Your Momma Said No - Sydney Harwin

Your Momma Said No – Sydney Harwin

You are chilling in your room with two of your mates when your lovely Mom walks in to ask if anyone would like something to eat. You are a little tipsy and your friends are quite mean towards her, but she is worried that you are being influenced and starts to embarrass you by calling you baby and trying to get you to come with her so she can make you feel better. She asks your friends to leave but they refuse. One of your friends gets his dick out and your Mom gets increasingly annoyed. You decide to join in and tease her, before acting brave in front of your mates and grabbing your Moms hand to touch your cock. She desperately tries to pull away as you all laugh and mock her for being so prude. Your bully friend pushes your Mom on the bed and as your om pleads with you to get him to stop, he pulls her panties to her ankles and shoves his dick inside of her. She lets it happen, as she can’t stop him and neither do you. Your other friend starts filming on his phone and she begs him to stop. After your friend has had his fill of her, she thinks its all over… until you grab her legs and pull her in your direction. You pull your Mommas legs wide apart and admire her hairy pussy, before fucking her. Your mates continue laughing and cheering you on until you release inside of her.

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Reluctant Mom - Sydney Harwin

Reluctant Mom – Sydney Harwin

Your mom has found your big secret! She snooped at your internet history and discovered your insane fetish for wanting to fuck her. She confronts you about it and also shows you her worn panties she found under your pillow! You are so embarrassed but feel slightly better that your secret is now out in the open. You ask her if you can see her pussy and she refuses. She keeps repeating how wrong it is to want to fuck your own mother, but it doesn’t stop you from begging her to just have sex with her once. You promise that if she lets you fuck her one time, you’ll stop your fetish and wont bother her about it again. She reluctantly accepts, but on one condition; You must hurry up… and you must NOT cum inside of her!

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Naked Sister Can't Hold It - Sydney Harwin

Naked Sister Can’t Hold It – Sydney Harwin

You love to bully and tease your little sister and today you’ve taken it to the next level. You ripped off her clothes, leaving her standing there butt naked begging you to return them to her before dad gets home. She tries to push past you as shes desperate to have a pee, but you don’t let her past, laughing in her face. She pleads to use the bathroom, but before she can help it, shes grabbing her little pussy trying to contain her pee as it cascades through her fingers and onto the hard floor.

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Sister's PS4 Controller Play - Sydney Harwin

Sister’s PS4 Controller Play – Sydney Harwin

You are hanging about just to annoy your sister as she plays her PS4 but after a short time her remote goes off charge and she asks you to leave. You spy that she isnt wearing panties and tease her for it. She is getting increasingly annoyed at your presence because all she wants to do is pleasure herself with the controller… You don’t believe she would do it infront of you, but shes so horny that she stops caring that you are watching her and starts getting herself off with the controller anyway… She quickly notices that you have a hard on, and hopes that if she carries on playing with herself, you wont bother her anymore when shes busy playing games… how wrong is she! You start getting off to her and she soon turns playful towards you, edging you closer to cumming for her. She fucks herself and uses the handle to tease her clit to orgasm. Your sister is such a dirty bitch!

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Mom On The Run - Sydney Harwin

Mom On The Run – Sydney Harwin

Your Mom has come to you in desperate need of help. She has her suitcase packed, ready for going on the run from the law. She won’t tell you exactly what she has done, but she does need a favor from you… She mentions that when the police inevitably catch up with her, they will go more lenient on her case if she is pregnant at the time of arrest. She has no husband or boyfriend, so the job falls down to you; her only son. You struggle to come to terms with what your Mom is asking of you at first, but, she keeps piling on the pressure until you eventually just give in and agree to her plans. “Your gonna be a daddy… To Mommy’s baby!”

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Mommy Knows Best - Sydney Harwin

Mommy Knows Best – Sydney Harwin

You are feeling a little upset about your recent break-up, and your mommy comes and consoles you, trying to make you feel better. She notices you staring at her cleavage and smiles… She should be more careful about wearing see-through lingerie around the house now that you are becoming a man… What if it turned you on? She realizes that it could make all your problems go away if she held your cock in her hand and squeezed gently… How about if she lowered her hairy pussy down onto your dick? Would that make you forget your ex girlfriend for good? Gonna cum too soon? Maybe you should finish in her mouth now… Your mom gives you some good advice… and good head.

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Make Love To Your Mother - Sydney Harwin

Make Love To Your Mother – Sydney Harwin

Your mom is lonely. She needs you now more than ever. Do you remember the time when you was younger and your mom touched you… down there? She made you cum and you thanked her for making you feel so fucking good. Well… now is the time you need to repay your mom. She wants you to make her feel wanted. Loved. Cared about. She starts by letting you see her tits and pulls up her dress to reveal she is wearing no panties. You stare at her hairy pussy and instantly get hard for her. You let your mom touch your cock as she compliments you on how big it has grown over the years. She jerks your off for a bit before beckoning you to come closer so you can stick your dick inside her. You fuck your mom to make her feel good. She is such a dirty bitch in the bedroom, moaning and sucking her fingers and rubbing her clit as you slide in and out of her tight pussy. Go ahead and make sweet love to your very own mother… You know you want to…

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Perverted Daughter - Sydney Harwin

Perverted Daughter – Sydney Harwin

You have been taking photos of your daughters friends and masturbating over them. The other day you took things a step further and decided to fuck two of your daughters friends. You didn’t know but your daughter was watching in the door, masturbating as she saw you taking her friends virginity. She’s feeling pretty left out, so sits on your cock so you can fuck her too. You are such a lucky daddy, you’ve wanted to fuck your little girl for so long and now shes practically begging you to cum inside of her.

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Mom Can't Say No - Sydney Harwin

Mom Can’t Say No – Sydney Harwin

You have arrived home early from University and straight into the arms of your surprised mother! She is over the moon you have returned to her, but is quite clear that she doesn’t want to talk about “the incident”… The last time you saw your mother was 9 months ago where you drunkenly took advantage of her when she was at her weakest and got her pregnant. You ask how the baby is. She tells you that your baby is fine. She is a little fidgety as your sexual approach towards her doesn’t go un-noticed. She wants you so bad, but knows its wrong. What would your father say if he knew that the baby wasn’t his? You beckon her closer, and before you know it she is standing naked in front of you, practically begging for it. You desperately want to taste her pussy, and your mom lets you! She opens her hole for you to slide your tongue inside. After she has rubbed her pussy over your face, she mounts you and starts bouncing on your hard dick, unable to hold her naaaasty tongue. Your Momma has transformed into a wild sexual goddess. She hasn’t been fucked properly in so long… It’s so lovely to be home for the summer.

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The Original Sin - Sydney Harwin

The Original Sin – Sydney Harwin

Erotic mother/son story told in a unique style. Joi crosses over with virtual elements and masturbation throughout. The original sin goes back to the dawn of time itself. A mothers love for her son… a sons lust for his mother… feel it. Live it. Breathe it as I take you through a memory you wish you could have. If you’d have only had the balls to really do this as a young man… to your lonely, under-appreciated mother. The first love. The first sexual thought. The first touch. The first stiff dick given to a son… by his very own loving mother. Contains full length story with joi throughout. Story contains sex with your mother, mutual oral sex, handjob, lots of kissing and touching, no condom sex, girl on top, standing up fucking, multiple orgasms and more. This video aims mainly at older men (or open minded young men) with a true past full of lust and memories and more. The era and feel of this video will have men of the older generation appreciated. I used a “retro” filter on this video. Can you make it to the very end?

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