BRATTY ASIAN STEP SISTERS - Astro Domina and Nyssa Nevers

BRATTY ASIAN STEP SISTERS – Astro Domina and Nyssa Nevers

Having two hot step sisters can be a blessing or a curse. Or both..
Two gorgeous Asian step sisters Sydney and Nyssa call their brother in for a little pow wow. They are onto him. He’s pretty much a perv who LOVES watching porn that involves sisters. What a weirdo. But of course the two step sisters are smart enough to turn this little secret to their advantage.
Since their brother is pretty much the brains of the family, the sisters figure a little trade is in order. In exchange for brother to do the girls’ homework for a whole year, they’re going to give him the experience of his life. A real life enactment of his favorite porn with his very own sisters.
They show him all four sexy boobs and the sisters even help him jerk off his dick. This is by far the highlight of brother’s life and he’s going to relive this moment for a very long time afterwards.

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Mommy Has Intense Orgasms with Her Son - Ms Paris Rose

Mommy Has Intense Orgasms with Her Son – Ms Paris Rose

Mommy can’t wait each night to call her son at school so they can have some masturbation and dirty talk time together. She’s wearing her new pink dress she bought for him and records the session to send to him later. She uses her vibrator to masturbate as she gives him jerk off instruction and has a loud screaming orgasm then shows off her body to the camera to keep him thinking of her.

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Lesbian Mothers Let Embarrassed Son Practice Foreplay & Sex on Them: Mommies Teach Son How to Pleasure a Woman, POV - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Sydney Paige & Carmen Valentina

Lesbian Mothers Let Embarrassed Son Practice Foreplay & Sex on Them: Mommies Teach Son How to Pleasure a Woman, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Sydney Paige & Carmen Valentina

A bonding & learning experience with your beautiful mothers. Enjoy a video with wonderful chemistry & intense dialogue. Your mommies have so much to teach you.
You were upset, embarrassed…hurt. Your moms always knew what to do and what to say to make you feel better, so you decided to talk to them about what had happened.
“Why did she break up with you?” they asked. “You’re such a great catch. I don’t know why anyone would want to break up with you. You’re so handsome. You know you can tell us anything.” That’s the one thing you really loved about your family – no matter how bizarre, how awkward, or silly the situation was, they were always willing to help out.
“She didn’t like…what you…oh…and she told you?” their eyes lit up. “At least she’s honest – would you rather be lied to? Take this as a positive, learning experience.” It was a hard pillow to swallow – I mean, who gets dumped because they suck at sex stuff? It was humiliating. Especially because it wasn’t just fucking that you were bad at, it was everything else before that, too – kissing, foreplay, AND sex.
“See, I think this is the only downfall to our relationship,” Mom said turning towards her lover. “There’s no man…” However, on the plus side, they were woman, and they knew what girls liked. “And we’re your moms and we love each other,” they smiled. “And maybe a man shouldn’t be teaching a man anyways. Most guys just want to stick it in, they don’t know what to do after they stick it in.”
So, it was settled. They’d not only teach you what women liked, they’d demonstrate it on one another, then let you have some practice. “So, the very first thing when being intimate with a woman, what would you do?” they asked. “Kissing? Okay. So, how were you kissing her? Mm…no. Honey, we love you very much, but a stiff tongue is a big no-no. It looks like you’re trying to engulf her face with your mouth.”
“You want to feel her hair, caress her face, rub her earlobe,” they demonstrated for you. “Just make her feel very wanted.” Your moms gave each other a beautiful, passionate kiss, which made your cock stiffen. “See? Isn’t that much better?” they smiled. “Start with the lips, don’t go straight tongue.”
They went on to explain, in great detail, how to grope a woman properly, in a way that she’d love, how to rub her pussy, how to finger her, then how to lick her. It wasn’t just a “this is what they want,” it was a thorough explanation of why to do things a certain way, and how to make your partner happy.
Your moms wanted to make sure you understood everything, that way you’d be confident with your next girlfriend. It wasn’t something to be upset about, it was something to learn from, and that’s exactly what you did with the embarrassing situation. So, getting practice with two beautiful lesbian moms not only made you feel better, it bumped up your ego. You followed their instructions and it made it easier to get them off.
They even allowed you to try out different sex positions on them, explaining what felt good about each one, and why a woman might prefer one over the other. It was important to listen to what the girl wanted rather than to just pleasure yourself. “Just know that you can always come to us,” they told you, “we will help you.”

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Fuck Mom Before Cleaning Your Room – Chy Latte

Boy! Get your ass in here and clean this room! When we let you and your little girlfriend move in here, I expected two adults to move in, not two slobs. I don’t care who’s stuff is where, clean it up!
Don’t look at me like that. I expect this room to be clean without asking. You’re not in high school anymore. I know I’m your step-mom and your dad is out of town, but this is my house.
Are you listening to me? No, we said that was a one time thing. You don’t get to suck on these nipples anymore. *looks down* You dick IS hard and it did feel good last time we — Ok. One more time.
You love Mommy’s boobs in your face, don’t you? These hard, pierced, chocolate nipples make your mouth water. Oooh! Suck on them! Just like that!
Oh, you wanna finger mommy’s pussy? Oooh! Oh yeah! Twist those fingers! Oooh! You’re making mommy’s pussy cream! Suck on my nipples! Mommy wants to see her little boy’s dick! Stroke it. Fuck mommy’s pussy!

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Cumming with Mommy - Cassandra Cain

Cumming with Mommy – Cassandra Cain

We have some time before your dadd gets home to do some more jerk off training. This time I’m going to show you how a pussy gets fucked properly. I start teasing and stripping down while I instruct my stepson to pull his cock out and start stroking. After stripping completely naked, I pull out a fuck machine and show my stepson how you lube up and slide a hard cock in. I start up the machine, slow strokes hunny! Gotta make sure you don’t cum too soon. I then pull out a vibe to stimulate my clit while my pussy gets pounded and cum. I then turn the machine up even higher and encourage my stepson to blow his load while stepmom cums again.

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Mom Misses You While Your Deployed - MoRina

Mom Misses You While Your Deployed – MoRina

Mom is a proud military veteran, and she wanted to send you a very special video to tell you and show you just how much she misses you while you are deployed. She can’t stop thinking about that night you spent together before you left. She wants to make sure you know how much she loves you, how proud she is of you, and she can’t wait to get her hands on you again… She even lets you in on a fantasy she has for your return. Your naughty mom gets so worked up during the video that she masturbates and encourages you to do the same. That might take the edge off until you come home to her!

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Mom wants to show you something - Hot Wife Jolee

Mom wants to show you something – Hot Wife Jolee

You come into mom’s bedroom, you see her on the bed in her new sexy lingerie. you instantly get a hardon and feel awkward,but mom is so sexy and helpful she takes care of her horny naughty boy 🙂 She sees the big budge in your pants and insisted you take them down for her. Telling you how big your penis is now.

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Mommy & Sister's Special Bedtime Routine: Young Boy Trained to Take Care of Their Perverted Needs, POV - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Carmen Valentina & Anastasia Rose

Mommy & Sister’s Special Bedtime Routine: Young Boy Trained to Take Care of Their Perverted Needs, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Carmen Valentina & Anastasia Rose

Warning: this is an extreme taboo clip. It has been made for those interested in a more intense family experience…
“We love fun time!” Mom said cheerfully, your sister sitting beside her on the bed. “And you know what fun time means…it means get naked!” The two waited for you to strip down so they could start their bedtime routine.
“Are you ready for cookie time?” Mom smiled. “Why don’t you give us kisses first?” This was perfectly normal for you. Every night you would pleasure your mommy and sister, then all three of you would go to bed. They told you that those physical, sexual acts got rid of their excessive energy and it made them tired for bed. You had no idea how manipulative the situation really was – to you, it seemed to make sense. In reality, Mommy and Anastasia were just horny, and they had trained you to take care of their perverted needs.
“Show her how much you love her,” Mommy said as your sister pressed her soft lips against yours. “You’re such a good brother,” Anastasia smiled, “I love you so much.” They were so sweet, kind, and encouraging with their words, so you always did your best to make them happy.
Mommy and Anastasia stripped down, their perky tits exposed now. “Why don’t you come give Mommy’s boobies some kissies. I know you like sucking them,” Mom said as she pressed them against your face. Once you were finished pleasing her, you gave your sister a turn.
“You’ve been so good coming in all those times to help us go to sleep,” Mom told you. “We wouldn’t be able to sleep without you,” Anastasia chimed in. They wrapped their soft hands around your hard, throbbing pee-pee like they always did, stroking it, then placing it into their wet, warm mouths.
You all took turns giving one another oral until everyone was ready. You laid back and Mommy got on top, riding you and fucking you until she orgasmed. “Give it to your sister,” Mom said sweetly, and Anastasia lied back so you could penetrate her missionary style. “Show her how much you love her. Give us your happy juice,” Mom looked up at you.
After everyone was happy and exhausted, the two invited you to cuddle and sleep with them naked. “You help us out so much – you are just the best baby boy ever,” Mom told you.

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