My Mom's a Nudist - Tara Tainton

My Mom’s a Nudist – Tara Tainton

It’s hard having a mother who’s a nudist. Well, I grew up with it – it’s awesome but all my friends have a hard time. I usually don’t even bother to tell them. Why would I? They’d get the wrong idea, or expect me to explain, it just think I’m joking anyway. Nothing prepares them for coming over to my house and seeing my mom walk around nude as if… well, as if she’s not!

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No Stepson of Mine - Harlyn P. Rose

No Stepson of Mine – Harlyn P. Rose

It has recently come to my attention that my stepson—MY stepson—jerks off. I’m appalled. Such a disgusting, unnatural thing for any man to do, but my stepson? No.
I won’t stand for it. That sort of wanton pleasure makes men selfish, gives them silly delusions about the importance of their cocks. No stepson of mine will grow up thinking that male desire matters. He needs to learn the way the world works, and I suppose it’s my job to teach him.

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Goddess Tatum Kelly - Caught In The Act

Caught In The Act – Goddess Tatum Kelly

I’m your older step-sister and I am stuck being your sitter, which is really annoying because all I want to do is talk to my boyfriend oh the phone. I tell you we are going to play hide and seek and when you go hide, I resume talking to him. Little do I know, you are still in the room watching me. My boyfriend and I start talking dirty and I eventually stick my hand down my shorts and start touching myself. I get all worked up, on the brink of an orgasm, and then I notice you. I am furious of course, then realize you are hard over what you just saw. This is the moment when I decide to tease you with what you can’t have… big step-sister’s sexy body. This is a voyeur experience you won’t soon forget.

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Taboo Stepmom Edging Denial Tease POV - Kennedy Channing

Taboo Stepmom Edging Denial Tease POV – Kennedy Channing

Well seems Someone has Loose Lips!!! Now Your Step Sister and possibly Your Father Know all about Our Little Secret!!! Well Looks like Step Mommy is gonna have to Teach You a Lesson in Holding Back!!! Maybe a Lil Edging and Teasing your LoudMouth Ass will Teach you a Lesson, And If you Promise to keep Your Trap Shut, Step Mommy Might let You Cum, Maybe!?, You’ll Just have To Cum See!!!!

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Did You Miss Mommy - Goddess Kawaii

Did You Miss Mommy – Goddess Kawaii

I had no idea you were home already! Did you miss mommy while you were away. And honestly you look really nervous seeing me in this sexy pink lingerie. I know that you have a secret on me. You never wanted to leave home. I see you spying on me while I’m in the shower. There’s hidden cameras in your room and I’ve been spying on you too. I see you jerking off while you watch my videos saying that you think my ass is amazing. Do you wish you could fuck me? Your dad isn’t here, so I’m feeling adventurous…why don’t you pull your dick out and jerk it for mommy. Let me see how hard your loser dick gets while I tease you with my tits and ass! You’re not interested in those girls at college cause you’re really fantasizing about my ass. You wish you could be buried by it while you jerk off. Just follow along son, let’s see just how much you miss mommy.

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A Playdate on Dommy Mommy Day - Goddess Stella Sol

A Playdate on Dommy Mommy Day – Goddess Stella Sol

Everyday is a day we celebrate the “Goddess” and Her enchanted beauty and power, as a Matriarch. On Mother’s Day you most certainly owe Me for this wonderful luxury and privilege you have in your life, Me. you will buy this Mommy Domme clip and play along with My kinky and mildly cruel fun. It’s sensual, silly, and of course so sexy it hurts, but sometimes Mommy can be mean. I am the Boss of you. Deal with it by being a good boy for Mommy. One of the BEST ways to do that is to use My 100%, 500% or 1000% Mark Up Codes because that’s what your dick needs you to do for Me to feel really touch Me, and because Mommy says so. Obey Me, bb! I’m watching over My extra special favorite subbies very closely 😉

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Edging Stepbrother - Ari Parker Handjob - Orgasm Abuse

Edging Stepbrother – Ari Parker Handjob – Orgasm Abuse

Ari’s stepbrother finds her phone and starts going through her private pictures and finds some sexy nudes of her. Ari catches him and sees that he is rock hard. She knows he got paid today and she could use some new clothes, so she tries to make a deal with him, hand over his check and she will keep his secret. He is reluctant but she rubs his cock through his jeans and soon has him naked with his cock in her hands. She very slowly strokes it and still he resists, that is until he is about to cum and she decides to stop stroking, over and over and over again. He is about to lose his damn mind, his nuts feel like they may explode and he begs her to let him cum. Well Ari will but not until she gets the whole check.


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How I got your father MP4 - Danielle Maye

How I got your father MP4 – Danielle Maye

Its date night tonight, for me and your father. Why don’t you take a look at what I’m wearing? You can let me know what you think, I’m sure your father will love it.
I was wearing something like this when me and him first met, a very short tight dress. Shows off my long legs perfectly doesn’t it? Not to mention how tight it is around my breasts.
One day you’ll get a girlfriend and if you play your cards right she just might be a sexy and as a talented as your step mother here. This is definitely how I got your father.
Tight dresses, sexy heels, perfect makeup, long blonde hair. My persuasive voice, it’s important to be able to control you men, Make you do whatever us women want, whenever we want.
Would you like to take a look and my lingerie? See if you think daddy will approve when I get him back to this bed later…?


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Stepmother SPANKING - Lady Mesmeratrix

Stepmother SPANKING – Lady Mesmeratrix

I’m your 30 years old stepmother married to your dad. You are 14 and deeply attracted by me. I don’t like this thing. I understand that I’m an attractive woman, but since I’m your father’s wife, I can’t tollerate it. So I decide to teach you how to resist me. This is the deal: I will tease you hard and you will learn how to control your impulses. If you can’t control yourself and get your cock hard, you will have a punishment: a good spanking! ….after my teasing, not only you get hard…you also CUM IN YOUR PANTS! so….punishment will be very bad…I take your pants off , put you on my knees and spank harder and harder………… ********** contains: spaking pov, taboo, mommy fantasy, tease &denial, big boobs.


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Just one touch of your GODDESS will melt you and your soul!!! ( FULL HD : 1920 - 1080 ) - MP4 - Kathia Nobili

Just one touch of your GODDESS will melt you and your soul!!! ( FULL HD : 1920 – 1080 ) – MP4 – Kathia Nobili

Mmm……should I say I’m surprise?!..I known it….you’ll be back for more!
I’m all you can think of…you still thinking of summer…even now in January! And you know why? that’s when you saw me for the very first time! You can try to denied it but it still be a true! You love ME! You know it…and all you want, all you dream of is that gorgeous woman you saw! ME!!!
Just to tease you and refresh your mind….I’m wearing the very same clothing I had that day! YOUR GODDESS you adore so much!!!
And you are going to be crazy if you have to be alone…without your goddess any longer!!! GOOD BOY!!! Now…when you are completely mine….here is the question for you: ,, What are you able to give to your goddess? What are you able to do for your goddess?” Think before you say something! And if your answer will be right….you may stay close to me for the long….long time!!! …Ohhh……wrong, wrong…wrong!!! You should be listen!!! Look deep into my eyes and listen to your goddess! There is only one thing I want from you!!!


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