My Sister's Got Baby Fever - Stella Von Savage

My Sister’s Got Baby Fever – Stella Von Savage

POV virtual sex video with the viewer playing the role of “Brother”: Gah, I want a baby soooo bad! And you know how much I’ve been dating lately, brother. I just can’t find any good guys around, not like you, you know? So I was thinking, maybe we should just keep it in the family? I know that sounds crazy, but it’s really the best idea. Oh come on, pleeease? Let me take off this robe, maybe I can change your mind. When are you ever going to have a chance like this again – a hot girl standing in front of you, ready to ride you and make you cum. You will?! Yay! Oh, you make your sister so happy! Ok, let me just suck your cock for a minute to get you ready. Mmmm, you know what your dick tastes like? It tastes like family….. Let me ride you until you cum inside me. Make sure you cum a lot so I can get pregnant.

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Teaching My Inexperienced Brother - Stella Von Savage

Teaching My Inexperienced Brother – Stella Von Savage

I heard you’re going out with my friend from school, but I know you have no clue what to do when it comes to sex. She’ll spread the word that my step-brother is in bed, and I can’t have you and your inexperience ruining my school popularity. So, I decide to show you a thing or two to save my reputation – but there’s rules. You can’t tell anyone about this, and absolutely no touching (because I’m your sister and that’s just weird). I do a sexy striptease and challenge your ability to keep your cool while you watch a naked girl. Then I want you to whip out your cock so I can teach you a few things. But when I see how big your cock is, I just can’t resist getting some pleasure for myself….even if you are my brother. It’s ok though, because you promised not to tell anyone…. right? It’s our little secret…

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