Molly Roxx - FUCK and PLAY for LOVE DADDY

FUCK and PLAY for LOVE DADDY – Molly Roxx

My daddy loves to spy for me. I slept and had an erotic dream. My daddy looked at me slee ping and noticed that my panties were wet. He began to moan and say something dirty. I woke up and saw him. He likes to watch me play and touch my body. I am very happy if I can please him. I started to undress and play with my wet pussy. Dad stood and masturbated naked at me. After I want to try for the first time its cock. Mmmmmm it was delicious. Its appearance is very viscous, warm and salty. I ask my daddy to cum in my mouth. Daddy I like to play with you so much, come on, this will be our secret?

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Step Sister Camgirl Fantasy Custom - Bunni Bangz

Step Sister Camgirl Fantasy Custom – Bunni Bangz

This is a custom originally created for a customer named eddie 🙂 in this video, i play a sister who has a secret desire for roleplaying – its her kink. she absolutely loves acting it out on cam, especially for her regulars, and she’s noticed that her step brother tends to leer behind her door and watch too. one day she’s interrupted by him when camming and she has to confront him – he confesses his desires to fuck her, and she gets extremely overwhelmed and freaks out, kicking him out of her room. the next day, she approaches him, and tells him that she took his laptop to watch a movie, and saw all of his past porn history on step siblings and family sex on pornhub.. and how turned on she is by this. the confrontation turns into a full on sex session, filled with dirty talking as she rubs her pussy and tells you how much she wants your cock in her.

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Blackmailing Your Older Step Sister HD - Bunni Bangz

Blackmailing Your Older Step Sister HD – Bunni Bangz

Your sister approaches you one day while you’re in your room. you and her never had a perfect relationship, but nonetheless, you listen to what she has to say since she’s your older sister. she discloses to you that she knows that you’ve been jacking off to her yearbook photos, and wants to tell mom! in a panic you blackmail her, telling her that if she dares to tell mom, she will definitely regret it, as you have SOOOO much dirt on her. she freaks out, and you take it as the perfect opportunity to get her to suck and fuck your cock. she listens to you, pulling your pants down and gently sucking and milking your cock. she proceeds to get extremely wet, and can’t help but hop onto your dick to twerk on your cock. you cum deep inside her, and she freaks out, as mom and dad cannot find out! i guess you’ll have to keep it as your little secret with her 😉

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Daddy Gets The Best Gift Ever 1080p - Davina Davis

Daddy Gets The Best Gift Ever 1080p – Davina Davis

Ugh. I am SOOOO disappointed with Amazon. They are ALWAYS delivering my packages late. I made sure to order my daddy’s gift extra early this year, so that he would have something special to open on Fathers Day. Daddy has given me EVERYTHING I wanted this year, so Its only fair to return the favor… Right? I planned on making this the best day ever! BUUUTTTTTTT, Fathers day is today and my package still isn’t in! What am I going to do???? I don’t want Daddy to be disappointed in me, especially after everything he’s done for me. I didn’t have time to go to the store, so I began thinking of what I could possibly do to make daddy feel extra special today. Suddenly It hit me! I knew just what to give Daddy to make him feel loved 😉 And I know he’s going to enjoy it! I put on a sexy outfit and when daddy got home I started dancing in front of him, and teasing him. He couldn’t’ resist watching me. I know just what daddy likes, thanks to mommy. I started unzipping his pants, and told him that I was going to give him the best Fathers Day gift ever! He said it was wrong, but he didn’t refuse my mouth as I started sucking on his huge cock. Mhmmmmmm I sucked Daddy sooo good and took his cock deep down my throat. He was loving it! I wanted to please him even more, so I told daddy to fuck me. I spread my tight little pussy and let him fill me up with his Nice big cock. It felt so good, I thought I was the one getting a present! After daddy was done fucking my, I got on my knees and started sucking him again. I could feel him throbbing as he pulled his cock out and suddenly came all over me! As I sat there playing with his cum, I knew daddy would never forget this Fathers Day gift. Maybe next year I’ll give him a double BJ;)

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Can I See Your Cock Daddy? - TABOO - Bad Dolly

Can I See Your Cock Daddy? – TABOO – Bad Dolly

Your teenage daughter Dolly has been building up the courage to ask you something and has finally found the right moment. She’s off to college soon and as she is an inexperienced virgin she doesn’t want to be the only girl in her dorm who has never seen a man’s penis. All her friends have had experiences with boys but Dolly is behind and worried her lack of experience will be a problem when it comes to dating. Dolly thinks if she see’s your cock then she will be at an advantage, after all who could have better penis than her daddy who is good at everything? You are reluctant at first but she convinces you that it’s much better if you let her see and touch your cock, then leaving her in the hands of a stranger at college. You agree you are the better option and as her father think it’s best that she knows what a real man looks and feels like. She can see under your trousers your cock is already beginning to grow and get hard, she cannot believe the size of it! After begging you to show her your big hard cock you finally give in and get it out for your virgin teen daughter.


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