StepMommy Ignores you - Goddess Stella Sol

StepMommy Ignores you – Goddess Stella Sol

Step-Mommy ignores you as you sit there so eager to rub your little pecker and maybe get to cum for Her again. Don’t you dare spurt without permission tho. All you get to do is stare at My beautiful face and body and beg with your eyes for mercy. I hardly even notice and certainly don’t care about your aching blue balls. HAHAHA!

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StepMommy Domme - Goddess Stella Sol

StepMommy Domme – Goddess Stella Sol

Once upon a time a horny, pathethic, lil subby stumble d across a stepMommy Domme clip that make his little dick twitch so much that he immediately bought it (and tributed), and fell head over heels in lust with stepMommy’s fierce hotness. StepMommy does all kinds of naughty things to little dick beaters and the other big boys. Don’t you think it’s so hot how stepMommy talks so naughty, and how I tease your little noodle until you pop?! You just can’t help it when I let you release. You’re so hooked and you want Me to fuck you up even more, don’t you bb. Buy this clip right now all because your stepMommy Domme said so!

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Good Morning Mommy - Goddess Stella Sol

Good Morning Mommy – Goddess Stella Sol

Good morning, bb! Mommy’s been watching you sleep and get hard, and now it’s time for you to rise and shine, but first I want you to rub one out while I teach you how to worship and obey Me like a good boy. You love it when Mommy wears pantyhose and lets you touch yourself, don’t you?! Yes, I know you do and I like teasing you about it, but oopsie! Mommy’s pantyhose have a hole in it. Find out what Mommy let’s you do with you fingers in that hole. 😉 Towards the end of the clip, before I start the cum countdown, I tear them to shreds so you can see Mommy’s naked legs and booty. Yummy! This clip is such a huge turn on and sure to make you fall in lust with Mommy Dommes, if you haven’t already.

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Pillow Humper - Goddess Stella Sol

Pillow Humper – Goddess Stella Sol

Mommy’s feeling very snarky tonight so if you think I’m going to be all lovey dovey you can think again. Mommy knows you’ve been perving in My lingerie drawer and have even been trying things on. How fucked are you really? Well. it should be known that I hide a camera in My bedroom and now have video proof of you wearing your step Mommy’s bras and panties. HAHA! Busted! I want you to punch your cock and balls for being a bad boy. After that you’re going to hump your pillow like a horny little freak just to get that filth out. It’s funny to Me that you can’t get hard anymore unless Mommy is there humiliating you. you’re such a pathethic boy and you are only growing more stupid by the day. Hump whatever Mommy says and when I count you down, you cum and then nap on it all night long.

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A Playdate on Dommy Mommy Day - Goddess Stella Sol

A Playdate on Dommy Mommy Day – Goddess Stella Sol

Everyday is a day we celebrate the “Goddess” and Her enchanted beauty and power, as a Matriarch. On Mother’s Day you most certainly owe Me for this wonderful luxury and privilege you have in your life, Me. you will buy this Mommy Domme clip and play along with My kinky and mildly cruel fun. It’s sensual, silly, and of course so sexy it hurts, but sometimes Mommy can be mean. I am the Boss of you. Deal with it by being a good boy for Mommy. One of the BEST ways to do that is to use My 100%, 500% or 1000% Mark Up Codes because that’s what your dick needs you to do for Me to feel really touch Me, and because Mommy says so. Obey Me, bb! I’m watching over My extra special favorite subbies very closely 😉

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Goodnight Mommy - Goddess Stella Sol

Goodnight Mommy – Goddess Stella Sol

Mommy Stella’s going to tuck you into bed but first I want to get you nice and relaxed. You’ve been a bad boy rubbing your dick without permission and it’s time you learned what your expectations are, which is to obey your Mommy. No other Woman knows you like I do and no one turns you on as much either. As you get ready for your night of slumber I rub you nice and good while explaining the ways of life as My bb. You love when Mommy takes off Her bra so you can stare and imagine feeding off those big round boobies. Mommy’s nipples are so mesmerizing and make you feel dizzy, don’t they?! You also love how good it feels when you’re dick gets touched by the Woman of your wet dreams. This clip is very naughty and you will grow to love it more and more each time you watch it. Nite Nite, My bb.

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Yes, Mommy - Goddess Stella Sol

Yes, Mommy – Goddess Stella Sol

It turns out daddy’s Mistress was the one who got rid of your mommy, and he’s next. Not only has daddy been a lying, cheater for years, but he’s also just signed away everything to Me and even given Me permission to seduce you and make you My property as well. I’m your new Mommy now. Your old mommy just slipped away and went night-night forever…right out of the picture, which means I rule this house now. My bb better behave and follow Mommy’s jerk off instructions or else he could be next. Train to be My sex slave, bb. Show your new Mommy what a creep you can be for Me, jerking away at your cock even though you know I’m the one person you should fear the most but are obsessed with pleasing.

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Permission To Cum - Stella Sol

Permission To Cum – Stella Sol

Look at you all grown up and raging with hormones. You need some serious training or else you’re liable to never learn to accept your obsession with Mommy. Your horny dick needs My guidance and touch so much, indeed. MILF’s are the best because we know what young boys like you are weak for and we know exactly how to use it against you to get what we want. Your young, impressionable mind is so open and vulnerable, and we both know being teased by a Mother figure with a Stellar figure like mine is one of your deepest perverted fantasies to act out. You need a purpose and it’s to serve your step Mommy just like your father does. Just like so many men do and now it’s time for you to start openly jerking for your Mommy. I give you permission and I let you cum but you must first be a good boy and buy this clip. Then you practice a lot under Mommy’s commands and cum countdown.

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Mommy's Secret - Goddess Stella Sol

Mommy’s Secret – Goddess Stella Sol

You have a thing for MILF’s, or maybe even a thing for your step Mommy. It’s okay. It can be our little secret. I think it’s hot and I want to play.
You look so much like your father, only younger. More fresh. Vibrant. Easy influenced. I know you jerk off to Me and I am going to take advantage of your weakness now since you’re father is late and I am feeling vindictive and horny.
No one has to know if you don’t tell them. I won’t. I am sure you’d rather get to play with Mommy’s tits and your dick than risk fucking this up. I don’t plan on staying with your father for long so we might as well do this now.
Buy this clip and indulge in your MILF fantasy. Let Mommy teach you some things. I know what’s best for you. I’m made you the man you are today.
This clip is extremely taboo and so naughty. I know you’re cock is going to LOVE IT!
Tienes algo para el MILF, o tal vez algo para tu madrastra. Está bien. Puede ser nuestro pequeño secreto. Creo que hace calor y quiero jugar.
Te pareces mucho a tu padre, solo que más joven. Más fresco. Vibrante. Fácil de influenciar Sé que te masturbas y voy a aprovechar tu debilidad ahora que eres padre y me siento vengativo y cachondo.
Nadi_e tiene que saber si no se lo dices. Yo no quiero Estoy seguro de que jugarás con las tetas de mamá y tu polla antes de arriesgarte a esto.
Compre este clip y disfrute de su fantasía del MILF.Deja que mami te enseñe algunas cosas. Sé lo que es mejor para ti. Soy el hombre que eres hoy.
Este clip es extremadamente tabú y muy travieso. ¡Sé que tu pene te va a ENCANTAR!
Du hast eine Sache für MILFs, oder vielleicht sogar eine Sache für deinen Schritt Mommy. Es ist okay. Es kann unser kleines Geheimnis sein. Ich denke, es ist heiß und ich möchte spielen.
Du siehst so aus wie dein Vater, nur jünger. Mehr frisch Lebendig. Leicht beeinflusst. Ich weiß, dass du zu Mir wichst, und ich werde jetzt deine Schwäche ausnutzen, da dein Vater zu spät ist und ich mich rachsüchtig und geil fühle.
Niemand muss wissen, ob du es ihnen nicht sagst. Ich werde nicht. Ich bin mir sicher, dass du lieber mit Mamas Titten und deinem Schwanz spielen würdest, als das Risiko einzugehen. Ich habe nicht vor, lange bei deinem Vater zu bleiben, also können wir das jetzt auch tun.
Kaufe di_esen Clip und genieße deine MILF-Fantasie. Lass Mama dir etwas beibringen. Ich weiß, was das Beste für dich ist. Ich bin dich der Mann geworden, der du heute bist.
Di_eser Clip ist extrem tabu und so ungezogen. Ich weiß du bist dein Schwanz wird es lieben!
Vous avez une chose pour MILF, ou peut-être même une chose pour votre étape Maman. C’est bon. Cela peut être notre petit secret. Je pense qu’il fait chaud et je veux jouer.
Vous ressemblez tellement à votre père, seulement plus jeune. Plus frais. Vibrant. Facile d’influence. Je sais que tu t’es branlé et que je vais profiter de ta faiblesse maintenant que tu es père et que je me sens vindicatif et corné.
Personne ne doit savoir si vous ne leur dites pas. Je ne veux pas. Je suis sûr que vous allez jouer avec les seins de Maman et votre bite plutôt que de risquer ça.
Achetez ce clip et faites-vous plaisir avec votre fantasy MILF. Laisse maman t’apprendre des choses. Je sais ce qui est le mieux pour toi. Je suis l’homme que tu es aujourd’hui.
Ce clip est extrêmement tabou et tellement vilain. Je sais que vous êtes coq va l’aimer! </ P>allez jouer avec les seins de Maman et votre bite plutôt que de risquer ça.
Achetez ce clip et faites-vous plaisir avec votre fantasy MILF. Laisse maman t’apprendre des choses. Je sais ce qui est le mieux pour toi. Je suis l’homme que tu es aujourd’hui.
Ce clip est extrêmement tabou et tellement vilain. Je sais que vous êtes coq va l’aimer!


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Mommy's Sissy Boy Blue Balls - Goddess Stella Sol

Mommy’s Sissy Boy Blue Balls – Goddess Stella Sol

My first MILF clip will send you right up to your very edge because Mommy has experience with sissy boys like you and now Mommy wants you to open up to Her.
Don’t worry Bitchboy, you’re safe with Me. I’ve known for a while and now that I find out you’ve been sneaking into My lingerie to try it on, I want you to show Me what it does to you.
You love being Mommy’s sissy and this pressure I’m putting you under is making your cock raging hard for Me. Don’t fight it. Don’t hide it. Let Mommy see how big you are.
You will be thoroughly turned on by watching this clip and will wish to thank Me again and again like a good little bitch. This type of playing is out in the open now and this fetish is certainly going to be our new thing. Goddess Stella Sol


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