Enslaving Your Mother With My Sexy Abs - Goddess Tatum Kelly

Enslaving Your Mother With My Sexy Abs – Goddess Tatum Kelly

This is a custom clip in which I enslave your mother, “Lena” using my sexy abs. The POV is her, on her knees in front of me, while you watch helplessly on a web cam. I’ve got your mother and there is nothing you can do about it. Not only will she be a slave to my perfect belly, but she will also be a whore for me. I’m going to whore out your sweet mother to all my thug friends, who happened to be the ones who helped me snatch her from the grocery store. They aren’t the only guys that are going to get a turn. Come to find out, your FRIENDS also contacted me and asked if they could have their way with her. Of course I allowed this, for a fee. Your mother’s fuck holes are going to make me a fortune and she can’t say no, especially when she’s surrounded by all their big dicks. The men aren’t the only ones having all the fun though. Since your whore mother is a slave to my belly, she’s going to get an opportunity to lick my belly button. She will do this as long as I want because she’s my slave, not your mother. Are you ready to watch her get fucked? I know I am!

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Mommy Wants More - Brittany Marie

Mommy Wants More – Brittany Marie

I want you to ask yourself, “Am I doing everything I can to please Mommy?”. Really think about it. Are you sacrificing all that you can? Are you being selfish in any way? What can you do to be better? Mommy wants more. More of you and more from you. Become Mommy’s favorite, oh yes, Mommy has favorites, her boys aren’t all treated the same.

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Yes, Mommy - Goddess Stella Sol

Yes, Mommy – Goddess Stella Sol

It turns out daddy’s Mistress was the one who got rid of your mommy, and he’s next. Not only has daddy been a lying, cheater for years, but he’s also just signed away everything to Me and even given Me permission to seduce you and make you My property as well. I’m your new Mommy now. Your old mommy just slipped away and went night-night forever…right out of the picture, which means I rule this house now. My bb better behave and follow Mommy’s jerk off instructions or else he could be next. Train to be My sex slave, bb. Show your new Mommy what a creep you can be for Me, jerking away at your cock even though you know I’m the one person you should fear the most but are obsessed with pleasing.

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