Uh Oh! Mommy Found Your Cum Socks - Goddess Tatum Kelly

Uh Oh! Mommy Found Your Cum Socks – Goddess Tatum Kelly

You come home to find me, your Mommy, scantily clad and visibly annoyed. I inform you that I found one of your crusty, cum socks under your pillow, along with many pictures of me in various states of undress. It’s obvious you jerk to me. Your cock gets hard for your Mommy and that is simply not acceptable. You should be hooking up with girls your age, not cumming into socks while stroking to me. What a pervert you are! Because I am so outraged, I’ve decided I’m going to tease you with my sexy body, then brutally punish you for getting hard. That will hopefully teach you a lesson, but I guess only time will tell.

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Mommys Revenge - Goddess Tatum Kelly

Mommys Revenge – Goddess Tatum Kelly

Honey, we need to talk. I was cleaning your room the other day and I found pictures of me, your Mommy, underneath your mattress. I don’t recall these pictures ever being taken of me and they are quite scandalous. Why are they in your room? Do you… stroke to them? I’m thinking so and, although I’m angry, you need to get this out of your system. It’s true that your Mommy always wears sexy clothes around the house so this may be partially my fault. Either way, you’re going to pull your dick out and you’re going to jerk it for me today, right here right now. I may even put my hands on it too. Sure, you’re a bad boy but you’re also a horny boy and we are going to take care of that once and for all.

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Enslaving Your Mother With My Sexy Abs - Goddess Tatum Kelly

Enslaving Your Mother With My Sexy Abs – Goddess Tatum Kelly

This is a custom clip in which I enslave your mother, “Lena” using my sexy abs. The POV is her, on her knees in front of me, while you watch helplessly on a web cam. I’ve got your mother and there is nothing you can do about it. Not only will she be a slave to my perfect belly, but she will also be a whore for me. I’m going to whore out your sweet mother to all my thug friends, who happened to be the ones who helped me snatch her from the grocery store. They aren’t the only guys that are going to get a turn. Come to find out, your FRIENDS also contacted me and asked if they could have their way with her. Of course I allowed this, for a fee. Your mother’s fuck holes are going to make me a fortune and she can’t say no, especially when she’s surrounded by all their big dicks. The men aren’t the only ones having all the fun though. Since your whore mother is a slave to my belly, she’s going to get an opportunity to lick my belly button. She will do this as long as I want because she’s my slave, not your mother. Are you ready to watch her get fucked? I know I am!

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Silky Slip Taboo Fantasy - Goddess Tatum Kelly

Silky Slip Taboo Fantasy – Goddess Tatum Kelly

Honey, what’s wrong? Mommy heard you crying in your room. Is it because my new boyfriend is in my bed right now? I know this is a difficult adjustment, but I promise you that he’s wonderful. You still look sad, which means Mommy is going to do something extra special for you. My boyfriend can wait. Right now, it’s all about you, honey. Do you see what I’m wearing? It’s a silky slip. Mommy is going to tease you with this slip and you’re going to jerk to me. I know how much you love stroking to my hot body so not only am I going to play with my slip, but I’m also going to take it off. There’s that smile! That’s what Mommy likes to see! Now get your dick in your hand and start stroking.

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Goddess Tatum Kelly - Caught In The Act

Caught In The Act – Goddess Tatum Kelly

I’m your older step-sister and I am stuck being your sitter, which is really annoying because all I want to do is talk to my boyfriend oh the phone. I tell you we are going to play hide and seek and when you go hide, I resume talking to him. Little do I know, you are still in the room watching me. My boyfriend and I start talking dirty and I eventually stick my hand down my shorts and start touching myself. I get all worked up, on the brink of an orgasm, and then I notice you. I am furious of course, then realize you are hard over what you just saw. This is the moment when I decide to tease you with what you can’t have… big step-sister’s sexy body. This is a voyeur experience you won’t soon forget.

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Mommy's Shiny Pantyhose JOI - Goddess Tatum Kelly

Mommy’s Shiny Pantyhose JOI – Goddess Tatum Kelly

Hi honey. I heard you got an A on your science fair project so I’m going to reward you! As you see, Mommy put on your favorite pair of shiny, sun tan pantyhose.. and guess what? You’re going to stroke to them today. Mommy’s sexy legs are going to mesmerize you, captivate you, and make you very, VERY horny. And that’s perfectly fine! I encourage you to stroke and I want you to cum. You earned it!

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How To Be Daddy's Favorite - Goddess Tatum Kelly

How To Be Daddy’s Favorite – Goddess Tatum Kelly

Daddy likes me way more than he likes you and you’ve always wondered why. It’s because I suck his cock. Yes, you heard me right. I suck his cock every single night and because of that, I get to have whatever I want whenever I want. Are you jealous, little bro? Lucky for you, I am feeling generous and I am willing to show you what Daddy likes. This way, you can be the favorite for once! But before we start, you’re going to need to put on a pair of pink panties. Daddy loves pink! And as for the dick sucking, well I am going to let you practice on my personal dildo. Am I the best big sis or what! You will be Daddy’s favorite in no time!

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Angry Mom Kicks custom - Goddess Tatum Kelly

Angry Mom Kicks custom – Goddess Tatum Kelly

I come home early from work to find my lazy college-aged son taking money out of my jewelry box. This enrages me, so I unleash my powerful kicks on him to show just how mad I really am. Of course this is difficult to do in my work attire, so I slowly strip down to my pink bra and panties and start kicking again. I kick him all over his body, some of them low kicks, some high, and some of them spinning. Throughout this beatdown, I tell him how disappointed I am and I insult him for being such a loser. I even encourage him to hit me back, but he never does. It’s difficult to hit back when you’re up against these powerful legs! He will think twice before stealing from his Mother again.

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Sexy Step-Mommy JOI - Goddess Tatum Kelly

Sexy Step-Mommy JOI – Goddess Tatum Kelly

I am your Step-Mom and I love seeing you so hard for me, especially when I wear my pencil skirts. I know they’re your favorite! You know what’s even sexier? What’s UNDERNEATH my pencil skirt. Your biggest fantasy is to watch me walking around the house without any pants on because you love the way I look in my bra and panties. Today, I am wearing red, which is your favorite. I slowly slip off my pencil skirt and turtleneck to reveal what’s underneath, all while giving you very tantalizing jerk off instructions and teasing you with my sexy body. I tell you I am going to do chores and read you bed time stories in nothing but my bra and panties. You like that, don’t you? You’re really going to like the cum countdown at the end. I want you to blow your load to my sexy body, but only when I tell you to. Step-Mom knows best.

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Punished By Giantess Mommy - Goddess Tatum Kelly

Punished By Giantess Mommy – Goddess Tatum Kelly

Honey, what did I tell you about sneaking into Mommy’s bedroom when she’s having sex with her date? I told you not to do it, and where did I find you… stuck to my ass! Mommy is very disappointed in you. I explicitly told you that my bedroom was a very dangerous place for a tiny boy and I was right. You could’ve been squished! How did you get into my bedroom anyways? Oh right… you crawled under the door, even though it was closed AND locked. I guess being tiny has it’s perks, especially if you want to watch your Mommy have sex. Did you see what you wanted to see? I hope so because you’re going to get punished and it is not going to be fun. This is what you deserve for disobeying your Mommy.

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