In Love With Mother - Sydney Harwin

In Love With Mother – Sydney Harwin

Not many people know about you like I do. I know you so well that I know just what buttons to press. What to say. How to make you weak. Your greatest weakness of all is your mother. The woman is so perfect that you’d do anything to have her… I even know what kind of naughty things you were thinking when you was younger. She was the cause of your very first erection wasn’t she… your beautiful mom didn’t think she needed to cover up around her own son… she didn’t know you had a crush on her… didn’t know you’d stare at her tits… her ass… watch her from the crack of her bedroom door as she slid her fingers inside herself on her bed… imagine she was screaming your name as she fucked your father in the next room?… I could name a few other things but I’ll leave the rest for when you watch this video…

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Sydney Harwin - The Garden Shed; TABOO

The Garden Shed; TABOO – Sydney Harwin

Hey brother. Lets reminisce. Let me recall the time when we were young… The time we ran about our parents garden playing chase… The time you chased me behind the garden shed… The time you and I broke innocence… CONTAINS TABOO STORYTELLING, BROTHER/SISTER THEME.

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Taboo Coffee Chat with Mom Episode 3 - Kelly Payne

Taboo Coffee Chat with Mom Episode 3 – Kelly Payne

This is Episode 3 of Taboo Coffee Chat with Mommy Kelly, A “LIVE” Show NSFW 18+ With your favorite MILF Kelly Payne. Today’s Episode is ALL about why every mom should wear panties, needs a mini skirt and all about a crazy sexy and FUN story about a Mom/Son Duo who nearly get caught by Dad coming home while her son is underneath the table fingering his mom and giving her the best head of her life! Tune in NOW and hear all the juicy details… oh and a “NAUGHTY XXX little surprise!” hehe ENJOY!!

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The Original Sin - Sydney Harwin

The Original Sin – Sydney Harwin

Erotic mother/son story told in a unique style. Joi crosses over with virtual elements and masturbation throughout. The original sin goes back to the dawn of time itself. A mothers love for her son… a sons lust for his mother… feel it. Live it. Breathe it as I take you through a memory you wish you could have. If you’d have only had the balls to really do this as a young man… to your lonely, under-appreciated mother. The first love. The first sexual thought. The first touch. The first stiff dick given to a son… by his very own loving mother. Contains full length story with joi throughout. Story contains sex with your mother, mutual oral sex, handjob, lots of kissing and touching, no condom sex, girl on top, standing up fucking, multiple orgasms and more. This video aims mainly at older men (or open minded young men) with a true past full of lust and memories and more. The era and feel of this video will have men of the older generation appreciated. I used a “retro” filter on this video. Can you make it to the very end?

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Young Step Mom & Step Sons Friend - AniErotika

Young Step Mom & Step Sons Friend – AniErotika

It is time, nasty boys, for another session of Fetish Fantasy Story Time. This tale tantalizes with Ani’s spin on a beloved classic… The Step Mom & Step Son’s Friend get freaky. Ani is a very very young wife of a man twice her age who was married previously. He has a son from his 1st wife, Kevin, who has a very cute friend named Jacob, who thinks Kevin’s step mom is super hot, and you know where this is going lol. Another fabulous delight of Ani’s top flight narrative porn/smut brought to you filthy fellows with inappropriate love and a little more than a hug. Enjoy!


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