Sick Day 1080p - Tammie Madison

Sick Day 1080p – Tammie Madison

Darling you are not looking so well. I think you are poorly and should stay home today. But, don’t worry. I will call my boss and stay home with you. He might get a little moody since I have taken off so many days to be with you, but who cares. No one is more important than my sweet boy.
In fact, how about we have a cozy cuddling day. Bodily contact can work wonders at getting any sickness out of the body. It will help keep you warm and encourage all the yuckiness to melt out of you. Actually, maybe we could try a couple of other tactics to help you get better quickly. Perhaps, I could even help you sweat it out. I know the perfect way to get you all hot and bothered.

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Mom's Loving Tit Squishes - Tammie Madison

Mom’s Loving Tit Squishes – Tammie Madison

When Mom got the call saying that you had another rough day of being mocked, she hurried home to comfort you. She is so loving that you never feel the need to keep anything back from her, so you quickly reveal that you were being bullied and called a momma’s boy. Upon hearing that, Mommy admits that it might be a little true. You rely very heavily on her and she is a bit of an enabler. She loves taking care of her sweet boy and comforting you however she can. Perhaps it is time to change that. After all, you cannot be a momma’s boy forever. Mommy loves to pull you close and let you nuzzle into her breasts, but she acknowledges that this should stop. However, she thinks her nurturing boobs would be the perfect way to stop you from being a momma’s boy. If you are overexposed to their comforting power, that is, if you are covered by them instead maybe you will stop needing to bury your face in her cleavage every time you feel down. Clip contains: mom decides this is the last time she is going to comfort you with a squishy boob cuddle and decides to bury you with her tits instead – taboo mom and son – momma’s boy lesson.

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End of the World with Mom - Tammie Madison

End of the World with Mom – Tammie Madison

In the middle of the night you are awakened by the sounds of planes overhead and distant explosions. Mom runs into your room and drags you to a small closet in the basement. “We should be okay in here” Mom says with a worried look on her face. She does her best to comfort you, but even she is scared and jumps each time an explosion sounds to close. “I’m so sorry baby. I knew things were going downhill in, but I did not think we were already here. I think this is it, darling. This is the end of the world. We may not have much time, but I think we should make the most of it while we can. Is there anything you regret or wished you had done?” Without even thinking about it you blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. You never wanted to go out as a virgin. At first, mom is shocked and a little saddened by this confession. She had just assumed that you were getting laid all the time. Then, her face lights up as realizes this is something she can do for you. Mom can make your last wish on earth come true by letting you lose your virginity to the woman you love more than any other.

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Join Mommy - Tammie Madison

Join Mommy – Tammie Madison

You walk into Mommy’s room to find her in a bathing suit. Seeing her in that sexy, tight little number makes you forget why you came in here. As you stare, Mom urges you to go put on your swimsuit too so you can join her at the pool. Since you are still unable to speak, Mom assumes that you are nervous to be in a swimsuit and offers you some encouragement.
“Would you prefer to wait and put on your bathing suit at the pool? I can take this off and change with you there.”
When Mommy pulls down her suit and reveals her breasts you are completely captivated. She sees you staring at her lovely tits and invites you to touch and explore them. It is only natural for you to be curious and she wants to know just how wonderful boobs are. As you touch, you can tell that Mom likes it. In fact, it seems to overwhelm her and she pulls away.
Mommy insists that you both need to continue to get ready and starts to remove her bathing suit. As it drops to the floor you know this is your opportunity. With Mommy bent over in front of you it is too much to resist and you step forward and enter her. Mom is both shocked and pleased. This is not what she expected from her boy, but she is not about to stop it.

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Wank for Mommy - Tammie Madison

Wank for Mommy – Tammie Madison

Mommy is so proud of you and your very healthy sexual appetite. She knows that you make the most of your amazing dick by jerking off often. But, what she does not know is when you last did it for Mommy. Don’t you find her sexy? She finds you very attractive. In fact, she gets turned on each time she notices just what a sexy man you have become. But, she wants more. Mommy wants to watch you enjoy that gorgeous cock while you look at her. That is not too much to ask, is it? After all, Mommy made you. It only seems right that you show some appreciation by giving her what she wants and masturbating with her.

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Exercise with Mom - Tammie Madison

Exercise with Mom – Tammie Madison

Before going for a run Mom likes to stretch legs and back from the comfort of her bed. However, today she has a little mishap when trying to get a deeper stretch in her back. Still determined to get out for her run, Mom calls you into her room to give her a helping hand. Each time Mom tries to target her lower back and thighs while stretching she gets a little stuck. If you could just help manipulate legs and push your body against her for a bit more pressure it would really help.
As you help move Mom’s body around and lean into her legs, you cannot help but get a little excited. The moans she lets out with each stretch a bit too much to take. When Mom accidentally pushes back into and feels your growing bulge she gets another idea. Maybe it would be easier if she were to just remove her shorts for stretching.
Finally, Mom decides that you two should forego the stretching altogether. It would be far better for her warm-up if she were to do something more energetic, like jumping or bouncing. The best way to get that type of movement is for you to be inside of Mom. Mommy wants you to be fucked and to ride you. She has decided that being pumped full of your cum would be the best possible warm-up and why would you ever want to deny Mom of what she wants?

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Tammie Madison - Erotic Enema from Your Sister

Erotic Enema from Your Sister – Tammie Madison

Your sister has been asked to come over and look after you while you have the house to yourself. She is fine doing it, but finds it strange that you cannot be trusted on your own. How is it that you still don’t have your life together? Being the kind sister that she is, Tammie offers to help you.
When she starts talking about clearing out all the excess in your life, cleansing and clearing, you start to worry that she is going to try and push some meditation and wellness stuff onto you. She is always boasted about the benefits of some new fad. So, you are taken completely off guard when she tells you what she has in mind.
Your sister thinks that an enema is all you need. By cleansing your body, she says you will cleanse your mind and be able to sort yourself out. You are not totally convinced, but you know she will persist until you give in. Plus, she says there is a little bonus. Most guys find that there are some rather pleasant side effects from the feel of the water flowing in your asshole. That is Tammie’s favorite part. Not only will she help you clear out the debris with the enema, she will also help you achieve a fresh state of mind through an explosive, freeing orgasm. This time with your sister will change your life.

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Mommy's Dick - Tammie Madison

Mommy’s Dick – Tammie Madison

There have been some complaints about your behavior. People are saying that you are being an absolute dick. Is this true? I am so disappointed in you, honey. No son of mine is going get and keep a reputation for being the biggest dick around. So, I’ve decided that the only way to stop you from behaving this way is to show you what it is like to have to put up with a huge dick. That’s right, baby, dick for dick. Mommy is going to use her own cock to teach you a lesson. You have never seen what a giant cock I can grow, so understandably there will be some hesitation on your part. But, I am not putting up with any of your attitude today. Now is not the time for you to be surprised to find what I hide under My dress. I am going to make you suck and fuck this cock of mine until I am well and truly satisfied that you will be a good boy from now on. Clip contains: futanari Mommy teaches son (POV) a lesson for being such a dick – made to suck Mom’s cock, take it up the ass, and do ass to mouth for being a naughty boy – taboo futa Mom and son scenario.

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JOI from Your Girlfriend's Mom - Tammie Madison

JOI from Your Girlfriend’s Mom – Tammie Madison

It always a bit awkward when you have to spend time alone with your girlfriend’s mom. She is hot and doesn’t seem to be aware of the effect her cleavage and revealing outfits have on you. Usually you can cover up or hide your erection from her, but tonight she notices. “There is no way I am letting my daughter go on a date with you while that thing is fully loaded. You better get to work relieving g yourself of that hard on. What are waiting for? Whip it out and get to work.” You cannot believe that she is serious! How can you possibly masturbate right in front of her? When she calls up to her daughter to slow her date prep, you realize this milf is serious. Your girlfriend’s mom wants you to masturbate for her. She starts touching herself, revealing more, and teasing you. There is no way you want to pass up the opportunity to stroke and cum with an older woman, so you start doing as she says. The only difficulty now, is holding back so that you don’t explode before she counts you down. Clip contains: taboo jerk off encouragement and instructions from your girlfriend’s – stroking for an older woman while your girlfriend is upstairs – cumming with your girlfriend’s mom.

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Mom is a Pervert - Tammie Madison

Mom is a Pervert – Tammie Madison

You have lost your phone somewhere in the house and know exactly where to look for it. This would not be the first time that Mom has stolen your phone to spy on you. However, when you walk into her room she is doing so much more than just scrolling through your texts. Mom is masturbating to the pictures on your phone!
While Mom is a little surprised to see you watching her, she is more upset that you take away her fapping material than she is embarrassed.
“It’s okay for Mom to perv on your friends a little. You have all grown into such attractive men.”
Rather than be put off by your intrusions on her private time, Mommy carries on with what she started. She tells you that she was about to pull out a toy before you came in and she is going to do it now anyhow. You just have to decide whether or not you want to stay and watch.

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