible kind of an even soft tone throughout, I’d love to be able to play the video on low to help me sl**p. Thanks!

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Paranormal Taboo 720p - Meana Wolf

Paranormal Taboo 720p – Meana Wolf

Even for a grown man, it can be eerie living in a house alone. Especially this old piece of junk you just bought. It creeks and moans when the wind picks up… there’s cold drafts… sometimes things are out of place. But in the first few days of you being there you couldn’t shake the feeling that something was there with you. Some dark presence lurking. Especially in the bedroom. The noises..the doors slamming…the footsteps in the hallways. It started to get so bad that you couldn’t sleep at night. Your younger siblings suggest the three of you stage a stake-out to see if the place is really haunted once and for all and when your brother and sister arrive, everything seems okay for a while. You feel yourself relax. It’s so good to be with them, it’s like being young again. You’re on first watch, but your exhaustion and the soothing presence of your siblings send you to sleep.
You wake up to find your sister Meana is missing… you wake Nathan up and the two of you discover her naked in the bedroom. Whatever it is that has been lurking in the house now inhabits her body as she writhes and lunges at you both. Nathan tries to resist, but her kiss leaves him unable to control his urges. The presence controls them both now as they fuck. You watch in horror as your brother slides his cock inside of your sister. She moans. She touches your cock and you feel yourself stiffening. You feel yourself unable to resist your sister as she begs for both her brother’s cocks.
The three of you writhe in forbidden sex as the paranormal force takes control. But in the cruelest joke of all, the spirit that inhabits your sister leaves her body… with her brother’s cocks still inside of her she moans and pleads for you to wake up from this nightmare. But she wants to continue…the spirit wants you to continue for it’s pleasure. There’s something wrong with this place… but the three of you never want to leave… you never want to wake up from this nightmare. You want to stay there, fucking your sister forever.


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