Taboo Saga - Casual Sex with Daughter - Azura Alii

Casual Sex with Daughter – Azura Alii

Your petite step-daughter, Azura Alii, casually enters your bedroom. She crawls onto the bed and takes hold of your dick. “I want you to get hard for me Daddy” she commands ever so softly and sweetly. Azura positions herself between your legs, taking your cock in her hands and mouth and working with it until it is rock hard. She strips for you. She shows you her cute body, including her hairy ginger bush and her delicate little toes and soles. Then Azura climbs on top of your dick and rides you gently and passionately until you both climax together.

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Anal Sex with Mom - Ava Austen

Anal Sex with Mom – Ava Austen

Ava’s son is head of a local abstinence programme. Today is the day of his big presentation on the virtues of resisting temptation. There is just one problem, Ava’s son has a raging boner that just will not go away. Ava knows he cannot give his presentation whilst pitching a tent, it would simply undermine the whole programme. Ever the helpful mom, Ava suggests a solution – anal sex! As Ava says, “If you fuck a girl in the bum, it’s not real sex.”

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Son Fucks Oblivious Mom - Melody Pleasure

Son Fucks Oblivious Mom – Melody Pleasure

So engrossed by the novel she is reading, hot mom Melody Pleasure is oblivious to anything else. Mom does not notice when her son enters the room. She does not stir when he lifts her dress and starts to caress her ass. She is oblivious to his advances and carries on reading as her son fucks her. Mom focuses on her book throughout, completely ignoring her son as he pounds her pussy until he cums.

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