Hooking Up with Mommy in Vegas 1080p - Sydney Screams

Hooking Up with Mommy in Vegas 1080p – Sydney Screams

Mommy is so glad that you could come along on her trip to exciting Las Vegas!! We’re going to have so much fun together seeing the Strip and spending time in Sin City. You’ve become such a big boy and Mommy wants to make sure that this trip is so much fun for you and that you’ll remember it forever. That’s why Mommy has decided that our time in Vegas together is going to be when Mommy makes a man out of you. You’re no longer the little boy Mommy remembers you as… you’ve grown into a handsome, dare I say “sexy” big boy. After this trip, you won’t be a boy anymore… now you’ll be a Man!
Remember though, sweetie… your father cannot know about this!! We’ll both get into trouble, so this has to be our little secret. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right sweetie?

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Mommy's Weight Gain Reward - Sydney Screams

Mommy’s Weight Gain Reward – Sydney Screams

You just got home from your freshman year of college and you’ve put on the freshman 15 for sure… you’ve actually gained over 50 pounds. Your mom is ecstatic – she’s acting super weird actually. She is so impressed with your weight gain and she won’t stop telling you how handsome you are. “I got exactly what I paid for with that meal plan!” she exclaims delightedly. “I am so proud of you baby! Take off your shirt and show me how much you’ve gained!” she begs. You oblige and she gets even weirder! She starts asking about your cock… what the hell mom?! She tells you she has a special gift after all your hard work this year… and then she starts undressing! And then all of a sudden your hands are on your mom’s pussy, on her tits, and then… your cock is sliding into your mom’s tight wet pussy!

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Naughty Step Mom JOI - Sydney Screams

Naughty Step Mom JOI – Sydney Screams

Hi sweetie! You know, the other night when you and your friends had a sleepover, I overheard you talking about me! At first it was so awkward, but then I realized how much of a man you’re becoming. It’s so flattering you think I’m attractive, and I want to award you for how much you’ve grown. Today is your lucky day. Being the handsome young man you are, I’m ready to give you a treat, I have a set of instructions for you to help us both be satisfied. Be sure to listen to everything stepmother needs!

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Mommy Spanks Little Jay - Sydney Screams

Mommy Spanks Little Jay – Sydney Screams

Little Jay is caught going through her step mother Sydney’s things. Sydney catches her and asks what she thinks she’s doing. Jay confesses that she was looking for her birthday present. Sydney bends her over and reveals Jay’s slutty underwear! Jay isn’t mature enough to own panties like these. Jay confesses that she stole them from her older sister, only making her stepmom spank her harder!

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