Impregnation Series Pt 2 Mommy Roleplay - Kings Queen

Impregnation Series Pt 2 Mommy Roleplay – Kings Queen

Part 2 of 5 from my Impregnation Series! – – – The first guy I found online to get me knocked up, didn’t go well at all, so here I am, trying this again. You better not have a tiny penis like the last guy! Oh… oh good… it’s much bigger! You agreed to impregnate me on the condition that we could do a mommy role play.. I guess I’m down for that, as long as this helps me get pregnant! Now be a good boy and get mommy pregnant!

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Mom is a Pervert - Tammie Madison

Mom is a Pervert – Tammie Madison

You have lost your phone somewhere in the house and know exactly where to look for it. This would not be the first time that Mom has stolen your phone to spy on you. However, when you walk into her room she is doing so much more than just scrolling through your texts. Mom is masturbating to the pictures on your phone!
While Mom is a little surprised to see you watching her, she is more upset that you take away her fapping material than she is embarrassed.
“It’s okay for Mom to perv on your friends a little. You have all grown into such attractive men.”
Rather than be put off by your intrusions on her private time, Mommy carries on with what she started. She tells you that she was about to pull out a toy before you came in and she is going to do it now anyhow. You just have to decide whether or not you want to stay and watch.

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Son Gets Graduation Gift from Tipsy Mom - Jane Cane

Son Gets Graduation Gift from Tipsy Mom – Jane Cane

Son Gets Graduation Gift from Tipsy Mom – 8:46 It was graduation night, finally. I graduated at the top of my class. Mom is so proud of me. I am going to miss her so much. I don’t want to party, I want to go home and relax with my mom. I thought I was dreaming, but when I woke up mom was in bed next to me. She begins to rub my dick against her hand and lips telling me that she wants me to put it inside of her. I fuck my mom until I fill her up with my thick load!

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Hot for Teacher - Jane Cane

Hot for Teacher – Jane Cane

It’s the last day of school and the English teacher that has already failed you twice before is actually making you stay after school for detention. However, to your surprise, when you are alone with her in the classroom, she tells you to sit closer to her. She goes down and starts to suck your cock! Then, she gets on top of you and rides you until she cums. She then demands that you get on top of her and cum inside of her pussy. This was a custom video, so the name ‘James’ is used.

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Mommy Needs Son Inside Of Her - Jane Cane

Mommy Needs Son Inside Of Her – Jane Cane

Mommy Needs Son Inside of Her – 10:46 I always get a little sad on your birthday. I remember when I would hold you in my arms to cuddle you. Now you’re a man and I can’t hold you like that anymore. I just feel something strange every year on your birthday. It’s almost as if my body remembers the moment you came out of me, that intense release. My swollen breasts, all full of milk. I think about the way you used to suckle on them and how proud I felt as your mother. I just want to feel that connection with you again. I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel that release the way I did on the day you were born. There’s nothing wrong with it son. It’s totally normal. We belong to each other. Let me get on top of you, put you inside me. That feels good doesn’t it. Just let it happen. Now let me turn around. I know how much you like to stare at my ass. I see you watching me as I make your dinner. Mommy is going to cum! Now it’s your turn. Get on top of mommy. I want you to cum inside of me. Go ahead. Do it now. That’s a good boy. This video is a treat for true taboo lovers. There is lots of naughty taboo talk from mommy.

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