Chubby Mom Wants You To Suck Her Big Tits - Tessa Tryst

Chubby Mom Wants You To Suck Her Big Tits – Tessa Tryst

Hi, sweetie… Mommy has something she wants to talk to you about. You’re not in trouble, but I have noticed you looking at my cleavage a lot lately. And there’s something you should know. They’re big, and soft… and really, really sensitive. Even just playing with the nipples through my fabric is a lot of sensation for me! Are you surprised? Well, ever since you started staring, Mommy has been… wondering… what it might be like to feel you suck on her big titties. Do you want to see them? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! I can’t believe we’re actually doing this. But it’s so hot, and I can’t help but keep playing with my sensitive nipples. It makes me so horny that soon I peel off my panties and start touching my hairy pussy. I can’t believe I’m masturbating with my own son! It feels so deliciously naughty that I start rubbing my clit furiously, my belly jiggling as I gasp and moan. Soon I can’t take it anymore, and I explode into an intensely satisfying orgasm before leaning back and sighing contentedly.

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Dirty Fat Mom's Taboo Confession - Tessa Tryst

Dirty Fat Mom’s Taboo Confession – Tessa Tryst

My best friend called today, and she asked how everyone was doing. I know a lot of people wouldn’t be wild about having their son living with them, but I tell her that it’s been really nice still having him around. He’s grown into such a nice young man, and ever since the divorce became final, things have felt lonely at times. I ask my bestie if I can tell her something, swearing her to absolute secrecy. The truth is, things have gotten a little TOO lonely, and I’ve noticed the way he looks at me sometimes, like when I’m in my nightgown… I’m obviously nervous to confess it at first. But it’s nice to feel appreciated, and the more I talk about it, the more turned on I get. Good thing she can’t see me pull out my big, plump tits and start rolling my nipples between my fingers, let alone my other hand sliding down my unzipped jeans! It’s not long before I get up and grab my toy (“do you remember, the one we got when we went shopping that one time?”) and slide my pants to the floor. Soon I’m confessing all my incestuous fantasies to my best friend. She asks if I’m all right, but she doesn’t know I’m whimpering because I’m thinking about my own son while I fuck my hairy pussy! I have to try and hold back my moaning as I cum– I hope she didn’t hear the buzz of the vibrator… I quickly tell her I need to go before collapsing on the bed, a satisfied sigh escaping my lips.

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Good Boys Stroke For Mommy - Tessa Tryst

Good Boys Stroke For Mommy – Tessa Tryst

You want to be a good boy for Mommy, don’t you? That means you’ll do whatever Mommy says. I tell you as I unbutton my sweater that I know what you want, and I know you’ve wanted it for so long. Today, I’m going to give it to you. Take out your cock and show it to Mommy. It’s okay. Be a good boy and show Mommy how you like to stroke and touch yourself. I slowly remove my top and take off my bra to reveal my big, soft breasts. Squeezing and fondling them, I encourage you to keep stroking your cock for Mommy like a good boy. Mommy loves it when you feel good… I even let you blow your load all over Mommy’s giant tits! That’s a good boy.

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Fat Mom's Dirty Video for Panty-Stealers - Tessa Tryst

Fat Mom’s Dirty Video for Panty-Stealers – Tessa Tryst

Come here, Son. Sit down. We have something to discuss. You see, Mommy knows what you’ve been up to. Oh, don’t play innocent. You can’t fool me! Do you remember these panties? Because the last time I saw them was when I left them on the bathroom floor. Yes, Mommy knows you’ve been stealing her panties. Taking them into your room and jerking off in them. Well, wouldn’t you like to know what Mommy does with those panties? Would you be surprised to find Mommy’s legs spread open and her hand sliding in between them? What if you saw her fat, hairy pussy lips spilling out as she pulled her panties tight between them? Before you know it, you’re watching Mommy cum in her pretty black satin panties, and showing you the wet spot she made before telling you she’s about to leave them in the bathroom for you to find!

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