Mommy's Wicked Games 1080p - Butt3rflyforU

Mommy’s Wicked Games 1080p – Butt3rflyforU

No names used-Mommy sees that you took your “vitamins” this morning! It was my favorite concoction to feed your daddy too before his “tragic accident”! I love that Viagra and Oxycontin combo! Look at you….all ready for me this morning! I just came from my therapists appointment and she told me I need to have a stress reliever and you are it today! HAHA. I think we need to teach you the dangers of fire and smoke darling. This is one of my favorite ways to relieve my stress and also teach you a thing or two! Mommy will light a cigarette and have a smoke. It’s normal to have that raging hard on honey…quite normal! Let me teach you the dangers of fire..just pull down your underwear and let mommy show you just how dangerous fire can be!!!!

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Your mom is in your room straightening up when she’s confronted with your stash of pot and your giant bong. She’s seen this before, you’re not very good at hiding it. What is she to do?! You MUST learn your lesson! Finally, Mommy decides she’s going to confiscate everything from you and smoke it right in your face. You arrive home to see your mother on the edge of your bed, and your worst nightmare has come true. She’s holding all your stuff! You stay quiet and listen as she tells you your fate (You don’t DARE talk back at this moment) you’re helpless as you watch all your delicious weed is consumed by your mom.

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Step-Mommy teaches her step-son a lesson - Clara Domme

Step-Mommy teaches her step-son a lesson – Clara Domme

You really think you can get all of that luxury lifestyle for free, piggy step-son? I think you should remember I saved your ass fom so many situations that your step-Dad knows nothing about, that now you will do whatever I want in order to not get exposed-fantasy and continue with your life just as it was until now, bitch!

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Hidden Desire Lessons with Step Mommy - Brandon Areana

Hidden Desire Lessons with Step Mommy – Brandon Areana

When Step-Mommy Brandon catches you smoking she commands you to her room for a face to face discussion about this. You know how your father feels about me smoking how do you think he will feel knowing his first born son is smoking now too….I can tell by the taste you stole it from me and my secret stash. Tisk, Tisk young man. The Devil’s Lettuce isn’t for youngins. When I was young my cousin was caught smoking cigarettes and my aunt decided that the proper punishment was to sit and smoke the WHOLE pack right then and there. She never ever touched a cigarette again. So I want you to sit down and smoke with me, hold it and follow my instructions. It’s this or I tell your Father of course. We begin smoking and talking and you do as your told. As you get more and more stoned you can’t fight back your hard-on and Step-Mom Brandon notices right away, she teases you with her ample cleavage and eventually takes out her big, all natural tits! She tells you this is your little secret as she starts to stroke your cock too. You smoke and watch her huge tits as she jerks you off and encourages you to cum on her boobs. Very Good. Ssshhhhhhhh This MUST REMAIN our Secret!
Do you have a request for something special? Email me now to make your fantasy a reality! Everything is filmed in 4k, other formats are available by request. You can order your very own Custom Videos, socks, panties, pantyhose, DVD’s and more contact me!

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I will help you to quit smoking, my son ! - Baal Eldritch

I will help you to quit smoking, my son ! – Baal Eldritch

I’m entering your room my step-son , and what do I see? I see you smoking ! What do you think you’re doing? Do you want to be like your miserable step-father? I have raised you alone… and you act like a mother-fucking addict? Today I will teach you a lesson! I’m sure I’ll help you to quit smoking my step-son! Bring here a transparent nylon bag, a belt, a box of cigarettes, a chair and do what I say! You will never forget that day, I guarantee! Put a bag on your head, make a hole for your mouth , sit on the chair and wrap a belt around your neck, while you follow my instructions! If you fail you have to do it again, and again, and again! Until you can complete that task perfectly! I also know your dirty little perverted secret , so Ill use that against you to make this punishment more embarrassing ! I saw what kind of porn you looking for instead of learning… If you are into taboo, you’ll get that too! Today I make you a normal person, you will not be like your weak step-father!

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Smoking with Mom - Bettie Bondage

Smoking with Mom – Bettie Bondage

This is it. Summer is winding down, and it’s time to pack up and move out to college. Of course, your mother is feeling nostalgic, sad about you going away. Her baby! Off to college! Wow. So when she comes into your nearly empty room, you’re expecting more of the same maudlin mom talk, but she surprises you by pulling a spliff from one of your packed up boxes! Your mother doesn’t know you smoke…you don’t think…but she seems surprisingly unbothered by this reveal.
She smirks, tells you not to freak out. That she knows. Not just that you like to smoke that dank green, but also that you, uh…like it when others do, too. Specifically, you like it when pretty women do. More specifically, you really like when she does. See, she knows you’ve been spying on her, when she thinks you’re not watching, when she takes a little puff herself, hanging poolside. You can’t believe how busted you are! But more than that, you can’t believe what your mother is starting to do.
You watch as she starts to trace the spliff across her neck, down the perfect, round mound of her breast, across her chest, smirking as you become transfixed, enchanted. She knows just what to do to drive you crazy! You start intently as she hangs the spliff from her pouty lips, watching it dangle as she suggests the two of you play a “game,” a game involving the quickly stiffening cock in your pants.
This can’t be real, can it? But, yes, it is, you realize, as your mother unbuttons her top, goading you further into taking out your now straining dick. “When I inhale,” she says, lighting up the spliff and taking a big toke, “you stroke slow…” she takes the spliff between her fingers, holding it like a cigarette, placing it between her lips and again letting it dangle, “but when I dangle it just like this, you go fast.”
Of course, you agree, obeying the rules and stroking just as she says, watching her inhale, exhale, dangle, repeat. You’re entranced, your cock is dripping precum, and she is getting turned on. You can tell the spliff has her high, tingling, and she’s touching her pussy through her panties. It doesn’t take long before she’s slipping them off, spreading her legs, presenting her unshaven, pink quim for you to fuck! You can’t believe it’s happening, but you waste no time pressing your cock into her, stroking yourself to the very edge inside your mother’s loving, warm pussy!

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Mommy does Anal - thechronicmasochist

Mommy does Anal – thechronicmasochist

Mommy had a really really rough day, and you get the pleasure of watching me relax while you’re all pent up. You’re a really good pet and you got my joint and wine ready for me, but I need a little extra. I cum in my thigh high stockings and lingerie with my hitachi before deciding I want to feel full. I fuck my ass with my glass dildo before bending over and using my hitachi to cum to a huge orgasm while stuffed, moaning “Mommy’s cumming!”

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MOMMY JOI with smoking - Ratherbnaughty

MOMMY JOI with smoking – Ratherbnaughty

Your home and I bring your laundry in your room and find you in bed stroking your cock with mommys panties in your mouth. Instead of making you stop I raid your smoke stash and after liighting up I begin to give you very specific jerk off instructions.

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Mommy Cums in the Kitchen For You - Avey Moon

Mommy Cums in the Kitchen For You – Avey Moon

You walk in on mommy cleaning in a vintage dress and pearls on the floor on her hands and knees and lift up her dress to see she doesn’t have any panties on. She tells you how horny she’s been and asks if you wanna see her play with her favorite toy to relieve some stress. She encourages you to jerk off with her if you’re a good boy. She plays with her pussy, takes her big titties out and asks if you wanna suck them, then asks if you wanna watch her smoke a cigarette while she pleasures herself. This video includes super sexy smoking, an intense orgasm and lots of taboo roleplay.

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MOM WAKES vapes & smokes everything - Ratherbnaughty

MOM WAKES vapes & smokes everything – Ratherbnaughty

Im up alone at 4:30 in the morning and I decide to make a list of the things i need to do before meeting my girlfriends later for our weekly card game. I pick up what I think is a pen only to find out that it is your vape pen. I continue to look in the jar and I find a nice prerolled smike too! Nobody will be up for at least 2 hours and it is your fault for leving your stash where mommy could find it.

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