Slutty Rave Sister 1080p – lilcanadiangirl

You wake up to your bratty Sister, complaining how your’e supposed to drive her and her friends to the rave today. They’ve already given you money to drive them and you forgot. Now you have to deal with her attitude. You’re so tired you keep dozing off.. She takes the blanket off you and sees your boner. Her outfit is so slutty you can’t help but get aroused. She’s embarrassed and tells you to get rid of it before her friends come over. You want her to touch it, but she says no. You tell her if she wants a ride, she has to touch it. Reluctantly she agrees, she just wants you to hurry up. She still acts like a brat while jerking your dick off. Now you want it in her mouth. She licks and sucks it, but you quickly decide you want it in her pussy! She knows you are taking advantage of the situation but goes along with it. It seems like your Sister is enjoying your cock now. She likes the way it feels inside her. You cum in missionary and then she turns around doggystyle. She rides your cock and you unload all your cum, filling her entire pussy with your cream pie.

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Make Moms Mouth Your Cum Dump - Emmas Secret

Make Moms Mouth Your Cum Dump – Emmas Secret

I have noticed lately that my son has been cumming a lot more than normal. What kind of a mother would I be if I didn’t help my son with his swollen balls? So I surprise him by wearing lingerie and explaining to him that my mouth will now be his personal cumdump. I tell him how much I would love to be his jizz target and that I will be going on a sperm diet and I will eat his cum for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and if I’m lucky have a late night snack! I beg him for his cum and he shoots a massive load in my mouth. He says his balls feel much better, I’m such a good mother!

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Teaching My Virgin Daughter - Lexi Dollface

Teaching My Virgin Daughter – Lexi Dollface

My daughter is getting married tomorrow and has absolutely no idea what to expect for the “big night”. She is a virgin and has never even seen a man naked. I sit her down and explain what she is to expect for her wedding night. This is going to go into a lot of explicit detail with lots of outdated overtones and norms, including me telling my daughter about her new ‘duties’ as a wife, which are all about sexually pleasing her husband, and which have nothing whatsoever to do with her own pleasure, because sex is 100% for the man. My daughter’s job is to spread her legs every night and allow her husband entry into her body for his pleasure.

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Nasty Sloppy Mommy Gag, Finger & Facial - Little Puck

Nasty Sloppy Mommy Gag, Finger & Facial – Little Puck

…”Hey sweetie, we need to have a talk. It’s nothing bad, don’t worry. I just noticed that you’re a growing boy, and growing boys have needs. Don’t they, sweetie? I see the way you look at Mommy, you need Mommy, don’t you? Yeah, you do. I’ve been wearig low-cut tops for you, no bras, waiting for you to make the first move… but you’re just such a good boy and so shy, you need Mommy to take control. Here, go ahead, grope Mommy’s breasts…see how does that feel? Omg! oook! you’re getting so big! Now Mommy’s gonna take care of everything…” Mommy gets on her knees and handles your penis. She loves sucking and spitting all over your dick, making her titties wet and glistening with spit as she gags on you again and again. She becomes more sluttish and whorish the more she gags, she begs you to make her submit to you. Her mouth getting wetter and dirtier as she gropes youur dick with her hands and mouth, loving on you with all her Mommy might. She can’t help herself from fingering her wet sloppy cunt as she sucks on you until finally she can’t take it and begs for you to touch yourself and masturbate for her while she fingers her pussy on the couch. She cums hard and rubs her wet pussy juice all over your dick and sucks it all off. She cums hard again and again…she’s totally mindfucked by how amazingly fucked up it is to be sucking her hot son’s cock! She gets sloppier and louder and crazier as she sucks and strokes you til she’s begging for your huge load and you can’t help but release an epic fucking nut on her face! But what she does next with your cum totally surprises you…but it’s such a fucking turn-on you can’t wait to see Mommy wants to do to you next….Featuring taboo roleplay, mother / son, dirty talk, ahegao, stroking, cock worship, handjob, blowjob, pov dildo sucking, fingering, massive cumshot facial, cum play, cum in mouth, impregnation fantasy, pov blowjob, pov handjob.

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Bettie Bondage

Girlfriend’s Mom is Your Submissive Slut – Bettie Bondage

Your new girlfriend has invited you to meet her mother, which means driving out of town and sleeping at her mother’s house. She’s a sweet woman, and honestly, a bit of a smokeshow, if you’re being completely honest. You’d never say that to your girlfriend, of course, especially because her mother’s even sexier than she is. Again, you’d never tell her that. You’re not an idiot.
Being no idiot, you don’t have to think too long about what to do when her mother sneaks into the guestroom, late at night, and sits on the end of the bed, telling you that she needs to make sure you resist the temptation of going into her daughter’s room tonight…and that means jerking off. While she watches. “I have to make sure you do a good enough job, right?” she says, smiling.
You pull your cock from your pajamas and stroke as she leans back, revealing her low-cut lingerie, her big breasts spilling from the silk fabric. She tells you to stroke it nice and slow, so you get everything into your balls and are able to empty them of everything. You start to get the feeling that this isn’t just about temptation…especially when she snakes a hand down between her legs and starts to touch herself.
It doesn’t take very long before she’s admitting that she does this with all her daughter’s boyfriends. It’s not like they don’t want it, she says. They always want her. Want her more than they want her daughter, even. She starts to touch your balls, massaging them, milking you towards a huge orgasm, as she tells you all about her daughter’s boyfriends, how they use her, how she loves being a dirty slut for all of them, in all her holes. She’s got you tugging your cock and groaning as she explains all the things she can do, all the dirty, filthy things she can do for you. Your powerless to this dirty slut’s wiles, as you lay back and watch your girlfriend slutty mother mount you, riding you hard until she had a huge, spasming orgasm all over your dick. You love the way she takes it bareback, groaning and begging you to fuck her back, to fill her with cum, to make her your filthy, dirty little slut!

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Son Brainwashes Mom into His Breeding Whore, POV - Impregnation, Inbred - HD 1080p - Reagan Lush - Fifi Foxx Fantasies

Son Brainwashes Mom into His Breeding Whore, POV – Impregnation, Inbred – HD 1080p – Reagan Lush – Fifi Foxx Fantasies

“Well, I guess dinner is almost ready,” Mom began to say, “and I think your father is going to end up working late again tonight.” The two of you sat at the dinner table, and you admired your beautiful, different shaped crystals.
“What are you playing with?” she asked. “Is that what you got in the mail today?” They radiated and glowed in your hand, and even Mom couldn’t deny that they were pretty. You raised a crystal up to her face and gently swung it from side to side as her eyes followed its captivating beauty.
“I am yours, I am your obedient slave. I’m useless, I’m your cum dumpster…I live for your cum – that’s all I’m good for…is taking all of your cum. I am your breeding whore,” she repeated as the magic object moved in front of her. Once she was locked in the trance, you snapped your fingers, and her eyes widened. “Well sweetie, listen…dinner’s going to be ready any minute now…” she started to say, “no, no, no…before you go to wash up for dinner, I really need your cum.”
Mom was impatient, obsessed, rushed…to get her hands, mouth, and pussy around your cock. She didn’t care about anything else…she couldn’t think of anything else until she was filled with your seed. “Just let me taste it,” she begged, reassuring you that Dad wouldn’t be back for a while. “Just let me help you get to that point if you’re not ready yet.”
She started to undress in front of you, revealing her beautiful, perky tits, and then pulled out your hard cock from your pants.”It’s all that I want…just let me undo your pants and jerk you off a little bit,” she purred hurriedly wrapping her hand around it. “Isn’t that what you want? Feels good, doesn’t it? I’m getting you nice and hard for Mommy, so you can give her all of that cum.”
Mom got down onto her knees and put your cock inside her mouth. She begged and begged for your seed deep inside of her, then got on top of the table, pulled her panties to the side, and masturbated in front of you. She was so uncontrollably horny that she couldn’t help but pleasure herself.
“You wanna make me your cum dumpster, don’t you?” she said her fingers wildly circling her clit. “You wanna fill me with all that hot, sticky cum, don’t you? Will you, please? For Mommy? Please just give me all of your cum. I need it so bad.”
With a throbbing, hard cock, you pushed yourself inside of Mom, and she moaned loudly. She was acting like a sex maniac, brainwashed to be nothing but your breeding whore. “Please,” she said in-between breaths, “oh no, no…don’t tease me like that. Please give me that cum! I want to feel it!”
Her pussy dripped with your enormous load. “Look at your little breeding whore – that’s all I’m good for. Just your little cum dumpster…I love the way you impregnated me like that.” With just a snap of the fingers, Mom would be back to normal. Only you would know what really happened – that you had impregnated Mom, and she was carrying your baby….


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Son Injects Magic Serum into Mom - Mom is Son's Brainwashed, Obedient Slave, POV - HD 1080p - Carmen Valentina - Fifi Foxx Fantasies

Son Injects Magic Serum into Mom – Mom is Son’s Brainwashed, Obedient Slave, POV – HD 1080p – Carmen Valentina – Fifi Foxx Fantasies

The concoction inside the syringe glowed a bright orange. When you approached Mom, she was sleeping, and the only sound in the room was the low humming of the radiating liquid.
The magic substance shone beautifully on her face as you held it up and examined it. You carefully and gently placed the needle against her neck, pressed down on the syringe, and Mom woke up. Her eyes were wide and frightened, “Honey, wha-what are you doing? Get that away, ggggaaaaa,” she panicked, but you continued to inject the rest of it inside of her. “No, honey….”
Mom moaned softly, her eyes fluttering and rolling back into her head, and her pupils flashed orange. The concoction had begun taking over her mind and body, and she slowly turned to the side. With an arched back, she groped herself and whimpered, “What am I doing? I can’t…stop touching myself.” Her voice was weak and soft, the warm liquid still making its way through her body, as she uncontrollably twisted and turned.
“Why am I…so horny…” Mom moaned, “what’s going on?” Her fingers rubbed against her pussy, “I don’t want…to do this. Why is everything spinning?” She was overwhelmed with sexual urges and desperate to have them fulfilled. She stripped down and began to full enjoy the feeling of her fingers against her clit and inside her tight pussy. She moaned uncontrollably as she pleasured herself to an amazing orgasm.
Once that happened, her wide, blank eyes stared straight forward, and her voice become monotone and emotionless. “I am your slave now,” Mom told you. She was your mindless, brainwashed, obedient slave, and she would do anything and everything you wanted her to do, whenever you wanted her to.


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