Mom. Son. Father Made To Watch - Sydney Harwin

Mom. Son. Father Made To Watch – Sydney Harwin

Your mom has found out your father has been cheating on her with a girl no older than you. She has tied him up to make him watch her fuck somebody so he knows how it feels to be cheated on. Only thing is… It’s YOU who she has chosen to fuck; her own son! Could you do it? Could you fuck your mom like a real man and show your dad just how stupid he was to ever cheat on her in the first place…

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Virgin Little Sisters Creampie - Sydney Harwin

Virgin Little Sisters Creampie – Sydney Harwin

Your parents have made you and your younger sister spend some time bonding. Your sister is against the idea, and would much rather be spending the time with her secret boyfriend. When you grab her and try to pull her closer to you, she goes mad, desperately trying to pull away, but you aint going to give up. You’ve been wanting to fuck your sister and get her pregnant for a long time, and considering you have the house to yourselves, nobody will hear her protest when you stick it in her.

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Sneaky Auntie Creampie - Sydney Harwin

Sneaky Auntie Creampie – Sydney Harwin

Your auntie has found lots of scrunched up balls of cummy tissue around your computer in your bedroom, and took it upon herself to extract the fresh cum in an effort to get herself pregnant. IT WORKED! She is now carrying your baby and she wants more. She says that she can’t get pregnant twice, so you might as well have some unprotected fun with her! She is so horny over your big dick, bouncing on your rock hard cock and begging you to fill her with your cum. After you finish inside of her, she tells you that she wasn’t really pregnant… but she probably is now!

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Dad's Gone. IT'S ON - Sydney Harwin

Dad’s Gone. IT’S ON – Sydney Harwin

Your father has passed away, leaving your Mom alone and worried for her future. But she need not worry… Now your dad is gone, who better to fill his shoes than you? As the funeral guests sit downstairs, you take advantage of your grieving mother in her bedroom… At first she is not into you at all, but when she feels how big you are inside of her, and how desperate she is for someone to look after her, she soon relaxes and screams in pleasure.

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Son's Creampie Birthday Treat - Sydney Harwin

Son’s Creampie Birthday Treat – Sydney Harwin

It’s your 18th Birthday and your mom has a very special surprise just for her best boy… How would you like to fuck your mommy? You must wear a condom she says, but she so badly wants to let you fuck her for your 18th present. You are a little reluctant, but soon warm to the idea when you see your momma spread her legs and show you her tight slit, all wet and ready for her son. You can’t believe how fucking good she feels as you slide your hard cock inside her, and how sexual your mother can be… Wait… whats this? Your mom is saying your REAL present is that you can cum inside of her? She instructs you to rip off the condom and throw it away before fucking her bareback… She’s gonna let you blow your load inside her… Such a sweet thing for a mother to do for her son on his birthday.

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Bad Auntie - Sydney Harwin

Bad Auntie – Sydney Harwin

Your Auntie needs your advice on some new underwear she has purchased, and would like your honest opinion. She doesn’t think anything of changing her panties in front of you and showing them off without a care in the world. She doesn’t worry that she’s flashing you her ass and pussy as she takes one pair off and slips another on. But when she spots your rock hard erection in your trousers, she is apologetic and extremely embarrassed. She asks if you’d like her to stop and you say no, which fuels your Auntie to tease you further. It isn’t long before she’s bending over in front of you, showing you her asshole and encouraging you to jack off to her body. She thinks you might need a helping hand, so wraps a pair of panties around your dick and jerks you off until you cum all over the crotch in your Aunties leopard print panties.

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Taking Mommas Panties Is Wrong | POV Fuck - Sydney Harwin

Taking Mommas Panties Is Wrong | POV Fuck – Sydney Harwin

You have been secretly taking your Moms panties from her bedroom drawer and the laundry basket, too. You can’t help it, you just have a thing for your Moms pussy scent and you can’t get enough. One day your Mom installed a secret camera in her room without you knowing and you are now caught red handed! She sits you down to have the awkward conversation about why you are taking them, especially the ones that haven’t even been washed yet and are full of her pussy stains. She is less than impressed with you, even going to extreme lengths as she makes you get out your dick and wank in front of her, hoping it will embarrass you into never doing such a thing again… But your Mom is acting strange, and you can’t help but wonder if your Mom secretly likes the thought of you jerking into her panties… What’s this?… Your Mom is grabbing at your cock and wants to ride you… She says it’s nothing serious, just a punishment fuck, but you don’t care… You get to fuck your very own Mom… Even if she is a little angry…

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Devious Mom - Sydney Harwin

Devious Mom – Sydney Harwin

Your Mom doesn’t want you to leave her for collage, she wants you to stay with her otherwise she might get lonely, plus she knows that most college boys don’t return to their Momma’s when they meet a girl and start to build a life. She tells you it’s okay, but you can see in her eyes that she’s less than impressed with your decision. You are a little shocked when your Momma wants to say a proper goodbye to you, and it’s more than a kiss on the cheek she’s after… You worry you might get her pregnant, but she reassures you she is on the pill. Even when you hear this news, you are still very reluctant, but your Mom has a way of wrapping you around her finger like nobody else can… What you don’t realise yet, is that your Mother isn’t really on the pill, and her whole plan is to get pregnant by you so that you will be made to stay home and take care of her and your new little sister…daughter together.

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