Wet Spanking for Splashing - Kiki Cali

Wet Spanking for Splashing – Kiki Cali

Its bath time! and Im making a big mess all over the floor with all my splashing. I can’t help it hehe there’s not enough bubbles so I make more! …Mommy Erin Faye was not thinking of my bubble bath the same way though. In fact, she’s furious I made such a dangerous slippery mess. She scolds me before yanking me out of the bath tub and bending me over her bed for a very wet hand and bathbrush spanking!

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Mommy Selina Spanks Baby Cara Day - Selina Kyl

Mommy Selina Spanks Baby Cara Day – Selina Kyl

I catch Cara smoking weed under my roof so I decide to take matters into my own hand and give her a punishment so she will learn who’s the boss around the house! I can’t have her sassing me and I’m fed up with her attitude so i grab her arm and put her over my knees for a spanking. She resists and cries while I scold her about being such a brat. She insists she’s embarrassed so I get behind her to hump her from behind, showing her who’s boss until we both orgasm and climax. We sit together and I remind her that if she doesn’t straighten up I will do it in front of her friends which will be even more embarassing. She protests so she gets another round of spankings because she didn’t learn a lesson the first time! Tags: mom, mommy, daughter, brat girl, mom and daughter, taboo, over the knee spanking, bare butt spanks, panty spank, busty, big natties, corporal punishment

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Mom Spanks Grown Daughter's Fat Ass - Summer Marshmallow

Mom Spanks Grown Daughter’s Fat Ass – Summer Marshmallow

Summer is visiting her mom (Sherry Stunns) during her break from college classes. Her mom storms in to find Summer lounging on the couch and demands to know why Summer is making such a mess in her home. Her mom decides to show Summer that she is never too old to be punished and pulls Summer across her lap before lifting up Summer’s skirt and yanking down her huge panties. Of course, getting Summer over to knee isn’t exactly an easy task anymore. Summer has grown QUITE big, but her mother is determined to punish her the best way she knows which is bare hand to bare ass. Summer is quite alarmed by the fact that her mom would even spank her at this age and at her size! But as her mother turns Summer’s giant ass red she reveals that she knew Summer wouldn’t be able to help herself when it comes to being home and returning to her lazy childish ways. Her mom couldn’t wait for her to fall into her old ways so she could have a chance to show Summer that mommy still knows best.

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StepMommy Shames and Spanks Me - Kiki Cali

StepMommy Shames and Spanks Me – Kiki Cali

Its a beautiful summer day and I’m ready for the pool! But Step-Mommy Ondrea Lee doesn’t think I look ready enough. She thinks I look too slutty for a pool full of older men in my very short jean shorts. So step-mommy spanks me for trying to leave the house like this even if t is to the pool. And as if the long spanking wasn’t enough, she scolds and shames me the entire time about how skimpy my outfit is. She even insinuates that Daddy doesn’t fuck her anymore because I’m so distracting with the way I dress lately. She makes fun of how my fat pussy lips poke out from the crotch of my shorts. How embarrassing she’s pointing all of this out! And it all just gets worse when she finally pulls down my shorts and finds my bikini bottoms are a thong and spanks me on my bare butt for it even harder. When she’s finally done, of course Step-Mommy makes me go change into appropriate clothing before being allowed to go to the pool now.

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My daughter will not wear a thong - Spoiled Mean MILFs

My daughter will not wear a thong – Spoiled Mean MILFs

Vicky calls in her daughter, Kitty, and asks her to come to a favor for her. Kitty bends over, and Vicky notices that Kitty is wearing her thong. Vicky slaps Kitty on the ass, and asks what she was thinking. Vicky calls her daughter a brat, and tells her that she’s stretching out her underwear. Vicky bends Kitty over her legs, and spanks her ass hard. Vicky makes Kitty stand up, and strip off her shorts. Vicky spanks Kitty’s ass in her thong. Vicky spanks her ass with a brush, and tells her she will never take her clothes again. Vicky takes pictures of Kitty’s red ass…she will think twice about stealing her Mom’s thong.

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Mom Makes You Fuck Little Sister Bambi Belle - Miss Penny Barber

Mom Makes You Fuck Little Sister Bambi Belle – Miss Penny Barber

I caught naughty little Bambi trying to seduce you into giving her a very explicit sexual education. As soon as I realized what you and your sister were up to, I put the bare bottom she had just been wiggling in your face over my knee for a quick spanking. If Bambi wants to show off her adorably tiny tits and puffy pussy while she learns about the birds and bees, then she will do it under Mom’s supervision.
I make her spread her legs to give her brother an anatomy lesson while I explain that she since thinks it is appropriate for her brother to see her in a thong then she will be allowed to wear nothing but panties in the house from now on. Bambi is not the only one who has to get naked though and it is only fair that she gets to take her time staring at your cock just like you did to her entire naked body. I even make Bambi describe your erection, since we are here to learn after all but she doesn’t get much past “big” and “hard”. Of course, this lesson will not be complete until you climb on the bed with that big, hard cock and fuck your sister with it.

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