Daddy's Naughty Princess - Sub Princess

Daddy’s Naughty Princess – Sub Princess

When Daddy is away his Princess becomes so naughty! Daddy doesn’t know she listens to that music either! Is Princess as innocent as Daddy thinks? Does he know that she squirts all over her cute little bed? Her two favorite songs to listen to while destroying her tight little pussy!

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Trick or Pussy Treats moms special candy - Kelly Payne

Trick or Pussy Treats moms special candy – Kelly Payne

Mommy is getting ready for all the trick or treaters coming soon, by getting the halloween candy ready. You sneak a peek of mom enjoying some lolipop candies naked sucking on them & rubbing them in and all around her pussy. She notices you watching her and invites you to come watch and help her unwrap all the candies to place inside a bowl, where she uses the candies to make her cum & then precedes to finger herself & even using a dildo squirts & cums into the bowl filled with candies. Once she’s satisfied she has you help her re-wrap them for the trick or treaters. Letting you know she’ll take care of her sweet boy soon. Trick or Treaters begin to arrive and mom starts passing out her “special” treats, eventually giving you a hand job off to the side. Once the “special” candies run out Mom decides it’s time to take care of that cock of yours and gives you a nice long blow job, asking you to cum into the candy bowl. The trick or treaters won’t even know the difference, candies are sticky…. what a naughty mommy you have!

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Mom's Special Treat - Kelly Payne

Mom’s Special Treat – Kelly Payne

Mommy won’t be home tonight to say goodnight, so mommy decided to make this special treat just for you! Your favorite breast milk cookies, and mommy making herself squirt and cum over and over again just for her little man. Mommy loves cumming for you baby! After shes done making a mess in the kitchen she enjoys some breast milk cookies, and of course her own sweet breast milk, yum! What a Special treat!

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Mommy's Naughty Boy - Super Soaker69

Mommy’s Naughty Boy – Super Soaker69

You are in huge trouble young man!You left your phone laying out!I saw what you’re doing with them girls!Having them send nasty naked picyures!Well now you’re being punished!Guess what!? Mommy is a slut too!Now you can suffer and watch your hot mom fuck herself! But you’re being punished!So you’re not allowed to touch mommy!You can only watch! Making your dick so fucking hard as mommy sucks her black dildo!And fucks it!Creaming and squirting all over it!


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Mom gets DP from Son and Black Boy - Naughtynikki777

Mom gets DP from Son and Black Boy – Naughty Nikki

This is a Mom Role play with my son and his Black Best friend Speaking with my son and his best friend I propose we have a threesome I have never fucked a black boy before and id love to see if its true about the size, My son and i always fuck and play but we want to spice it up and BBC has always been a dream of mine. First I start by showing my little secret have in my tight ass hole a huge butt plug Because you know what i got in mind most is getting double pounded by them both, I want my sons sweet white cock to slide deep in my asshole and the huge black cock in my soaking wet pussy oh my once I see the 2 cock side by side I give a good comparison I love my sons sweet cock and it fits perfectly in my mouth I just want to suck them both, the black cock is so fucking thick and big I just can’t control myself, sucking them both loving the both of them in my mouth I would love if the black friend starts calling me mommy too ohh yes I want to be both of your mommy’s, Mommy gets her pussy all wet and takes control of the black cock, telling my son to be patient Mommy want to enjoy the black cock ass he pounds my cunt I moan and tell how I love BBC now i hump it and cum even squirting all over the BBc Then finally my son will join us pounded my asshole and mommy loves it i want them both in me and the DOUBLE PENETRATION POUNDING BEGINS, a long long hard fuck from my son and his BLACK FRIEND CONTINUES, MOMMY DIRTY TALKS, AND gets fuck all different direction (where you can watch amazingly) finally, i want them to both cum in me son in my asshole and black friend in my sweet pussy, cum shots inside and pours out of my holes Then mommy spreads the ass and pussy for all to see! i loved making this video and get so into it i hope you love it too xx


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