My College Daughter's BBC Gangbang 1080p - Korina Kova

My College Daughter’s BBC Gangbang 1080p – Korina Kova

I am a bratty daddys girl that is home visiting from collage, I show up and shock you as my daddy with new tits and an ass job, I ask you to come to the gym with me and when I am stretching in front of you I catch you staring, I ask you to help me and hold my leg and again you are looking at my new bimbo body, I start to squat in front of you and explain that the reason I had the surgeries is because before I left for college I found your porn collection on your computer, the ones where it was a daughter with a lot of big black boyfriends, and the dad would watch, it made me really horny, before I am finished telling you a black guy walks in and I introduce you to my new boyfriend, he starts working me out and he keeps spanking and touching my ass, you can’t stop watching how he is turning me on, we invite you to spend time getting to know him and ask you to come to my boyfriends hotel room, when we arrive I am shocked that his friends are there as well, daddy meet all 3 of these guys they are all my boyfriends, I change into a sexy red outfit that the boys bought for me, I admit that my new boyfriends have me working at a strip club and I want to show my daddy the dance moves I have learned, now I let the guys put cuffs on me and I get on my knees and beg to have their cocks and service them all, you can’t help but pull your cock out and start stroking it in the corner, I am sucking and worshipping their BBCs when I see you jerking off I make fun of your small cock and taunt you in between begging to be fucked, now they spit roast me and use my holes, face fucking me and tag teaming me in all positions, I am in heaven getting filled and used, I laugh again and taunt you that they will impregnate your little girl, I love being their cum dump, next time lets bring mommy This video is a daddy daughter role play, with SPH and cucking shots, lots of hot sex positions and 3 cum shots, lots of use of daddy taboo talk.

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Stepmother's LITTLE son: Denial SPH JOI - Baal Eldritch

Stepmother’s LITTLE son: Denial SPH JOI – Baal Eldritch

I just entered your room and what do I see? Instead of studying, you masturbate. Plus, you stroke your penis for taboo porn! Your grades are bad, now I see why… I’m sorry my boy, but what do you want to do with that little virgin dicklet ? I know… I see I won’t be a grandparent because this little sausage can’t impregnate any woman. :’D This little virgin willy doesn’t deserve pussy at all ! Are you stroking on mommy porn? I used to hear it, because the walls are thin. Im sick of it. So… Show me how much sperm is in that little testicle ! Yes, keep going! Oh my god… What kind of stupid faces are you doing while you masturbating?! XD Well, my boy , you will “end” as a virgin….

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Laughable Dingaling - Maddie Money

Laughable Dingaling – Maddie Money

M-mmy has caught wind that you are showing your package to girls on the internet? What is wrong with you? Well if you can show everyone else you can show M-mmy! Pull it out…. Wow how is it possible to be SO SMALL! Buy this video if you like your cock being laughed at by m-mmy.

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Miss Celia - Humiliating My Virgin Step-Brother

Humiliating My Virgin Step-Brother – Miss Celia

Your hot step-sister is finding out so much dirt on you…Your are a virgin with a TWO INCH DICK…how can i not laugh at that?? It all makes sense now….i mean i knew you were wimpy but now i’m realizing you’re a beta bitch! You just sit at home and think of your hot step-sister you can never pathetic how i’m the only one that can get that tiny thing hard. All while your step-sister is having sex constantly. What a loser you are hahah!

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A surprise for my son - SPH - Brea Rose

A surprise for my son – SPH – Brea Rose

It’s my sons birthday and he’s away at uni so i decided to sky*e him. I decided to wear something sexy for him, he is really confused as to why i’m wearing this but I tell him I know it turns him on and I’m caught him watching me get undresses a few times before. I then go on to strip out my lingerie and tell him all about how i’ve been fucking his best friend Tyler. He is really confused and upset but I tell him not to be and I tell him that I know this is turning him on and he should get his dick out and jerk off over him mom. I then tell him Tyler is here with me right now and we are going to give him a little treat for his birthday. I suck and fuck Tyler while my son watches over sky*e. The funny thing is my son has a really small cock and I can’t help but laugh. I compared Tylers cock to his and tease him about his small cock while being fucked by Tyler. At the end I tell Tyler to impregnate me with his cum so that we can give my son a new brother or sister! Includes: mommy/son role play, creampie, SPH, teasing, laughing, talking about taking a big cock and how you will never be able to please a woman with your small dick.

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Your step mommy catches you sniffing her panties, she’s freaked out but curious. Why are you sniffing them? Why are you sniffing the part that goes up my buttcrack?! Oh..oh my god…your dick is so tiny! Now mommy feels bad for yelling at you. There’s no way you’re having sex with that tiny cock. You want to sniff mommy’s ass & jerk off? Ok, I guess that’s fine…just this once!! (ENDS WITH CUM ON MY ASSHOLE!)

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Mom Dishes Out Humiliation - MoRina

Mom Dishes Out Humiliation – MoRina

(POV) You’ve just gotten a bare-butt spanking from your dad, in front of guests and everything. You’re in your bedroom, sulking and nursing your bruised ego. Your mom comes in with some nice cooling lotion to put on your red, sore behind. She tries super hard to be sympathetic, but you can tell she thinks you deserved what you got for being caught jerking off, sniffing stolen panties. And she really can’t help laughing at your little pee pee being on display for everyone. You protest, but she pulls out a measuring tape and proves just how tiny your little penis is. And laughs about it… oh how hard she is laughing. So, your mom loves you and even though she is having a good laugh at your expense, she devises a plan so you can sniff a pair of panties to your heart’s content. She removes her own and shoves them in your face. All of a sudden, your little pee pee starts getting hard and it starts her back to fits of laughter as she measures it again and mocks you all over again.

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Son's SPH - Siena Rose

Son’s SPH – Siena Rose

I’m your mother and I’ve had a long day cleaning the house. I’m trying to finish up the laundry and find out you’ve accidentally texted dick picks meant for your little girlfriend. I can’t unsee this you know, so I storm in and chew your ass out topless. Don’t stare at my tits you little pervert – I have a SMALL topic we need to discuss. And that topic is your pathetic little dick. You’ve been SPH Mommy Shamed.

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Mom Inflicts Misery On Small Dick Son - Butt3rflyforu

Mom Inflicts Misery On Small Dick Son – Butt3rflyforu

Mommy is bored today! You know what happens when mommy gets this way. I haven’t had a real huge cock in awhile and now I need you as my play thing!!! Mommy can see your neck tie isn’t tied properly. Here…let mommy make sure that it is tied securely around your neck! haha! When are you going to bring home that blonde boy for mommy? You know the one with the huge cock? Your little limp dick will never satisfy me or anyone else! You know mommy likes to play rough with you!? Taking your breathing to the limit. It makes mommy’s pussy so wet to see you gasping from your neck tie being too tight! But don’t worry, I’ll make sure to loosen it in time, before you lose your mind!! Just in time for Mr. Bag to be put over your head! And you will let mommy s mother you with my wet pussy!!! You will see first hand that you make mommy soooo very wet from seeing you struggle, jerk and gasp for air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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TABOO SPH: Mom And Son BEN - Jenni Knight

TABOO SPH: Mom And Son BEN – Jenni Knight

THE STORY: Hi! I want you to play a mom who just received a dick pic from her son by accident. Go into his room to confront him about it. Also mention and make fun of him because his dick looks really small in the picture. Then ask him to show it to you (maybe it was just a bad angle?) Realize it’s just small and make fun of him some more. Then tell him you can try and help him take a better picture for the girl it was intended for, but he needs to get hard first. Start to strip and tease him a little bit and give him joi and sph (Maybe even a helping hand that results in a premature ejaculation) before taking a dick pic for him. My name’s Ben too if you could use that. Thanks!

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