Mom Takes Sons Virginity B4 Bootcamp # 2 - Jane Cane

Mom Takes Sons Virginity B4 Bootcamp # 2 – Jane Cane

Mom Takes Sons Virginity Before Bootcamp, Part 2 – 5:59 I had a date with the recruitment office cutie, but nothing really happened. She must have liked me though because she wants to go out with me again tonight! I really hope I get some action. I tell my mom what happened and that I am still pretty nervous, and to my surprise, she immediately gets on her knees in front of me and takes my cock in her hands. I don’t know what to say. She takes her tits out again and tells me to look at them. I look away, but I remember how nice they are and I can’t help but check her out and my cock gets rock hard. I can’t believe my mom is jerking me off right now! Her tits look so nice that I just can’t resist. She puts my cock in between them and strokes my dick until I cum all over her new tits. Now I am definitely ready for my date.

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Mommy Needs Your Cum - Hot Mommy Needs Son's Cum to make her Tits Bigger! - Amedee Vause

Mommy Needs Your Cum – Hot Mommy Needs Son’s Cum to make her Tits Bigger! – Amedee Vause

I want Bigger Boobs! I know, I know… everybody tells me mine are quite big, but just look at all my girlfriends! They have HUGE Boobs! I simply need, them to grow bigger! I am not willing to undergo surgery, I want my Tits to be Natural. I asked my doctor about it and he immediately came with an old folk solution! He said I should rub fresh Semen on my Boobies and they will grow Bigger in no time! He even offered his own special Semen right there on the spot, fresh out of his cock! I tried it but it doesn’t seem to work so well… and I think I know why! I surely need the Semen of someone closer to me, a relative of sorts, so we can match genetically! My Son! He will definitely help his Mommy in need! Oh, sure, he will be reluctant at first, that’s normal, but I have my ways of seducing a man and I certainly know how to make a man Cum! If he’s too shy to Rub One Off in front of his own Mommy, I’ll give him a helping hand… rub it a little, maybe suck it, some DeepThroat might be required but he will be persuaded, I’m sure! And if all else fails, I’ll ask him to put it into my pussy and fuck me… God knows I haven’t had a good fuck in a while, I need it! I’ll make him Cum on my Titties even if I have to Titty-Fuck him all the way to the end! Yes… a good TitJob might do the trick! Oh, here he is right now! “Son! Can you come over here for a minute?”

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Mom and Son Bath Time Tit Job - Daras Daily Taboo

Mom and Son Bath Time Tit Job – Daras Daily Taboo

**Son stays home and surprises Mommy who is relaxing in the bath. They sit together and spend time together. She sees him getting hard and eventually invites him to rub soap on his dick. Mommy gives a long slow hand job while chatting, and then gives son a nice tit-job.**
I’ve got a lovely day, with nothing planned. I’m home alone and soaking in the bath – I just love it! Oh what’s that noise? Is someone there?
“Aw, sweetheart, I thought you were playing video games with your friends today? You missed me that much? You know I’m having a self care day, but of course I don’t mind you staying home. You can keep me company while I bathe then. “
“Take a seat and lets chat. Tell me about the girls you’re meeting. Oh dear you’re so sweet. I know you think I’m the most beautiful, but I’m your stepmom sweetie!”
We chat and enjoy each others company.
“What is going on over there? Are you getting a hard-on? I’m touching my boobs so you think it’s ok to touch your dick? Did you think I wouldn’t notice?”
My step son loves to watch me scrub. I can see that he has a hard on, he’s not even trying to hide it! I think he wants me to put some soap on it.
“Ok, come here then, why not? Only if you’ll scrub my back after!”
Wow, he’s really grown to have such a nice big cock! I soap it up, and get it nice a slippery and clean. I think he likes it a lot. I’m quite impressed really.
“You are a good boy, you know that Mommy likes a nice big cock don’t you! Just remember what I told you, there will be no cumming too quickly!”
We continue to chat and make small talk while I rub his nice soapy dick. I eventually give him a nice soapy mommy tit-job. I love his hard dick between my tits! Yummy! I know he wants to cum all over my tits. Why not baby!
“Mmmm, yes sweetie, you can cum, ok! That’s it! Oh yes, cum between mummy’s tits! Good boy!”


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So Tight, Silky, Smooth… and Until My Son Is Satisfied - Tara Tainton

So Tight, Silky, Smooth… and Until My Son Is Satisfied – Tara Tainton

I really need your opinion… just a few minutes, okay?? Promise! Just let me show you what I bought today. I’ll just try each top on and you let me know if it’s flattering, or not or whatever. Okay? I promise it won’t take long! And you better be honest with your mother. I don’t want to go out looking like… anything bad! I so appreciate your time but… now, why did you ask me to try on that one top again? Were you unsure about it? But you said it was fine… The tight-fitting one? Silky cashmere with the skin-soft feel and the deep neckline? Okay… I do want your honest opinion. Now, just let me try on the last one and then… again?? Really? You want me to put on the new sweater for a third time? Well …hee hee… okay! But… well, you’re being just a bit suspicious… and really flattering. Maybe I’ll have to model this one a bit just to be sure you’re finally satisfied with your opinion and don’t keep asking me to try it on 10 more times!! …Honey, do you… are you… did I, maybe, tease you a bit too much trying on all those tops? And this sweater… well, it does something… “special” for you? Gosh, and I should have known, really… men do like form-fitting clothes on women… and sweaters… sweaters can be very sexy. Especially as they’re just so soft to touch… I’m so sorry, honey. I just needed your help. Do you… want me to… maybe… satisfy more than just your curiosity? I mean, I owe you now, don’t I…


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Slutty Mom Shows Off Her Tits As A New Year's Treat - Miss Penny Barber

Slutty Mom Shows Off Her Tits As A New Year’s Treat – Miss Penny Barber

I want to make sure my special boy starts his new year off with a bang so sit back and enjoy the sight of your mom naked except for my red evening gloves. I know you love to stare at my bare breasts anytime you can but I think they look sexiest when they are covered in your hot cum. Luckily I have some special lube to make it look like my soft tits are already covered in your sticky load.
I also brought baby oil and body glitter so you can decide which way you like your mom’s big, beautiful breasts the most- sparkly, shiny, or plastered with cum. Either way, I will be expecting many loads of the real thing all over my perfect mom tits this year!


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Stoned Mom Seduces You (HD MP4) - Miss Penny Barber

Stoned Mom Seduces You (HD MP4) – Miss Penny Barber

All this time around your aunt and cousins is so exhausting, do you mind if Mommy undwinds with a J? Don’t be a prude, I do pretty much whatever I want these days. Or whoever I want. Including you darling, if you feel like messing around. A little fun secret just between you and me about the time Mommy put your stiff cock between her soft tits.
Let me just slip out of this dress so you can get a good look at me topless in these sexy stockings and garters while you decide if you want to play with Mommy.


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