Bbw Mom Soothes Son while Performing - Cougar BBW

Bbw Mom Soothes Son while Performing – Cougar BBW

My son and I have been purchased by eccentric people to perform sexual acts together. I am thankful for them purchasing us together. All I care about is staying with my son. It is time for us to perform and this will be my son’s first time. I lay on the bed and have my son lay beside me. I slide him inside me and start rocking him. I tell him how much I love him, how important he is to me and that I will always protect him. I tell him to suckle my breasts and just relax. I continue to soothe him and rock him. I realize during our moment that I want to have my sons baby. How special it would be to conceive with him. I tell him how happy I was when I conceived him. I want him to allow his body to do what comes naturally and that mommy will do the same. I then turn towards the audience spread my pussy while my son still cuddles me so they can inspect my pussy.

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