Mom & Daughter Swap Bodies & Switch Lives - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Carmen Valentina & Anastasia Rose

Mom & Daughter Swap Bodies & Switch Lives – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Carmen Valentina & Anastasia Rose

“I told you to stop staying out late every single night partying,” Mom’s voice was raised and stern, “you have a curfew!” The two were always fighting. Anastasia was a spoiled troublemaker who preferred to hang out with her friends rather than do her homework and study. She’d constantly ignore her mother’s concerned phone calls to flirt with the neighborhood boys.
“I’m just having fun, I’m young!” Anastasia argued back, but Mom wasn’t having it. She didn’t want her daughter to get pregnant from sleeping around or to get bad grades and ruin her chances of getting into a good college. “Yeah, I am calling you old…and boring!” she told her mom after being lectured.
“As long I pay your rent, you’re going to follow my rules!” Mom snapped. The two continued to bicker, but were stopped by the lights randomly flickering on and off. “What was that?” Mom asked, her eyes narrowed and confused. “Di-did you see that? That was weird,” Anastasia was just as bewildered.
“My…head feels funny,” Mom mumbled, her fingers pressed against her temple. There was a strange energy in the air, something mysterious and unexplainable, and once it vanished, Mom and Anastasia had swapped bodies. “Mom?” Anastasia said from inside her mother’s body. “What am I doing? Why am I wearing your clothes? Mom, why do you look like me? What’s going on?”
They couldn’t comprehend what happened for a few seconds. Mom looked ridiculous lecturing her daughter from inside her young body, but Anastasia was having a field day. “Weren’t you going to go on a date tonight?” she teased her mom. “Or did you have a business meeting with your sexy boss?”
“Yeah, I have things to do,” Mom said irritated, “so give me back my dress.” So, Anastasia did. She pulled down the dress to reveal Mom’s perky tits and Mom’s jaw dropped in shock. “You slut!” she screamed at her daughter. “You’re a little harlot! Put that away, put that away!”
In an attempt to control her daughter, Mom reminded her that she was grounded, but Anastasia knew she held all the cards in the situation. “You can’t ground me if I call the police. They’re gonna see you’re the daughter and I’m the mommy,” Anastasia laughed. “I’m going to have so much fun, Mom!”
She teased Mom about using all of her credit cards, about hitting on and making moves on her cute boss, about being a mom who didn’t have to do homework. “You’re going to get a promotion and you’re going to thank me,” she smiled devilishly. She stripped down to explore Mom’s older, more mature body, taunting her about the terrible things she was going to do with it.
Anastasia groped Mom’s perky tits, then slid her fingers across her pretty pussy, and all Mom could do was tell her to stop – she was helpless from inside her daughter’s body. To make the situation even more crazy, Anastasia stripped down her own body so that Mom could see all the small tattoos that she had been hiding.
“You’re going to have to go fuck my boyfriend tonight…” Anastasia told Mom, “you can’t wear this dress with my boyfriend. You need to not look like an old hag.” All this was news to Mom – the tattoos…a boyfriend? It was too much. And on top of that, now she had to act like a young girl while her daughter corrupted her body.
Anastasia left the room in search of some more provocative clothing for Mom’s boss, which left Mom speechless on what to do next. For now, her daughter was in charge and there was nothing she could do. No one would believe that they had swapped bodies – that she was inside Anastasia’s body. And what if they never swapped back again?!

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You're Just A Baby Now - Natasha's Bedroom

You’re Just A Baby Now – Natasha’s Bedroom

The clock turns back, time reverses, and you regress out of manhood.
You’re just a baby now. Diapered, helpless, and cute, without a worry in the world. A wee baby sucking on his thumb and giggling happily. You’re in mommy’s loving arms, a sweet little baby boy for your adoring mommy. You’re just a baby now. Cute, huggable, and cared for.
No more pants, only diapers. No more big boy. Because you’re just my baby, now and forever.

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Mom Tricked into Body Swap By Prankster Son, POV - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Nadia White

Mom Tricked into Body Swap By Prankster Son, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Nadia White

“These pranks have to stop…” Mom said sternly, “they’re not funny!” You had put itching powder in Mom’s clothes just the other day, and she was scratching like crazy all day at work. “Someone thought I had, like, fleas or a skin condition!” she said frustrated.
It was true – you loved being a prankster. You had even sprayed silly string all over the trees outside, which only angered Mom more. “It has to stop,” she repeated. “No, I’m serious, you’re really making me angry.” Although Mom had told you to stop a million times before, you knew you could still get away with it.
“I’m going to ground you,” she threatened, but you didn’t take her seriously. “Oh yes I will. This is not one of those fake threats I make all the time. No TV, no going out, no nothing.” Sure, sure, Mom, whatever you say. What Mom didn’t know, though, was that you were preparing for your biggest prank yet.
You tricked her, telling her that if she touched whatever was in your hand, that you’d stop with everything – no more pranks or jokes. “What is that?” her eyes narrowed. “What are you trying to do? I don’t trust you. That thing is probably going to shock me or something – is it one of those joy buzzers?”
But she gave it a chance – you convinced her that you were being honest and genuine. As soon as she touched it, there was a blast of electricity, and the two of you fell back. “Mom, you fell for it!” you laughed. “This is the prank to end all pranks! Oh my god. What are you so mad about? You’re just stuck in my body, and I’m in your body. You can’t do anything about it. You’re the son, I’m the mom, and I’m gonna make all the rules. No one’s going to believe you at all, this is just between you and me.”
“I’m the only one that knows how to switch us back,” you said cockily. “I’m gonna take your credit cards and your car, and I’m gonna buy a bunch of stuff that you never let me have!” Oh, you were gonna have a field day with this prank. You jiggled her massive boobs in front of her, claiming that they were yours now, and that you could whatever you wanted with them.
In fact, you could do whatever you wanted with her WHOLE body. Spank it, grope it, caress it, finger it. “Oh, you’ve been so bad, Mom. Look, I’m spanking your body!” you laughed as you slapped her ass hard. You stripped off her dress, teasing and taunting her with what you were going to do next.
You fondled her beautiful tits, then laid back to play with her pussy. You masturbated right in front of her, experimenting what it was like to pleasure yourself as a girl. When you were satisfied with that, you looked up at your mom, who was beyond pissed but helplessly stuck in your body. “I have an idea, Mom,” you told her. “Since you wanna switch back so bad, I’m going to make you a little offer. I want you to fuck me. Well, fuck me with your…my dick.”
You knew what jerking off felt like, but you wanted to experience something far greater while you were inside Mom’s body. Of course she didn’t want to, but you told her that you’d stay like that forever, and she finally came around – she had no choice. “Well, you have to get my dick hard,” you explained. “How else are you going to have sex with me? Here, let me do it, I do it enough anyways.”
You sat up and stroked your own cock. “Think of this as a science experiment,” you told her. “Don’t act like you don’t like it, I know how good this feels personally. Okay, I think we are ready…”
You laid back, and although Mom was hesitant, she was more desperate to switch back. So, she stuck it in and your eyes lit up. “Ooo, I like that,” you said surprised. You were enjoying yourself until you felt something fill your pussy. “Did you just cum in me?” you asked. “Mom! That’s really gross! How could you do that? You just came in yourself with my dick. Even I don’t feel right about that.”
It’s not like Mom meant to do it – it just happened, and you sure as hell were going to give her a hard time about it. “You should be ashamed of yourself, that’s awful,” you said with a disgusted face. “Um…yeah, about that. I will get right on that…I will switch us back real soon.” You got up quickly and ran away. This prank wasn’t done just yet…

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I Must Give Master Everything He Desires - Son Brainwashes Mom into Obedient Sex Slave, POV - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Reagan Lush

I Must Give Master Everything He Desires – Son Brainwashes Mom into Obedient Sex Slave, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Reagan Lush

“Hey sweetie, what’s up?” Mom looked up from the TV. “I was just watching my show. Were you still planning on going out with your friends later? Did you need some money or…?”
That wasn’t why you were in her room. You had been studying brainwashing techniques and needed someone to test your new knowledge on. Mom was the perfect specimen.
You circled your finger in the air to create a spiral, then played a low, vibrating sound to begin the process. “I’m just…going to be at home…sitting here,” she said slowly, her eyes fluttering as she became locked in a trance.
You snapped your fingers, finishing the brainwashing process, and Mom looked at you with blank, wide eyes. “Yes, honey, you can have whatever you like. Anything for you, sweetie,” she said in a soft, monotone voice. “Yes, you are my Master. I would do anything for my Master. You deserve everything you’ve ever wanted.”
“I must give Master everything he desires,” Mom continued to say. “I must strip for Master, I want to strip off all of my clothes.” She stood up and began stripping down slowly and sensually for you. “I do want to expose these breasts, I need to,” she said mindlessly. “I have to show my breasts to my Master. Yes, I must touch myself. I must show my Master my entire body. My Master does own me.”
“I want to please you, Master. I do love your cock, Master. I must get it hard for you. I must feel Master’s cock,” she said bending down and wrapping her soft hand around your cock. “I only love Master’s cock.” She stroked your cock, then placed it into her wet, warm mouth to suck it.
Mom wanted…needed to show you every inch of her body. She got up onto the bed, spread her legs, and masturbated for you. Everything she did was for you and only you. She brought herself to an overwhelming orgasm, then awaited your next command.
“I do want to get on all fours for Master,” she repeated. “I do want to feel Master plunge deep inside of me. I must have Master’s cum!” You fucked her as she moaned loudly, then filled her with your cum.
“Yes, anything you say, Master. I’m yours and only yours. This pussy belongs to you,” she said with wide eyes, a finger pressed between her lips.

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I Have Big Titties!: Mom & Son Swap Bodies - Ebony, Black Girl - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Dawn Isabella Dominguez

I Have Big Titties!: Mom & Son Swap Bodies – Ebony, Black Girl – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Dawn Isabella Dominguez

“Mmm…” he let out a tired, soft moan after restlessly twisting and turning in bed, “I can’t sleep anymore.” His brown eyes shot open and scanned the room. “Something doesn’t feel right,” he said in an uneasy tone.
“Whoa! What the fuck is this…” he was shocked when he saw the long, red nails on his fingers. “Oh my god, I’m in my mom’s room – why am I in my mom’s room? Why do I have nails? Why does my voice sound like this?! A hair tie…?”
“No way!” his shook his long, black hair. Once he finally pieced it together, he realized he was in his mom’s body. “Ooo, Mom, you’re really packing over here. Mom’s got some boobs!” he smiled as he jiggled them in his hands.
“I wonder what else Mom has…” he lifted the blanket to expose her full womanly body. She had long legs with the softest, smoothest skin. “I don’t know how this happened,” he said to himself, “but I definitely want to explore this…”
“I can’t even believe I’m going through this…this is weird as fuck,” he said in disbelief examining her body. “I can’t believe I’m my mom.” He couldn’t believe he was inside a woman’s body. He had big boobs – a set that he could finally play with!
“And I have a vagina…what the fuck!” he looked down his gray shorts. “I never pictured myself with a vagina…or nails…or these awesome boobs.” Everything was so different from his own male body, and he couldn’t help exploring and trying out all the new, feminine things.
He tried twerking and shaking his girly butt, but for the most part, was pretty unsuccessful at it. “Wow, Mom, what I can say, you are definitely blessed…” he pulled off her top. “I’ve never seen a pair of titties like these!” He bounced, slapped, squeezed, and jiggled them.
He was overwhelmed with excitement. “Holy fucking sh*t! I have titties!” he screamed. He was surprised to find out that Mom’s tongue could actually reach to lick her own nipples. Next, he laid back and began exploring her bare, pretty pussy.
“Ooo…okay, that’s sensitive, really sensitive,” he circled his clit with his fingers. “I’m really liking that.” He continued to rub, slap, and caress her pussy, enjoying the sensations that came along with being a woman.
“There’s no way that I’m the only one that switched,” he thought out loud. “I wonder if Mom is…no, Mom wouldn’t do that. Would Mom do that? I wonder if Mom’s beating her dick…my dick! I’m gonna go find out what Mom is up to!”

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The Deal: Mom & Son Swap Bodies, POV - Mom Must Teach Curious Son about Girls, Foreplay, & Sex - HD 1080p - Reagan Lush

The Deal: Mom & Son Swap Bodies, POV – Mom Must Teach Curious Son about Girls, Foreplay, & Sex – HD 1080p – Reagan Lush

“Okay sweetie, I really need to get back to cleaning those dishes,” Mom said frantically, “what do you need to talk to me about?” Because you were getting older, you started to express an interest in girls and wanted to know more about them. For months, you had been asking Mom to teach you about foreplay, sex, and how to pleasure a woman, but she didn’t want to talk about it…at all.
“Oh god, no, not this subject again…” she panicked. “Why do I have to be the one to talk about sex with you? No, please…I told you how uncomfortable this subject makes me…” Of course she understood that you were going through puberty, but she didn’t want the responsibility of talking about the awkward things with you. “Can’t you go on the internet like normal boys do…or talk to your father?” she went on to say. “Why don’t you ask him about it? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”
You knew Mom was going to respond like this – she always did. So, you had come up with a plan. You told her that you had a magical amulet that, when touched by two people, would swap their bodies. If it worked, she’d have to teach you about sex, and if it didn’t, you’d leave her alone forever. “Sure, then I’ll be happy to show you a woman’s body and show you just what to do and every inch…” she promised. She didn’t believe for a second it would work.
“So, that’s it?” she asked looking down at the amulet. “I put my hand on it? Now what? It’s really warm…what am I waiting for exactly?” Just then, a surge of energy pushed her back, and the both of you had swapped bodies. “Oooooh see, I told you it would work!” you said excitedly. “I bet you feel like a big dummy now, don’t you? Mom, stop…don’t freak out, we’ll be able to switch them back later.”
Mom was scared of all the crazy things you might do with her body, but you reassured you wouldn’t be rude. “You promised that you would show me,” you pointed at her with a big smile on your face. “It’ll be fun! So, show me what I’m doing here. How do you get out of one of these things in the first place? I’m going to touch these boobs one way or another!”
“If you want me to be nice to your body, then you better show me how!” you told her. You struggled to unbutton her blouse with her long fingernails, but were excited to see her big tits popping out. You started groping them, but Mom made sure you weren’t too hard on them – girls didn’t like their tits groped so rough. You experimented on them, pinching, groping, grabbing…until you figured out what felt best, and how to pleasure a girl by touching them.
“I want you to show me about…down there,” your fingers pointed towards your mom’s pussy. “Come on, you said you would! Plus, there’s so much going on down there, you really need to teach me what to do…I need to learn how to do this right.” So, Mom went on to explain a woman’s body, and what to touch to make a girl feel best.
You tried it out on yourself, even pressing a few fingers inside, but that wasn’t going to help you learn about the sex part. You wanted the full experience, so you asked Mom to put her cock, since she was inside your body, inside of you. “I don’t want to hurt a girl,” you told her. “Take my penis and slide it in me for a minute, just so I know not to go too hard. Listen Mom, I know I’m making you uncomfortable, but you made a deal with me…”
So, she did…and boy, did you love it! It felt amazing. “Oh my god, my dick is so deep in your vagina,” you laughed, but after a bit, you felt something wet inside of you. “Whoa, what was that…? Oh my god, it feels like you just plunged so deep in me. What is that? It feels weird…you can pull out for a second. Your pussy is soaking wet, Mom!” But you had quickly discovered that your mom had accidentally cum inside of you. “Mom, you did not! Did you seriously cum in me? Ew, Mom!” you said jokingly. “You don’t know how to use a dick?! I know your pussy’s tight, but really…gross, I need to clean this out.”
Of course Mom was ready to switch back, but you weren’t done. “We’ll switch back after I do a little experimentation…” you went on to tell her. “I wanna go in the bathroom, clean up a little, and I’m gonna see how tight your ass is. Just a couple of fingers, I promise!” You quickly ran off to the bathroom.

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Mom?! No way! - Mom & Son Switch Bodies - HD 1080p - Cassandra Cain

Mom?! No way! – Mom & Son Switch Bodies – HD 1080p – Cassandra Cain

He was still tired. He let out a big yawn, stretched out, then headed to the bathroom to pee. His eyes were still blurry as they attempted to adjust to the morning light. He stumbled to the toilet, pulled down his underwear, then reached for his cock, but it wasn’t there.
“What the fuck,” he panicked, his exhausted eyes now jolting wide open. He slowly crept towards the mirror to look at his body. “Mom?! No way!” he examined his familiar female reflection. He had somehow gotten into his mom’s body and she was in his. “This is not happening,” he said in disbelief, “this is too weird.”
He checked himself out in the mirror as he groped Mom’s big tits and bounced her big booty. “Holy cr*p…” he went back into the bedroom to think things over. “So, if I’m in Mom’s body, that means that I don’t have to go to school – cool! Okay, psshh…I’m not going to go to work either, I’m an adult!” He could stay at home and relax all day, watch some movies, play some video games.
“I mean, I’ll have to call into work sick…you know, be responsible…” he thought out everything. “But damn, I get to stay home! But…what do girls do?” He sat up and struggled to unfasten the bra he was wearing. “Look at these fucking melons, man!” he played with his big tits. “Whoa, I’m grabbing tits!”
He continued to examine and grope the rest of Mom’s mature body. “Oh, I can twerk!” he smiled as he shook her butt. “I’m a girl, I can twerk!” His curiosity started to grow with the more things he saw, and now he wanted to play with Mom’s lingerie. “Mm…I’m a girl, I like to go to the salon and get my hair done and get my nails done. I’m just so pretty, I want a latte, I like yoga,” he joked as he flung his long hair into the air.
He tried on some sexy pieces of lingerie, then stripped all the way down to examine “down there.” He rubbed his clit, which felt incredible, then continued to play with his mom’s pussy until he orgasmed. After that, he wasn’t too sure what to do. He knew he needed to find his mom, who was inside his body, to try and fix this – if they could fix this. If not, she’d have to teach him all about being a female adult….

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Mom & Son Switch Bodies - HD 1080p - Sydney Paige

Mom & Son Switch Bodies – HD 1080p – Sydney Paige

As soon as he woke up, he could feel something was off. Platinum blonde hair ran through his fingers, and then pressed against big, plump, pink lips. His body was petite now, and when he looked down, his morning wood wasn’t there – nothing was. “Oh my god,” he said startled.
He went on to find out that he had a high pitched, feminine voice, perky tits, and a vagina in place of his manly traits. His blue eyes narrowed as they scanned the familiar room. “Wait…is this my Mom’s room?” he asked himself. He scrambled to pick up the cell phone lying on the floor, then looked at his reflection in the screen. “Oh my god, I’m my mother,” he said shocked.
He wasn’t sure what to do – he had so many questions. “Is she me?” he wondered. “Is this really what she wears to bed?” he looked down to see she had black, revealing lingerie on. “I wonder if she woke up with a penis today. Oh my gosh, okay…calm down.”
He sat down on the bed with a million thoughts running through his head. “You woke up in your mother’s body…” he thought about his situation, “well, my body now.” His curiosity grew, and soon, his soft hands were running against his mother’s flawless, mature body. “Anything I do would be…” he tried to justify what he was about to do.
He struggled to pull off the complicated one piece. “I guess she got tan lines from being at the pool so much,” he said noticing the sun on her fair-skinned body. He giggled as he jiggled, twerked, and smacked her ass. “It’s so weird from this angle,” he looked down at his shaven, bare pussy. “Easier to find the clitoris, that’s for sure…I’ll be sure to remember that.”
He began to explore himself down there. “No wonder women are so crazy about that,” his finger flicked against his clit. He moaned as he touched his pussy, masturbating until he brought himself to an orgasm. “Oh my god…” he panted. “What do I do now? God, what does Mom do all day? I hope it’s not this…well, maybe I do.”

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That's My Mom! Wait, That's Me?! - Son Discovers He's Inside His Mom's Body - HD 1080p - Christina Sapphire - Fifi Foxx Fantasies

That’s My Mom! Wait, That’s Me?! – Son Discovers He’s Inside His Mom’s Body – HD 1080p – Christina Sapphire – Fifi Foxx Fantasies

He woke up in an unfamiliar room. His blurry, tired eyes looked down to see painted fingernails and smooth, shaven legs. “I don’t remember this happening at the party last night,” he mumbled to himself. “This is a little weird. And my toenails, too?”
His fingers pressed against his throat. “My voice is lower than this…” he said confused. “I mean…I think it is. Everything sounds funny.” He quickly realized he was wearing lingerie, and underneath that, he had female body parts in place of his usual male parts. “Uh…dude, what the hell happened?” he asked examining his feminine figure. “These are not mine.”
His fingers ran through the long, straight, dark hair that fell past his shoulders. “Smells good, too. Girls use nice shampoo,” he said smelling its pretty scent. “And the ears are pierced….and a wedding ring? What the hell is going on?”
He walked off to find a mirror to see what he looked like. “Glasses? Well, I wear glasses so that’s okay. Lipstick? Am I wearing eyeliner?” he said with his face pressed up against the glass. But then it hit him. “Wait…” He pulled back from the mirror and stared at his reflection. “That’s my mom! That’s…that’s…my mom. That’s…I’m not supposed to look like that,” he said in shock. “Oh my god…”
Although he was surprised, he couldn’t help but continue examining his new, beautiful, mature body. He had never seen Mom in this way before, and being inside of her made it that much more interesting. He walked back out to the bedroom and began to strip off his lingerie. He fondled, groped, grabbed, and licked his new female body parts. Everything felt so good…so different from his own male body.
He would eventually learn how to masturbate as a woman, rubbing his fingers against his clit, and then penetrating himself. There were so many exciting things to explore – even Mom’s tight, little asshole.
He wasn’t sure how this happened…why it happened. All he knew was that he loved being inside a woman’s body and all the pleasures that came with it – even if it was his mom’s.


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Mum Mind Controlled into Ahegao Cum Slut - Bettie Bondage

Mum Mind Controlled into Ahegao Cum Slut – Bettie Bondage

Your mother is always flirting with your friends. It drives you insane!! You’ve decided to concoct a little potion to put her in her place, but you can’t decide when to use it…until you bring a friend over, and your mother practically falls over herself trying to flirt! She even pretends to “accidentally” take off her sweater with nothing but a sports bra on underneath. You can’t believe how brazen she is. You tell your friend he has to leave, and your mother pouts about it – of course. The second he’s gone, you slip your potion into your mom’s coffee and watch as she gulps it down.
In seconds, she’s getting woozy and weird. It takes less than a minute for the bimbofication to take hold, and you watch her eyes get spacey and her mouth go slack. She’s turning into a pliable fuckdoll right before your eyes! Just as you expected, she advances on you, crawling across the table and suggesting you take out your cock and show her how big it is, giggling all the while. She’s becoming a total cockslut and you’re all too happy to oblige. It’s time to show your slutty MILF mom what she’s caused!
You pull your cock out and immediately your mom goes to work, pressing you against her face and giggling at your size before devouring your cock, taking it into her throat and letting spit and drool drip all over your cock and her face. Her eyes are crossing as she transitions into full ahegao whore, her giggles and drool getting more and more intense until she’s throating you without any hesitation, stroking and drooling all over your dick until she pushes you deep into her throat and you unleash a massive load, making her gag. She takes your thick throat-pie and you watch it bubble out of her mouth, around her stretched lips and your softening cock. She plays with your cum, her ahegao face and crossed eyes on display as she sucks and slurps cum from her fingers and your drenched cock!


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