Son's SPH - Siena Rose

Son’s SPH – Siena Rose

I’m your mother and I’ve had a long day cleaning the house. I’m trying to finish up the laundry and find out you’ve accidentally texted dick picks meant for your little girlfriend. I can’t unsee this you know, so I storm in and chew your ass out topless. Don’t stare at my tits you little pervert – I have a SMALL topic we need to discuss. And that topic is your pathetic little dick. You’ve been SPH Mommy Shamed.

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Step-Son Duty - Goddess Valerie Sins

Step-Son Duty – Goddess Valerie Sins

After putting my hands on your father’s wealth, he risks to end on the streets. Will you sacrifice to save him? You will have to show me what a good boy you are to convince me to keep both of you around. As you are not very well hung, i will just amuse myself with you. You will show me how you want that swrimpy and entertain me. Sounds like fun? It does to me.

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Caught jerking off by mom and sis - Spoiled Mean MILFs

Caught jerking off by mom and sis – Spoiled Mean MILFs

You’re jerking off under a pillow on the couch as Dacey and Sablique come in, and sit. Your Mom and Sister ask how your day was, and your Sister Dacey moves the pillow…showing your cock. Dacey and Sablique laugh at your tiny cock, asking if it never got any bigger than when you were young. Sablique admits that your Father had a small cock, and it must run in the family. Sablique and Dacey think it will be a good idea for you to go to bed in the garage from now on. They tease your tiny cock, and tell you to keep stroking it as they mock you. You stroke your tiny cock until you cum, and your Mom and Sister laugh at your tiny little burst of cum. They tell you to go outside and hose off.

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