Big Sister JOI - Jude Ryan

Big Sister JOI – Jude Ryan

Little brother! Are you jerking off?? You said you needed to borrow my laptop for school work, not to watch porn! Plus, I have an even better idea. I want you to stroke your cock for me. Who needs porn when you have a hot older sister? I instruct you how to stroke your cock while I play with my tits, show off my ass, and play with my pussy. At the end I count down and ask you to cum for me while I cum for you.

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Mom's Trashy Friend Takes Your Innocence - Slutty Spice

Mom’s Trashy Friend Takes Your Innocence – Slutty Spice

Your mom is having a girls night out with one of her friends from college, and she shows up before your mom is ready to go out. She sits with you at the table reminiscing about knowing your mom for so long, and talking about how big and handsome you are getting. She can’t believe when you tell her that you don’t have a girlfriend. She talks to you about how all of her friendships fail, because she just can’t help herself around her friends husbands, brothers, etc… She takes of her jacket and seems to be getting pretty comfortable. At one point she even spreads her legs and you can’t help but glance and notice she isn’t wearing any panties. One thing leads to another and she notices you have a huge boner, and she really wants to help you with that. She’s an experienced lady ya know? Who better to have your firsts with?

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Follow Mommy - Rem Sequence

Follow Mommy – Rem Sequence

Mommy is going to make a cup of coffee and rub some lotion on before going to bed. Follow Mommy and come have a cuddle in bed. Visit to sign up to my free subscription and receive updates, specials and freebies.

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Taboo Step Sister Rates your Penis - Kelly Payne

Taboo Step Sister Rates your Penis – Kelly Payne

Dick rate roleplay custom. Name used in vid, Jason. Your step sister needs to use your laptop, but your not home so upon helping herself to your laptop she finds an interesting email. She gets so turned on by your penis she makes herself cum using your penis pics as inspiration. Get your dick rated roleplay style, available in Kelly’s MV store.


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