Mommy Cums in the Kitchen For You - Avey Moon

Mommy Cums in the Kitchen For You – Avey Moon

You walk in on mommy cleaning in a vintage dress and pearls on the floor on her hands and knees and lift up her dress to see she doesn’t have any panties on. She tells you how horny she’s been and asks if you wanna see her play with her favorite toy to relieve some stress. She encourages you to jerk off with her if you’re a good boy. She plays with her pussy, takes her big titties out and asks if you wanna suck them, then asks if you wanna watch her smoke a cigarette while she pleasures herself. This video includes super sexy smoking, an intense orgasm and lots of taboo roleplay.

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MOM WAKES vapes & smokes everything - Ratherbnaughty

MOM WAKES vapes & smokes everything – Ratherbnaughty

Im up alone at 4:30 in the morning and I decide to make a list of the things i need to do before meeting my girlfriends later for our weekly card game. I pick up what I think is a pen only to find out that it is your vape pen. I continue to look in the jar and I find a nice prerolled smike too! Nobody will be up for at least 2 hours and it is your fault for leving your stash where mommy could find it.

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My Stepson has a foot Fetish masturbating with Mommy - Sally Dangelo

My Stepson has a foot Fetish masturbating with Mommy – Sally Dangelo

My Stepson has a Foot Fetish, and Masturbates with Mommy Sally D’angelo……………….. Nicky Rebel…………………… City Girlz Productions …… My 19 year old stepson is a trip, ever since I can remember every time he sees my BARE FEET he gets a raging BONER , now I tease him with it (when Daddy’s away) Come here honey, sit down next to Mommy, then I put my feet in his lab light up a Virginia slim and say how was your day dear, (he can’t take it) his cock is popping through his pants at this point, take off your clothes dear let’s do it again and masturbate together (he has such a nice cock for a young man) , I keep my feet in his lap stroke my pussy with a dildo and smoke my cigarette while he stares at my feet and flip flops, he can’t hold back he loves whacking off on Mommies feet.

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Mommy takes her cigarette to your shaf - Spoiled Mean MILFs

Mommy takes her cigarette to your shaf – Spoiled Mean MILFs

I’d like a dark and erotic video with a fun-loving, sadistic, dominant and libidinous Mom. She’s driven by her own cruel pleassures without anger or hate or animosity. She just loves torment little boys. Which she expresses in a calm, sensuous voice dripping with affection, if not ffor her son then for her own rather wicked desires. Mom is looking at her son. She’s lounging in comfortable clothes (similar to what you wore in your video “Vicky sexy smokes and gives you joi instructions” from january 19 1917). This may be a stretch but if you could frame it so there’s a dildo in the scene that looks like the boys cock poking up that would open up all kinds of delisiously cruel things Mommy can do to her boy. She smokes all white cigarettes (my Mom smoked parliments). She loves blowwing her smoke in her little boy’s face, teasing him by waving/holding the hot glowing tip close to his face, reveling in his growing discomfort as she flicks her ashes on him and teases him about how much she likes to see him jerk and flinch and whimper. Mom giggles and chuckles and smiles at her son’s agony the way Moms do when their little boy’s do something cute. If you can get a dildo in the scene I’d love to see Mommy ash on her boys cock and caress the hard shaft wth her burning cigarette, tracing slow lazy spirls around the boy”s ccock till she gets to the tip where she burns his pee hole.

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Smoking Mom JOI gloves Fetish
Your moms about to go out and is all dressed up in a black velvet dress, black stockings, black pump heels. Mom asks you how your day was while she slides on black gloves and lights up a cigarette to relax while she waits for her friends to arrive. Watching your mom smoking is making you really turned on, you try to hide it but she can tell, you ask your mom if she’s wearing any underwear, you already know she’s not. Your Mother teases you while she smokes, and crosses and uncrosses her legs, you can almost see your moms pussy. Your mom can see the bulge in your pants and asks if you’re ok, you tell her you are, next minute moms telling you to pull out your cock, and flashing you her tits and pussy and instructs you exactly how you should jerk your cock off for her. Moms telling you to imagine you’re inside her, and she wants to see her sons Cum, but hurry, she doesn’t want her friends to know the naughty things she gets up to with her son!

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Surprising Mom at the StripClub - Miss Behavin 26

Surprising Mom at the StripClub – Miss Behavin 26

I have a senario in my mind and I want to see if it is OK whith you.. Stripper mom whos working and accidentally goes to the private room with her son. At the beginning she want to stop but she starts to lapdance on his dick.. The he asks for a blowjob, they argue, someone comes to see if everything is OK and she says “yes” while sucking his cock.. Then he says that he wants a ride, she says I need a smoke and ride his dick while smoking (whith a “I can’t believe I am doing this” look). High heels always on. Some bitchy angry looks at him! A nice ass grind at the start. Only ride positions (reverse rough, would be amazing while smoking).


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Stoned Mom Seduces You (HD MP4) - Miss Penny Barber

Stoned Mom Seduces You (HD MP4) – Miss Penny Barber

All this time around your aunt and cousins is so exhausting, do you mind if Mommy undwinds with a J? Don’t be a prude, I do pretty much whatever I want these days. Or whoever I want. Including you darling, if you feel like messing around. A little fun secret just between you and me about the time Mommy put your stiff cock between her soft tits.
Let me just slip out of this dress so you can get a good look at me topless in these sexy stockings and garters while you decide if you want to play with Mommy.


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Sneaking A HandJob - Mom's BFF Gets A Facial MP4-HD 1080p - Erotic Nikki

Sneaking A HandJob – Mom’s BFF Gets A Facial MP4-HD 1080p – Erotic Nikki

My best friend’s son is johnny boy. We’ve gotten together a few times for Me to give him a handjob or blowjob. But, it’s been a while since we’ve done anything and, even though it’s wrong, I’ve been craving him. I went to his parent’s house for his dad’s b-day. When everyone wanted to play a boardgame, I saw My chance to be sneaky. I tell everyone that I’ll just go outside, have a smoke and read this magazine article about sex habits that you wouldn’t tell your friends. How ironic since I have one of those habits. I grab My smokes and magazine and head downstairs. I quickly sneak back up, check if the coast is clear and slowly open johnny boy’s bedroom door. I find him laying on the bed, as if he knew that I wouldn’t be able to resist sneaking in. I waste no time getting on My knees and feeling his cock through his pants. He’s already hard. Clearly he is as horny as I am. I don’t have much time if I am to avoid getting caught by his parents, so I pull his pants down, light up a cigarette, grab My lube and go to work. I have to get this done quickly so, I do it in a way that I know he won’t be able to last long. It seems that watching My smoke while stroking his cock with his parents just outside the door got him to the edge in a hurry. In a surprise move he stands up, I grab his cock and as I start to stroke it he cums on My face. I wasn’t expecting him to do that and it was a massive load. How am I going to explain My shiny, glowing face to his mom? I tease him a bit about finishing so quickly and suggest we do this more often to build up his stamina. Afterall, how will he ever be able to fuck Me if smoking handjobs are more than he can handle?


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