Maternal OTK Punishment with Alrik Angel - Stella Liberty

Maternal OTK Punishment with Alrik Angel – Stella Liberty

Junior Alrik Angel was left home alone and can’t help but go through my things! He wraps my soft silk robe around his body, enveloping himself in my scent. But it’s not enough for him, so piles all of my panties on the bed and buries his face in my high heels. Soon he is on my bed stroking his cock with my shoe and sniffing my panties. And that’s how I catch Junior when I return home from my business trip! I know exactly what he was doing and exactly how to punish him for it. I drag him by the ear over my lap, lay him across my knees, pull down his little white panties, and spank his bottom!

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Mom said not to use her brush- 1080p - Spoiled Mean MILFs

Mom said not to use her brush- 1080p – Spoiled Mean MILFs

Elis sits on the couch with his Mom’s brush as Vanessa, Elis’s Mom, walks in. Vanessa yells at Elis for using her brush, and tells him not to use it. Elis tells Vanessa he has lice, and doesn’t want to his his brush – and Vanessa is disgusted. Vanessa bends Elis over, and spanks his ass with her brush. Vanessa lectures him on using her things, and being responsible. She pulls down his pants, and spanks his ass in his boxers. Vanessa chews Elis out, and spanks his bare ass with her hair brush. Now, to really punish him… she’s going to take him to the barber to get all his hair cut off.

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MILF Sex Trance Ends In Spanking For Perverted Step-Son - Miss Penny Barber

MILF Sex Trance Ends In Spanking For Perverted Step-Son – Miss Penny Barber

I was actually feeling proud of little Sammy for how diligently he has been working on his science experiment but then I discovered that he was motivated by something other than academic ambition. The dirty brat was trying to build a mind control device and he planned to secretly test it on me for his own entertainment. I knew from the way he was always trying to look down my top or up skirts that it was not going to be some cute show where he made me quack like a duck.
I was proved right when he finally snuck up and blasted me with whatever gadget he had been constructing. Too bad I had already sabotaged it. I pretended to be totally under his control at first and sure enough, he ordered me to strip within his first few commands. He barely even tested my obedience or awareness before he was grabbing handfuls of my tits and proclaiming himself to be a genius. I let him live his perverted dream of having his step-mom as a mindless sex doll for a little longer before I snapped him over my knee and into his nightmare. From thinking he had absolute power over my body to begging me to stop spanking his bottom in less than two minutes. At least he will have some memories of seeing me naked to comfort him during the long months of chastity ahead.

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Stepmother SPANKING - Lady Mesmeratrix

Stepmother SPANKING – Lady Mesmeratrix

I’m your 30 years old stepmother married to your dad. You are 14 and deeply attracted by me. I don’t like this thing. I understand that I’m an attractive woman, but since I’m your father’s wife, I can’t tollerate it. So I decide to teach you how to resist me. This is the deal: I will tease you hard and you will learn how to control your impulses. If you can’t control yourself and get your cock hard, you will have a punishment: a good spanking! ….after my teasing, not only you get hard…you also CUM IN YOUR PANTS! so….punishment will be very bad…I take your pants off , put you on my knees and spank harder and harder………… ********** contains: spaking pov, taboo, mommy fantasy, tease &denial, big boobs.


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Spanking Son Makes Mom Horny (HD MP4) - Miss Penny Barber

Spanking Son Makes Mom Horny (HD MP4) – Miss Penny Barber

When I spot Sam playing video games when he was supposed to be studying I knew he was due for a trip across my knee with his pants around his ankles. What I did not know was how much the feeling of his warm cock on my thighs and round bottom in my hands would turn me on!
I make him strip naked after his punishment so I can play with his cock during his post spanking lecture and he gets so hard I worried about him squirting on the floor. I certainly don’t want to make him cum when he is supposed to be getting punished but his little mouth can still be useful. Everyone knows the best way to apologize for lying to Mommy is ass kisses and pussy worship!


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