Step-mommy reads you a bedtime story - Goddess Natalie

Step-mommy reads you a bedtime story – Goddess Natalie

Hello there little one! I know you has a long, stressful day at work and you need to disconnect from all that a little, don’t you? So today, I’m gonna want you to fully let go of all your control, relax and let Step-Mommy take care of you. You won’t be that strong man who’s always in charge for a while. No, you will put on your pj’s and get comfy in bed so that step-Mommy can read you this awesome koala bedtime story!
I know you’re dying to see what this cute, fluffy little koala is up to. So go ahead, grab your pacifie and pick your favorite stuffed toy, and let’s get started. Step-mommy is gonna want you to put your headphones on today as well, so you can relax even further as you listen to her calming, nurturing voice. Sweet dreams, little b.a.b.y

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Mommy Loves You - MoRina

Mommy Loves You – MoRina

Have you had a stressful day? Having trouble getting to sleep? Mommy comes to tuck you in, and as always she has lots of positive affirmations for you. She’s so proud of you and thinks the world of you. There is no love greater than a mother’s love and you’ll always be momma’s boy, her little baby. She helps you to relax by talking softly and taking you through an anti-stress relaxation exercise. Night night sweetie! This is not a “taboo” video, it’s a sweet, loving video to help you feel good about yourself and get some rest! Watch it when you are lying in bed and suffering from insomnia, anxiety or your thoughts are racing and you just can’t settle down for the night.

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Mom Fucks Sleeping Son - Son Has a Big Cock, POV - HD 1080p - Nikki Brooks

Mom Fucks Sleeping Son – Son Has a Big Cock, POV – HD 1080p – Nikki Brooks

Mom always had a hard time waking you up for school. “Sweetie?” she sighed as she looked at her watch. “Oh, he’s not going to wake up, I knew it.” The nightstand was covered in candy wrappers, which meant you had stayed up late again last night.
“Oh…” her eyes widened, “well, well, well…aren’t we blessed down there. Sweetie? You are completely out.” She saw the huge bulge in the blanket from your morning wood, and grew curious at how big your cock actually was underneath there. “I guess that’s a good thing – I can brag that my son has a huge cock…” she laughed to herself.
“Sweetie, it’s time to wake up…” Mom said again, her eyes shifting back to the bulge. Her hand slowly crept your cock and she gave it a quick touch. “Oh my god, what am I doing?” she smiled. “Well, I mean…I am your mom, I suppose I should do a thorough inspection and maybe make sure there’s nothing wrong with it…”
“Holy sh*t…yes!” she shouted excitedly, then hushed herself. She had removed the covers to find your cock exposed, and she was thrilled to see how big it was. Since you weren’t waking up, she started to slowly stroke it, which made it bigger, then couldn’t resist the temptation to put it into her mouth.
Her pussy was soaked from playing with you, so she stripped down and got on top of you. She bounced up and down on your cock, going fast and harder the hornier she got until she was moaning wildly in pleasure. And that’s what finally woke you up. “Oh sweetie, hey…Mommy was just…um…you mentioned that itching last week, and I thought it had traveled throughout your body…” she panicked making something up.
Of course you noticed she was naked, so she quickly found a silly excuse for that, too. “Oh, I don’t have anything on my body…and uh…you shouldn’t have eaten so many candy. Oh, that?” you asked about the white stuff on your cock. “That’s just some cream I put on it just in case you were having any symptoms of anything…”
She gathered her clothes in a hurry and told you to take a shower. “Time to wake up, chop, chop, breakfast time!”

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Daddy Is Out On Business And Mommy Is Horny - Butt3rflyforU

Daddy Is Out On Business And Mommy Is Horny – Butt3rflyforU

Daddy is out on business for 3 weeks and mommy is alone and horny. I woke up from a d ead sleep to find myself rubbing my pussy and getting very wet all alone!!! I try to satisfy my craving for a hard cock but to no avail! I keep trying to make myself cum but I finally give in and call you to come in my bedroom! You haven’t left for the day yet, and you come into my room. You see mommy spread legs playing with myself! You ask what I am doing and I tell you that I can’t make it another 3 weeks while your dad is out of town!!! I start teasing you, but it doesn’t take much to get your dick nice and hard! The sight of mommy with my legs spread wide with pussy juices beginning to run down my legs just sends your cock into overdrive!!! I unzip your pants and start touching your hard, young , throbbing cock!!! Mommy puts her soft lips on your manhood and mommy’s head starts bobbing up and down on your cock! You have no problem filling in for your dad to help mommy have a nice hard orgasm this morning!!!! Oh and sweetie, don’t worry, you don’t need a condom!!! I am your mommy!!!

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Mom Loves When Son Touches Her While She's Sleeping, POV - HD 1080p - Whitney Morgan

Mom Loves When Son Touches Her While She’s Sleeping, POV – HD 1080p – Whitney Morgan

Every morning, after Dad left for work, you would sneak into your parent’s bedroom. Mom would still be sleeping, just like you had hoped, and that’s what made your cock throb the most – her not knowing what you were going to do to her mature body.
You’d pull back the covers, move her bra to the side, and grope her perky, little titties while she moaned in pleasure. A smile formed on her red lips as you touched her pretty pussy, then ran your tongue against the clit. “Mm…” she sighed twisting her body gently.
Her eyes finally opened and she let out a huge yawn. “Oh good morning, sweetie pie,” she smiled. “Looks like someone was getting carried away with Mommy while she was sleeping, weren’t you? I know how much you like to creep in and watch Mommy while she sleeps, so that’s why I wore something a little more naughty underneath the covers.”
“You know just the right ways to get me excited,” Mom said touching herself. She could feel that her panties were soaked, “Were you eating Mommy’s pussy this morning? Did you slip it in for Mommy already? You want to, though, don’t you?” Her fingers massaged her clit and she spread her pussy for you.
“Just slide that big cock into Mommy…right there…nice and deep, just fill Mommy up this morning,” she told you. Mommy loved the ways you touched her in the morning – the way you did whatever you wanted to her body while she was sleeping and completely unaware.
It was your regular morning routine, and Mom would let you do anything you wanted….

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Bedtime with Mom - Soothing and relaxing Asmr - mommy mother mom - mom son - Jessie Lee Pierce

Bedtime with Mom – Soothing and relaxing Asmr – mommy mother mom – mom son – Jessie Lee Pierce

Bedtime with Mom – Sl**p Aid and relaxing Asmr. This scene is a relaxing and soothing Mom/Son scene, designed to make you feel as though Mom is with you while you fall asl**p. Listen and/or watch as I tuck you in and softly speak to you while you fall asl**p, you have nothing to worry about with Mom right here laying with you. I know you sleep best with Mom right next to you, so I’m going to stay here with you all night. This is a very loving and soothing scene, it is non sexual, although my breasts do slip out of my top a few times there’s cuddling, and sl**ping in the same bed, but no sexual activity in this scene. The speech progresses from softly spoken to a soft whisper. The terms, Mom, mommy and mother are all used. I hope you have a great sl**p next to mommy. This scene contains; Mom, mother, mommy, bedtime, relaxing, asmr, softcore, Jessie Lee Pierce.

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Sleep Walking Sister - Cory Chase - Taboo Heat

Sleep Walking Sister – Cory Chase – Taboo Heat

Scene One: Bathroom BJ
Cory’s doctor prescribed her a new medication to help her get through the night. The medication has some weird side effects, but the doctor made it very clear that no one should ever wake her up on this medication unless she is hurting herself or hurting someone else! Cory’s husband, Luke, decides to explain this situation to Cory’s brother, JMac, who is spending the night at their house. “Whatever you do… DON’T wake her up!!” Luke tells JMac. JMac goes to take a shower, and he is checking himself out in the mirror when he feels something on his cock! He looks down and is surprised to see his sister, Cory, putting his hard cock in her mouth! She continues to give him a blowjob, and all JMac can think about is how he is not allowed to wake his sister up… so he lets her continue! She sucks his cock until he eventually cums in her mouth… “Thank you so much, hunny!” she says, as she gets up and walks away… She must have thought her brother was really her husband! Whoops…

Scene Two: Wrong Bedroom
Cory and her husband are napping in their bed one morning, when Cory gets up to use the bathroom… Her medication is still in effect as she sleepwalks towards the bathroom. After she is done, she walks towards her brother’s bedroom and accidentally gets in to bed with him! She lies down next to him and immediately starts rubbing her hands over his boxer shorts. She slips her red g-string off of her body, and takes JMac’s fingers and starts to rub her clit with them. “I want you inside of me,” she whispers. She jumps up and starts to suck and jerk her brother’s huge cock; then she shoves her pussy in his face, in the 69 position so she can get her pussy eaten while she sucks his cock… All the while, she probably thinks that this is her husband! It doesn’t take long for her to hop on top of him and start to ride his big cock! She fucks her brother for quite some time, until he eventually cums deep inside of her pussy… Cory slowly jumps off the bed to go clean herself up… All while her husband is still napping in the next room!

Scene Three: Living Room Facial
Cory is napping on the living room couch, as her brother JMac comes home from work one afternoon. He sits down next to her, hoping to watch a little TV while she is napping… but unfortunately for him, she is in a daze and half awake! She starts to rub her hands on top of his pants… “oh no, here we go again!” he says. He wants to wake her up, but he is reminded of what her husband said to him… “Don’t wake her up under any circumstances!” is what Luke said. “Are you just as horny as I am?” Cory asks her brother. He doesn’t reply though… he just stares at her, in shock, and lets her do her thing! She pulls his work pants down to the ground, revealing his big, hard cock. She drops to her knees and starts to give him a blowjob. She gets herself all worked up from sucking his cock, that she decides she wants to fuck him as well… she stands up and he kisses her body, before she gets on top of his cock and slowly rides him. The brother-sister duo passionately kiss each other, while Cory continues to ride JMac’s cock. “I wanna get on my knees and beg you for that cum!” she moans. She drops to her knees, just like she said, and patiently waits for her brothers cum. He explodes in her mouth and all over her face…


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CUM ON MOM MOMMY MOTHER POV TABOO – You sneak into your mom’s room while she’s in bed, your mother turns you on and makes your cock so hard. You take this opportunity to pull down her top while mom’s in bed and expose her breasts. Mom doesn’t get up, but she rolls over. You pull down your mother’s underpants, after having a little feel you can’t help but to jerk your cock over your resting mom. Mom rolls back onto her front, and you pull your cock until you explode on your mom’s top and her bed. You slowly sneak back out of mom’s bedroom without disturbing her. *This clip contains no spoken words, you can’t see the camera mans penis, but the cum is real in the cumshot and it shot completely from a POV, voyeur from your view angle.


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