Caught! …in Mommy's Dresser Drawer - Tara Tainton

Caught! …in Mommy’s Dresser Drawer – Tara Tainton

How DARE you! I just… I can’t believe… it’s just… NOT RIGHT! How COULD you?!?! I just don’t know what to do… with you… in my dresser drawer?? Playing with Mommy’s panties?! I need to teach you a lesson… make sure you realize… make sure you never ever do it again. It’s just so… WRONG. I don’t know what to do… I’m YOUR MOTHER. You should just never… And Mommy’s silky gloves?! I see that look… I know that twinkle in your eye… I’ll make sure you never ever do it again… never want to do it again. I’ll make it feel naughty… wrong… DIRTY. You’ll never want to do it again after you do it… in front of Mommy.

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The Boobs Out Bounce-Out! - Tara Tainton

The Boobs Out Bounce-Out! – Tara Tainton

It’s a problem, an ongoing, never-ending issue. Or maybe a curse. HUGE NATURAL TITS. They can’t be controlled; they can’t be contained. They certainly don’t tend to stay inside shirts, blouses, tops, LINGERIE. They like to be free. They prefer FREE REIGN. Have men always been behind all of women’s clothing? Can you guess how long it will take my gigantic breasts to bounce out of everything I try to contain them with??

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Taking You to the Darkest Depths of Your Own Depravity - Tara Tainton

Taking You to the Darkest Depths of Your Own Depravity – Tara Tainton

Let’s not waste any time. I want you to relax… just lie back, rest your weary body, and focus on the sound of my voice… I’m going to spend a lot of time with you, really focus on guiding you toward a deep trance, digging into your subconscious and replacing your thoughts with my own. Once fully under, I’m going to deepen your arousal with trigger words and commands you have no choice but to follow. I’m going to make you worship and adore me, drive you completely under my spell, and not let you touch your cock until I’m ready for you to. Yes, you’ll have to wait, again and again. I’m going to drive you to the edge before I even allow you to touch yourself. When you’re THAT turned on, when you’re almost driven mad with desire, I’m going to let you touch yourself… under certain conditions, of course. You’re going to do it my way… bringing yourself to the edge and stopping yourself to dissipate your arousal again. And when I have you so vulnerable, so under my control in every way, just what may I do with you? Take advantage of my power, of course. I’m going to humiliate you, talk down to you, drive you to do more ridiculous actions to demonstrate your depravity, and make sure you know just how much of a sexual pervert you actually are. This is not for the feint of heart. This session is for those who know how un-normal they really are. I know just how to make you feel completely foolish, stripped of all dignity, and bucking like a demented lunatic. And you KNOW you love it.


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A Break Room Rendezvous - Tara Tainton

A Break Room Rendezvous – Tara Tainton

So… just what IS your problem? You’ve worked here for 3 months now and… you’ve obviously been avoiding me? Are you actually afraid of the receptionist?? You seem extra shy for some reason. Is it because… you’re a VIRGIN? Oh, where do you think you’re running to! You can’t… I locked the door… Well, you can, but nobody’s gonna come in, so… how would you react if I did… THIS! And then… THIS! And then…


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Mother's Whispery Stroking Encouragement - Tara Tainton

Mother’s Whispery Stroking Encouragement – Tara Tainton

Mother knows what you want. Mother knows what you need. And she’s going to give it to you right now… a slow, sexy, sultry, soothing, whispery encouragement to stroke your cock for her, to her, in front of her, on her… You’re going to come SO HARD.


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The Best Week of Our Lives - Tara Tainton

The Best Week of Our Lives – Tara Tainton

You won’t believe what I’ve managed to do… I’ve sent your father away on a boys’ vacation in Vegas! For a FULL WEEK! He’s not going to be here! Darling… we have the whole week entirely to ourselves – ALONE TOGETHER. Without worrying about getting caught! Does that fill your sexy head with ideas? Is there anything in particular you’d like to do with all this quality time with your mother?? Hmmm?? Let me just show you…. do you like what I have on under my dress? I picked it out just for you, just for this very special occasion. Mmm-hmm. Mmm… I love kissing you, touching you… and you know what Mommy loves even more?? Your COCK. I LOVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL HARD COCK! I want it right now… can I have it? Hmmm? Can Mommy have a taste?? Mmm… mmm… mmm! What’s that, honey? You want to return the pleasure? Would you… like to go down on your mother? is that what you want? You know I love it when you’re between my legs. You’re so good with your tongue… And you know I’m gonna invite you to take me from behind too. Mmm… I want you to fuck me senseless!!! Oh, shoot, your father’s calling! Oh, oh, OH!!!!!


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Mommy Will Save You! HD 1080p - Tara Tainton

Mommy Will Save You! HD 1080p – Tara Tainton

Oh, it was the most frightful day! I thought I was going to LOSE MY DARLING BOY! I was in the middle of making dinner when I heard your screams… you were bitten by a snake when you went to take a leak in the woods!! On your penis!!! My poor baby!!! There was only one thing I could do – what ANY mother would do under the circumstances. There was no time to take you to the hospital or call a doctor. I had to extract the poisonous venom myself. To the very last drop!


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So Tight, Silky, Smooth… and Until My Son Is Satisfied - Tara Tainton

So Tight, Silky, Smooth… and Until My Son Is Satisfied – Tara Tainton

I really need your opinion… just a few minutes, okay?? Promise! Just let me show you what I bought today. I’ll just try each top on and you let me know if it’s flattering, or not or whatever. Okay? I promise it won’t take long! And you better be honest with your mother. I don’t want to go out looking like… anything bad! I so appreciate your time but… now, why did you ask me to try on that one top again? Were you unsure about it? But you said it was fine… The tight-fitting one? Silky cashmere with the skin-soft feel and the deep neckline? Okay… I do want your honest opinion. Now, just let me try on the last one and then… again?? Really? You want me to put on the new sweater for a third time? Well …hee hee… okay! But… well, you’re being just a bit suspicious… and really flattering. Maybe I’ll have to model this one a bit just to be sure you’re finally satisfied with your opinion and don’t keep asking me to try it on 10 more times!! …Honey, do you… are you… did I, maybe, tease you a bit too much trying on all those tops? And this sweater… well, it does something… “special” for you? Gosh, and I should have known, really… men do like form-fitting clothes on women… and sweaters… sweaters can be very sexy. Especially as they’re just so soft to touch… I’m so sorry, honey. I just needed your help. Do you… want me to… maybe… satisfy more than just your curiosity? I mean, I owe you now, don’t I…


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Mother Caught You Using Her Credit Card to Pay for POV Mommy Porn! - Tara Tainton

Mother Caught You Using Her Credit Card to Pay for POV Mommy Porn! – Tara Tainton

Now… I know you’ve been using MY credit card to… make certain purchases at certain websites. I found those strange charges and had to investigate and when I saw you were… they were… WEBSITES… of THAT SORT… I just. Honey, you know it’s not acceptable to use someone else’s credit card. That’s stealing! And you should not be paying for such a thing; that is not a good use of money! And it’s UNHEALTHY to be getting your sexual satisfaction from STRANGERS! Now… what is “POV mommy porn” anyway? Really? Is that all? And they’re mothers, like me? Oh, stop… I did notice that that one on the front page did look kinda like me, but honey, you can’t really claim I’m more beautiful than SHE is! No, no, no. She’s a professional. And she must be… so much younger than me. I just can’t believe that… I… well, I suppose, it would be much healthier for you – because you men need your sexual release – to just, well, do what you need to do, with a real woman in the room. Just in the room….


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Don't You Just Love Halloween? - Tara Tainton

Don’t You Just Love Halloween? – Tara Tainton

I just LOVE Halloween, don’t you? Something is just… in the air, on a night like this. Everything just sizzles, like there’s some new energy. Everyone’s in costume, everyone’s acting out their alter egos… it’s as if – on this night – we’re supposed to be different, DO THINGS we wouldn’t normally do. Know what I mean? Can you feel it? I want to show you something… I want to see if… if you feel what I feel…


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