Just a Twirl of the Magic Wand: Mom & Aunt are Under Son's Control, POV - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Nikki Brooks & Sydney Paige

Just a Twirl of the Magic Wand: Mom & Aunt are Under Son’s Control, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Nikki Brooks & Sydney Paige

“So, first off,” Mom said with a sigh, “I’m so happy you’re here – it’s so good to see you. Um…so, your nephew has developed into a very interesting, young boy.” They were talking about you. You were the reason why Aunt Sydney, your mom’s sister, was over in the first place.
“He’s picked up this weird obsession with magic,” she went on to explain. Of course you didn’t consider it an “obsession” so to say, it was more of an infatuation for you. Mind controlling someone, freezing them – the idea of being able to make someone do whatever you wanted them to do was fascinating.
“All I’m saying is just humor him when he comes in,” Mom told her sister. “He’s going to come in here like a bat out of hell with a million things to show you. He’s really sweet, he’s still the same sweet boy.”
When you heard Aunt Sydney was visiting, you couldn’t wait to show off your magic wand. This one was special because it was handmade. You had shaped a piece of wood into a long, thin stick, then decorated the bottom of it with a beautiful, pink crystal. “Hey, whatcha got there, man?” Auntie asked when you ran into the room.
You pointed the wand at them and gave it a twirl. Mom and Aunt Sydney suddenly become sultry and sexy. “I’d love to wood work his wood, if you know what I mean…” Mom smiled devilishly. “Would you like that, baby? Would you like to stick that nice piece of wood right where it belongs in Mommy?”
Mom and Auntie giggled as they smacked one another’s butts and said all types of dirty, naughty things to you. Once the magic wore off, though, Mom and Auntie looked confused as if they hadn’t had any clue what just happened. “That was strange…” Mom said awkwardly, her eyes narrowed. “Did he have us turn around?”
“We are ready for your magic trick, sweetheart,” Mom said with a smile as if you hadn’t started. Another point and twirl and they were stripping down. “I can make things disappear,” Mom said seductively. The two groped their perky tits and jiggled their asses as they gave you a sexy striptease.
Once the magic wore off, they were in utter shock and embarrassment from being naked and exposed. “Oh, sweetheart!” Mom screamed trying to cover her body, and the two hid underneath the blanket. However, with another twirl of the wand, they’d be sucking your cock.
“Does Aunt Sydney suck your cock really good, sweetheart?” Mom asked as she watched her sister wrap her wet, warm mouth around your throbbing cock. They were crazy about your cock, desperate to taste it and pleasure it. “Doesn’t it taste so good?” Auntie asked her sister.
“Oh…my god, did we just…” Mom’s eyes widened in horror at the taste in her mouth. They were starting to piece together was going on. “Sweetheart, put it away! Sweetie, listen…” There was no way you were going to stop now – this was getting way too good.
Another twirl and Mom and Auntie were begging to have your mouth and tongue against their pretty, pink pussies. They wanted you to lick them and to get them off. Right as you were about to finish up with Mom, the magic wore off, and she looked down to see your face in-between her legs.
“Ah! Get off!” Mom screeched. “What is going on…what is going on. Everyone just needs to calm down. Stop with the wand, I’ve had enough with the fucking wand.” Another twirl and they wanted your cock inside of them. You fucked Auntie doggystyle, then Mom got on top to ride your cock.
“Why do I feel so good?” Mom said uncomfortably. “This is so fucking wrong.” She had hopped off of you and hid another the blanket again. “Uh…sis, it’s dripping out of you,” Auntie told Mom. Mom then looked down to see that her son’s cum was leaking out of her pussy.
“Oh my god…maybe-maybe that was just me,” Mom tried to comfort herself, but she knew the truth. In an attempt to finally get control of the situation, the two tried to chase after you to take the wand, but you froze them in place. They were completely stiff with unblinking eyes. Perfect – it’d give just enough time to hide the wand so you could do it all over again.

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Mommy's Special Sleep Game: Mom Fucks Young Son & His Best Friend, POV - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Sydney Paige

Mommy’s Special Sleep Game: Mom Fucks Young Son & His Best Friend, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Sydney Paige

You loved sleepovers with your best friend. The two of you got to stay up past your bedtime, play video games, and gorge on junk food.
“Hey sweetie, what are you doing still awake?” Mom asked you. “You ate that whole box of oreos, didn’t you? And your little friend, too?” You guys couldn’t fall asleep – you were still hyped up on all the sugar and fun. And Mom knew that if you guys didn’t go to sleep, you’d be up all night playing games.
“I know just how to fix this…” Mom comforted you two, “you wanna know how?” She turned towards your buddy, “Has your mommy ever touched you before? No? Oh…that’s so sad. It’s such a bonding and loving moment.”
You were used to Mom touching you in special ways, but she said this would be a new experience for the both of you – a sort of “game” that you guys could play. “This’ll be a special moment for all of us together,” Mom said sweetly, “and it’ll be our little secret. So, would you like to try it? Yeah?”
First, you guys would take off your pajamas. Mom pulled down her top to make you two feel more comfortable. “I know you’ve seen these young man,” Mom said with a big, warm smile, “but I know you haven’t. Now, what I’m going to do to start the game is, watch this honey, I’m going to touch you right here. Oh, I bet that feels good, doesn’t it, sweetheart?”
Mom started stroking your friend’s private area, and he told her that it felt like he needed to pee. “Oh, that’s not quite the sensation you’re feeling, sweetheart,” Mom explained, then moved over to give you a turn. “Do you like it when Mommy touches you like that?” she asked.
To be fair, Mom went ahead and stripped off the rest of her clothing since the two of you were already naked. “I guess I forgot to put on my underwear today,” she said, “silly me.” She turned back towards your friend, “So, you said your mommy has never touched you there before – has your mommy ever kissed you there before? No? Well, let me show you.”
Mom wrapped her warm, wet mouth around your friend’s hard pee-pee and bobbed her head up and down it. “I haven’t forgotten about you, my love,” she looked at you lovingly, then proceeded to give you a turn as well. She went back and forth pleasuring the two of you, and then let you and your buddy touch her beautiful, perky tits and pink pussy.
“Would you like to touch my no-no area?” she asked your friend. “Well, go ahead and have a feel. You can even kiss it if you want – just give it a little kiss. Good boy.” Mom had something special in store for the two of you. Because your friend was the guest for the evening, she was going to let him go first.
“You’re going to put that inside of me,” Mom said, her hand once again stroking your buddy’s cock to harden it. “And I know that you’re old enough to know what happens when it gets stiff and you play with it long enough…and that’s what’s going to happen when you put it inside of me. You want that?”
So, your buddy went first. He put his hard penis inside Mommy’s no-no area. She let him thrust in and out of her until his special liquid came out, then let you do the same. After that, you two were exhausted. “Was that a yawn I saw, honey?” Mom asked your friend.
She reminded your friend that this was a secret game that you guys could play anytime he was over, just as long as he didn’t tell his mommy what had happened. She then told you guys to get cleaned up, to put your pajamas on, and to head off to bed.

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Son's Remote Control: Mom Becomes X-Rated, POV - Mind Control, Magic - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Sydney Paige

Son’s Remote Control: Mom Becomes X-Rated, POV – Mind Control, Magic – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Sydney Paige

You couldn’t wait to show off your new remote control. “Hey honey, what’s up?” Mom smiled at your enthusiasm. “Oh cool, what’s that, my little inventor boy?” You proudly help out your device and pressed a button to show off what it could do.
“Oh honey,” Mom purred seductively, her hands running across her tits. She quickly snapped out of it, then looked at you with wide, confused eyes. “How did you do that?” Another press of a button and Mom was back to complimenting you and flirting with you.
“Oh my goodness, how did you even make that? I mean, I’m thoroughly impressed, but you’re using it on your own mother,” she tried to reason with you. Every time you hit a button, it would mind control Mom and put her into an “x-rated” mode. She’d become flirty, seductive, sultry, and sexy, and overly eager to pleasure you.
“I have to show you my breasts right now,” she smiled stripping down. “I can’t stop myself. Mm…” But then she’d snap out of it again. “Oh honey, why don’t you use that on one of your little girlfriends?” she panicked trying to cover herself up. “This is so silly.”
She invited you to teach her beautiful, perky breasts as she gave you a striptease. Once the mind control wore off, she embarrassingly tried to hide her exposed body, but another press of the remote and she was back at it. “Isn’t my body beautiful? Don’t you love looking at it?” her hands caressed her petite figure. “I bet you do – is that why you made that invention for me?”
Things progressed the more you used the control. “What do you want me to do, baby?” Mom purred, now completely exposed. “Do you want me to touch you, or do you want to touch me?” She got onto the bed and wrapped her soft hand and wet mouth around your hard cock. She was disgusted once she snapped back into reality to discover that not only had she touched your cock, but she had also put it inside her mouth, too.
“Oh, I love the way your cock tastes in…my mouth…oh my god, in my mouth!” she said horrified and shocked. “Oh, I can taste your cock in my mouth! Honey, just stop for a minute.” You couldn’t – it felt too good. With this device, Mom became your little, obedient slut that wanted nothing more than to get you off.
“How would you like to put that big, fat cock inside of Mommy?” she winked, then lied back. You penetrated her tight, wet pussy, and she moaned, “Oh, you feel so good, baby.” But after a few seconds, her eyes lit up, “Oh my god, what are you doing? What’s going on?” You hit the control again and she back to her sultry, seductive mode.
You filled her pussy with your cum. “Oh my god, oh my god,” she sat up, her pussy dripping with your seed. “Honey, what the hell? Where are you going? No, no, no!” You waved good-bye and ran off.

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Mom & Aunt are Impregnated Together By Son, POV - Breeding - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Sydney Paige & Ivy Secret

Mom & Aunt are Impregnated Together By Son, POV – Breeding – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Sydney Paige & Ivy Secret

Aunt Ivy was always busy with work, so it was a surprise whenever she’d come down to visit. She needed to talk to her sister, your mom, about something important – she wanted a baby.
“Have you tried sperm banks – anything like that?” Mom asked, knowing Aunt Ivy was single and more interested in her career than a relationship. “I mean, I don’t know about some random stranger’s seed…” Ivy replied, “what if they came back for the baby? It just feels so wrong.”
Plus, it was expensive, and there were so many extra steps with those alternative methods. “Remember when we were growing up and we always talked about how fun it would be to get pregnant at the same time?” Ivy went on to say. As much as Mom loved and bragged about how handsome, smart, and grown-up you were becoming, she wanted another baby. The only problem was that, if she waited any longer, it might be awkward to give you a brother and sister. And with no man in her life anymore, since Dad left you guys, she wasn’t sure she’d ever get the chance.
“I know this is kind of weird,” Ivy began to say, “but do you think that we could convince your son to impregnate us? Just give us his cum? I mean, we wouldn’t have to tell anyone.” To have the best probability of getting pregnant, it would be best to have you cum directly inside of them.
“Well, I mean, he would be excited about that, given his age,” Mom smiled at her sister. “It is a little weird, I will say that, but I guess we could talk to him. He would be really excited, but we really would have to keep this quiet.” They were enthusiastic about the idea – about being pregnant together, of having the same genes, of having a baby that would grow up to be as wonderful as you.
So, they called you in and explained everything. They poured their hearts out to you, asking for your help and your seed. You loved your mom and Aunt Ivy, they were family, and there wasn’t anything you wouldn’t do for them.

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Mom Protects Son - Mom Fucks Son's Bully in Front of Him, POV - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Sydney Paige

Mom Protects Son – Mom Fucks Son’s Bully in Front of Him, POV – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Sydney Paige

“So, is this the young man right here that we’ve been speaking about? That you’ve been telling me about?” Mom’s voice was strict and harsh.
“You’re the young man that’s been bullying my son,” she turned towards the older boy in the room. “No, don’t you speak to me in that manner, young man, just stop right there. I’ve heard about everything that you’ve been doing, not only from my son, but from his teachers, the principal…and your parents don’t seem to have any response. I don’t know what’s going on with you, but I brought you here because I need you to stop.”
He was awful to you. Always been picking on you, stealing from you – you didn’t know how to handle the situation so you told Mom. The two of you stood in front of her as she tried to resolve the situation and make it stop. “Honey, I’m sorry that you’re dealing with this,” she looked at you lovingly, “but sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire.”
“What can be done to leave my son the hell alone?” she asked the bully. “You two don’t even have to talk to each other, just avoid each other in the hallway – just don’t stuff him in another damn locker.” Of course, that wasn’t going to be enough. He wasn’t going to just leave you alone, he wanted something – he wanted your mom.
“And if I agree to do that, I’ll have your word, a gentleman’s agreement, that you would stop harassing my son?” she replied to him, willing to do anything for you. “You would stop harassing my son if I would take off my clothes for you and do things for you? Oh, in front of my son? Honey, how would you feel about that? I know it’s weird.” You hated the idea. But Mom made a good point – all the tormet would stop and you could focus on your studies instead of worrying about him. You wouldn’t come home with bruises anymore, and you wouldn’t have another bike stolen.
You felt helpless – there wasn’t anything you could do. Without Mom’s help, this guy would never leave you alone. “Tell him that you’re going to leave him alone,” Mom pointed at the bully. After he said it, she stripped down, exposing her beautiful body to him.
“And no ‘ha ha, I fucked your mom’ jokes,” she said sternly. “Ugh, your fucking attitude.” He wanted to touch her perky tits, so she let him – it was all to help you out. “It’s going to be okay, sweetie,” she turned towards you, her hand brushing against his cock. “He’s not going to bother you anymore, are you? Cause Mommy’s going to teach this bully a lesson any way she can.”
“Oh, you want me tell him what? Ugh,” she replied to the bully then turned towards you with a sarcastic tone in her voice. “Honey, his cock is so big and I love stroking his cock.” He made her say it again, this time like she meant it. He wanted to see her completely naked, bare, and exposed – her legs spread, her fingers against her pussy. “You know Mommy would do anything for you, sweetie, this just proves it,” she comforted you.
“You’re going to at least be a gentleman and hold my hair, right?” Mom asked the bully. “Of course not.” She wrapped her warm, wet mouth around his cock, one hand holding her long, blonde hair. “His cock tasted amazing and was so big in my mouth, honey,” Mom repeated what the bully had told her to say.
Next, and the worst part of all, would be watching Mom take his cock. It was bad enough seeing her get pounded doggystyle, but when he told her to flip over, it made things worse. You had to hear her say that she loved his cock inside of her and that it felt good to get fucked by him. You knew she didn’t mean those things that he made her say, but her moans…those were something that she couldn’t fake – those were actually coming from getting thrusted by his cock.
“I feel you,” she looked at the bully, “you’re almost there, young man. He came inside of her, and she immediately reminded him of his word. “Get off of me,” she kicked his body away from hers. “Honey, I’m sorry you had to see that,” she turned towards you, “but if this young man gives you any trouble at all, even looks at you wrong or incorrectly, or bumps you in the hall, you tell me.”

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Lesbian Mothers Let Embarrassed Son Practice Foreplay & Sex on Them: Mommies Teach Son How to Pleasure a Woman, POV - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Sydney Paige & Carmen Valentina

Lesbian Mothers Let Embarrassed Son Practice Foreplay & Sex on Them: Mommies Teach Son How to Pleasure a Woman, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Sydney Paige & Carmen Valentina

A bonding & learning experience with your beautiful mothers. Enjoy a video with wonderful chemistry & intense dialogue. Your mommies have so much to teach you.
You were upset, embarrassed…hurt. Your moms always knew what to do and what to say to make you feel better, so you decided to talk to them about what had happened.
“Why did she break up with you?” they asked. “You’re such a great catch. I don’t know why anyone would want to break up with you. You’re so handsome. You know you can tell us anything.” That’s the one thing you really loved about your family – no matter how bizarre, how awkward, or silly the situation was, they were always willing to help out.
“She didn’t like…what you…oh…and she told you?” their eyes lit up. “At least she’s honest – would you rather be lied to? Take this as a positive, learning experience.” It was a hard pillow to swallow – I mean, who gets dumped because they suck at sex stuff? It was humiliating. Especially because it wasn’t just fucking that you were bad at, it was everything else before that, too – kissing, foreplay, AND sex.
“See, I think this is the only downfall to our relationship,” Mom said turning towards her lover. “There’s no man…” However, on the plus side, they were woman, and they knew what girls liked. “And we’re your moms and we love each other,” they smiled. “And maybe a man shouldn’t be teaching a man anyways. Most guys just want to stick it in, they don’t know what to do after they stick it in.”
So, it was settled. They’d not only teach you what women liked, they’d demonstrate it on one another, then let you have some practice. “So, the very first thing when being intimate with a woman, what would you do?” they asked. “Kissing? Okay. So, how were you kissing her? Mm…no. Honey, we love you very much, but a stiff tongue is a big no-no. It looks like you’re trying to engulf her face with your mouth.”
“You want to feel her hair, caress her face, rub her earlobe,” they demonstrated for you. “Just make her feel very wanted.” Your moms gave each other a beautiful, passionate kiss, which made your cock stiffen. “See? Isn’t that much better?” they smiled. “Start with the lips, don’t go straight tongue.”
They went on to explain, in great detail, how to grope a woman properly, in a way that she’d love, how to rub her pussy, how to finger her, then how to lick her. It wasn’t just a “this is what they want,” it was a thorough explanation of why to do things a certain way, and how to make your partner happy.
Your moms wanted to make sure you understood everything, that way you’d be confident with your next girlfriend. It wasn’t something to be upset about, it was something to learn from, and that’s exactly what you did with the embarrassing situation. So, getting practice with two beautiful lesbian moms not only made you feel better, it bumped up your ego. You followed their instructions and it made it easier to get them off.
They even allowed you to try out different sex positions on them, explaining what felt good about each one, and why a woman might prefer one over the other. It was important to listen to what the girl wanted rather than to just pleasure yourself. “Just know that you can always come to us,” they told you, “we will help you.”

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Dad's Ultimate Taboo Fantasy: Watching Mom Corrupt & Fuck Their Young Son, POV - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Sydney Paige

Dad’s Ultimate Taboo Fantasy: Watching Mom Corrupt & Fuck Their Young Son, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Sydney Paige

A very forbidden, taboo experience…
“Hey sweetie, how was work?” your wife asked you, her petite, beautiful body exposed in red, lacy lingerie. “I dressed up for you today, I thought we could have some time together.”
You loved how hot and horny your wife was, but you had something else in mind – something far naughtier. “What do you mean? What did you have in mind?” she asked. “Inc*st fantasy? I did hear that was popular. So, did you want me to, like, pretend to be your sister or something? How would you like to play this out? I mean, I know you married me because I was open-minded.”
“Our son? Oh, um…well, I wouldn’t be totally opposed to that – I mean, he does need to learn how to pleasure a woman in high school and college,” she went on to say. “Is that what you really want to do? Is there anything you specifically wanted to see?”
She was up for it, as long as your son was, and it wouldn’t be hard to convince him. You wanted to see your beautiful wife corrupt your sweet, innocent boy – a real life mom and son experience. So, the two of you called him in.
“Hi sweetheart,” Mom smiled at your boy. “How was your day at school? Well, Daddy has brought you in here because there’s something we wanted to do today. We wanted to teach you some of the things you’re going to need to know further in life – things of a sexual nature, if you will. Isn’t that right, honey? So, your father would be observing to make sure I educated you properly – what would you think if Mommy showed you a few things?”
Of course he agreed. Your wife knew exactly what to say to make him want to engage in such a forbidden, taboo act – she knew just how to lie and that turned you on even more. “First thing I’m going to do is take my hand and rub it over your pants and naughty parts,” she told him.
“Just like that, honey?” she smiled devilishly at you. “Is that what you wanted to see?” She turned back towards your son, who now had a hard-on, and offered to help him take care of it. “You know, you’re going to see plenty of these through-out your life,” she said as she exposed her perky, beautiful breasts. “Now just take a look at these and I’m going to rub you a little bit more.”
“Our baby’s cock is getting so hard, honey,” she said to you, then stripped him down. “He’s got such a big cock – I guess he got that from you. You like watching me stroke our son’s cock? Your father’s just making sure I do this correctly.”
God, what a turn-on. Watching your wife pleasure your son’s cock. “So, what I’m going to do now is grab the base of your little cock and I’m going to put my mouth on it – is that okay, honey?” she asked before wrapping her warm, wet mouth around his virgin cock.
“Mm…are you enjoying this, baby?” she turned towards you, then went back down. She giggled at your son’s twitching body, “Our son is so turned on.” Things only progressed from there – she wanted nothing more than to fulfill your inc*stuous fantasy.
Her voice was sweet and seductive as she manipulated and corrupted your son. She wanted him to feel comfortable, to trust her, so that he’d give himself to her. “Come here, baby,” she motioned him. “Take your hands and caress my soft skin, feel my breasts – oh, don’t be shy, sweetie. Maybe I should teach you the ultimate? What do you think, hubby? Should I let our son inside of me?”
She laid back, guided his cock inside of her, then let him fuck her. She moaned and then giggled, “Oh, his cock might feel better than yours…” When she felt him throbbing, she looked at you lovingly, “What does Daddy think? You want our son to cum in me, Daddy? Cum in Mommy, baby, and let Daddy watch.”
So, he did. He filled her pretty pussy with his huge load, and she licked his cock clean. “My baby’s cum tastes so good,” she purred. “Maybe we can have some more lessons later, sweetie.” She then told him to clean up and to finish his homework.
“So, honey, what’d you think?” she sat naked in front of you, your son’s cum dripping out from her pussy. “His cock felt so good.”

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Mom Teaches New Babysitter How to Put Her Son to Sleep, POV - HD 1080p - Carmen Valentina & Sydney Paige

Mom Teaches New Babysitter How to Put Her Son to Sleep, POV – HD 1080p – Carmen Valentina & Sydney Paige

“So, here’s my son,” Mom introduced you to the blonde sitting beside her. “We’re interviewing her today, she might be your new sitter, honey.”
“He’s pretty calm during the day, if you can just stick on schedule,” Mom went on to explain. “The only thing I have is that he goes to sleep differently than most boys. If you don’t put him to sleep the right way, he has insomnia.”
“Do you rub his back or read him a book, give him warm milk?” the blonde asked. But you and Mommy had your very own special way of putting you to bed. First you’d take a shower to relax, then Mom would read you a bedtime story before you got your special massage.
“So, you have to comfortable with this…” Mom started to say, “and the reason why this pays really well is because some people would say no to it, but it’s the only way I can get him to calm down and go to sleep. We’ll start with a story, then I’ll rub his head, then eventually you have to be okay with jerking him off. Just gently rub on the top of his penis and then slowly jerk it off…”
“So here, we’ll show you,” Mom motioned for you to come over. “Go ahead and take off your pants. Good job. So, I just take my hand and jerk it off just like this. Doesn’t that feel good, honey?” Next, she’d have the blonde do the same thing and wrap her warm, soft hand around your pee-pee.
“Here, you wanna try? That way he gets used to you – that way we can see if he likes you or not,” Mom told her. “Twist it a little bit instead of just going up and down. He likes to be emptied out before he goes to bed. Do you like Sydney, honey? Do you like how pretty she is?”
Mom could tell how much you were starting to like the beautiful blonde, so she continued to show her more of the bedtime routine. “If he’s having a harder time going to bed, you can keep going more and more. What we’re trying to do is make him cum – if he doesn’t, he can’t go to sleep,” she explained.
So, Mom showed her how you liked having your pee-pee sucked, and then the babysitter did it next. And if you were still having trouble going to bed, there was another thing she could do to help you. “Are you okay with nudity? Because sometimes he’s more comfortable if he can suck on your tits and grab them,” she told the blonde.
Mom undressed, unfastened her bra, and let you suck on her perky tits. She’d then have the babysitter try it out. “And if he still hasn’t cum by now, we’ll have him fuck you,” Mom told her. “You’re on birth control, right? Okay, good.”
First you fucked Mom, then the blonde got fully undressed so you could put your pee-pee inside of her. The two encouraged you as you fucked the babysitter, and once you were ready, you exploded inside her tight, warm, wet pussy.
“Do we need to clean him up or anything?” the blonde asked, which impressed Mom. If the babysitter wanted to suck your cock clean, Mom promised a little extra pay. And just like that, you had a new babysitter. “I think she’s the one. Should we hire her?” Mom whispered with a smile on her face. “I’ll get the paperwork – she’ll be your new babysitter!”

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Forbidden Family Love: Mom & Aunt Share Their Love with Son, POV - Romantic, Intimate, & Passionate Love Making - HD 1080p - Ivy Secret & Sydney Paige

Forbidden Family Love: Mom & Aunt Share Their Love with Son, POV – Romantic, Intimate, & Passionate Love Making – HD 1080p – Ivy Secret & Sydney Paige

“I love you so much,” Aunt Sydney whispered passionately, her lips pressing against her sister’s. The two siblings had been involved in a secret affair for a while now, and Mom was eager to spice things up.
“My son’s old enough now…maybe we should bring him in,” she told her blonde sister. “Maybe he’ll be okay with it, we’ll just have to make him feel comfortable.” It was best to keep their love a secret, and to keep things in the family.
Mom called out for you. When you entered the room, you were surprised to not only see your mom and aunt in lingerie, but to see them being intimate with one another. “I know this is a little bit of a shock to you,” she began to say, “but your aunt and I have been in a relationship for quite some time. We’re very much in love, but it’s still a secret, we’re not telling anyone – not your uncle, not your father…”
“We were thinking that, since you’re old enough now, maybe it’s time that you join us,” she said sweetly. “I know it sounds a little strange, but we just want to show you that it’s okay, that you can be comfortable and you can enjoy it.”
“And it would make for good practice,” Auntie turned towards her sister. “He could use some tutoring from some older, more experienced women who are very sensual and loving with each other.”
Although their love was forbidden, they wanted you to accept it and to give into it – they wanted to share it with you. They kissed one another in front of you for the first time, then Mom suggested you give Auntie a kiss. “It’s important for you to experience all this love,” Mom smiled, her arms wrapped around her sister’s naked body.
You shared their passion, intimacy, and love. You kissed Mom and Auntie, then touched their beautiful, mature, soft bodies. Their hands and mouths shared your throbbing, hard cock, and they moaned softly as your tongue flicked against their pink pussies.
Everything was so intense, emotional, genuine, and heartfelt. Their sweet smiles expressed how truly happy they were. You then made sweet love to the both of them as they held one another. “That is so hot…” Mom said looking down at her sister’s cum-filled pussy.
You had never felt such raw, pure love before. Forbidden family love was the best love of all…

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Mom's New Workout Routine, POV - HD 1080p - Sydney Paige

Mom’s New Workout Routine, POV – HD 1080p – Sydney Paige

Mom was a fitness fanatic. She was always getting up early to run and to work out, so when you came into her room, you weren’t surprised to see her stretching out. “Oh hey, sweetie,” she looked up to see you standing in front of her. “I actually wanted to talk to you about something. Do you mind sitting down for a minute?”
Mom explained how important it was for her to stay healthy and in shape, and how she really needed to work out to do that. Things around the house, however, caused her to be a lot busier, so she wasn’t getting as much time as she wanted at the gym.
“So, here me out…this is going to sound a little weird,” she went on to say, “but sex burns a lot of calories, and it burns them really quickly. It’s basically like a high intensity work-out. Do you know what that is? It’s when you work out really, really hard for a short amount of time instead of moderately for a long amount of time.”
Because of that, Mom felt it’d be a super effective work-out, one that was great for her heart and for her body. “So, what would you think about helping me with that?” she asked. “No, not helping me find someone – I mean you helping me. Like you having sex with me for my work-outs so that I can have a little more time to do other things.”
You wanted to help Mom, but it was awkward. “Let me just get you a little warmed up to the idea,” she said sensing your hesitation. “See, Mommy’s got to stay in shape, and don’t you love looking at a body like that? A nice, fit body…”
“Oh, I can see you do,” she smiled. “Well, let me show you how we can incorporate this kind of work-out. See? I can pull these down, and instead of lifting barbells, I can just stroke your cock like that, and see how it’s working my arms and shoulders? I can already feel the burn. Thank you so much, honey, you’re such a great help.”
Mom continued to work out both of her arms by stroking your cock, then positioned herself to where she could suck your cock and get her exercise. Once she was satisfied with that, she stripped the rest of her clothing off, then laid back for you to penetrate her.
While you fucked her, she wanted you to lift up her body to work out her glutes. “See? It feels so good and I feel the exercise in my back,” she moaned. “This is taking hardly any time at all! Doesn’t that feel good, sweetie?” After that, she had you lie down so you could ride you.
“See, by just bouncing up and down on your cock, I’m getting my legs nice and strong,” she said as she fucked you. “And this is a class that never gets boring! And finally, we can work our cores…that’s right, just swivel, keep that core engaged.”
“Well done!” she fanned herself off. “That was quite the work-out. Thank you! I’m going to feel this in the morning…”

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