Impregnating Your Sister Doggystyle - Reya Reign

Impregnating Your Sister Doggystyle – Reya Reign

You’ve been thinking about the last time you snuck into your sister’s room and fucked her. She didn’t want to risk getting pregnant, so you had to wear a condom. It was still amazing nonetheless, you got to penetrate your hot sister’s pussy and you both came so hard! It’s been a challenge holding yourself back from visiting her again, she did say that was the first AND last time that was going to happen. You remain hopeful, and go in to her room even though mom and dad are home. You can’t help yourself- you’re so horny thinking about what it was like to fuck her! She’s on her phone in her bra and panties, almost like she was waiting for you to come see her. You grind your hard cock against her ass, pulling her hips back as she tells you to stop, warning you that mom and dad are home and that she said you guys would only fuck once. But you know how bad she wants you too, and you pull her panties down, rubbing your cock against her hot, bare pussy. You feel her getting wet, even as she tries to talk you both out of it. You slowly slide your cock inside of her, and she quietly moans. She notices you’re not wearing a condom, unlike last time, but it feels so good that she lets you continue to slide in and out of her. You slam in to her ass, watching it bounce and shake with every thrust, her muffled moans encouraging you to fuck her harder and harder until she cums for you. At this point, she’s so horny she doesn’t care if you get her pregnant- she wants your cum inside of her! You can’t believe how amazing your sister’s pussy feels without a condom on, and you thrust into her over and over again until you finally release your cum inside of her. It felt so fucking good to dump your cum into your sister that neither one of you care that you just impregnated her!

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Sharing her Brother's Cock 720p - Primal's Taboo Sex - Paige Owens & Alex Coal

Sharing her Brother’s Cock 720p – Primal’s Taboo Sex – Paige Owens & Alex Coal

My sister Paige is having a sleep over with her smoking hot girlfriend Alex so I figure I won’t see her much until tomorrow which blows. Paige and I have had a special relationship for a long time. She LOVES coming into my room in the middle of the night and sucking my cock, and she is SO good at it. So good in fact that she actually brings her friend in to watch her do it. And it turns out Alex loves sucking cock too because she takes a turn.

My sister Paige told me she was going to be gone for my birthday, but instead she surprises me with her super hot slutty friend Alex.

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Our parents are gone which leaves the perfect opportunity to confront you about your panty thievery. I know you’ve been stealing my t-back thongs, little brother! If you don’t do as I say, I’ll tell mom & dad, so take out your thing and stroke it to your older sis! I know you lust for my juicy camel toe and LOVE watching me finger my pink slit while I stick my dirty feet in your face! Once you cum, you’re completely MINE to do my bidding or else I tell on you for your perversions…

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Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Zoey Taylor - Mom Makes Brother & Sister Get Along - Mom Forces Brother & Sister to Fuck, POV - HD 1080p

Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Zoey Taylor – Mom Makes Brother & Sister Get Along – Mom Forces Brother & Sister to Fuck, POV – HD 1080p

A brand new family member – meet the beautiful Zoey Taylor.
“Can you get out of my room?” your sister, Zoey, said irritated. “I’m so sick of you always being in here.” The two of you were always arguing and fighting – it didn’t matter what it was about. Just being within eyesight caused her to get frustrated, and she couldn’t stand the thought of you talking to her friends.
Mom was done with it. She couldn’t handle the screaming, whining, or arguments anymore, so she made it her mission to fix it. “Look what you did,” Zoey sighed,” you were so loud that Mom came in.”
“No, I’m not going to get along with him,” Zoey turned towards Mom. “He’s annoying, he’s in my room again. You can’t force us to get along. Can you just make him leave?” Mom wasn’t putting up with it. Instead, she told you and your sister to strip down in front of one another. “You want us to get naked? That’s weird,” Zoey’s eyes narrowed. “That’s not going to make us like each other any more. He can’t see me naked, he’s my brother.”
When Mom threatened to ground the two of you, you and your sister decided to cooperate. “I’ll get it over with, I guess,” Zoey rolled her eyes. “It’s embarrassing. I don’t wanna see him naked either.” She stripped down to her lingerie, then sat in front of you and Mom. But that wasn’t good enough – Mom wanted her completely naked and exposed.
“I just feel really uncomfortable with this,” Zoey whined. “He’s staring at me, he’s right there. I can’t believe you’re making us do this.” Now that the two of you were naked, Mom forced you to look at one another, which made things awkward.
“What? No…I’m not going to touch his cock,” Zoey said in disgust, “he’s my brother. I can’t stand him, let alone seeing him naked, it’s just gross.” Mom didn’t budge – she meant what she said, and eventually, your sister had her soft hand wrapped around your cock. “I don’t like stroking my brother’s cock, this is weird,” she sighed.
Mom then commanded her to suck your cock, and she obediently put it into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on it. “He has to lick my pussy now…?” her eyes widened. “Mom…I mean, at this point, when even bother arguing back, right? It won’t do any good.”
She lied back, spread her legs, and gave you an uneasy face. “It’s weird seeing my brother in-between my legs,” she said uncomfortably. “My skin is crawling. I guess this is it, right? You want him to fuck me next…? That’s really gross. Well, go ahead and fuck me like Mom says. I’m going to lie here like this.”
Your sister looked up at you, her arms crossed underneath her massive boobs. “And don’t enjoy this too much,” she told you sternly. You penetrated her and she tried to avoid looking at you. “This feels weird, Mom,” she said. “I don’t like watching my brother fuck me.”
Mom then told her to flip over. “I guess fuck me doggy,” she sighed. “Just hurry up and cum, I’m ready for this to be over.” You fucked her until you finally erupted inside her tight pussy. “I felt you cum,” she said awkwardly. “Ugh, it’s just wrong, having my brother cum inside me…”
“Have we bonded enough?” Zoey asked, her big butt in the air and her pussy exposed. “I guess I can stand him now…I don’t know.”

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The Man of the House: Son's Violent Sexual Behavior, POV - Mom & Sister, Forced Sex - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Nikki Brooks & Anastasia Rose

The Man of the House: Son’s Violent Sexual Behavior, POV – Mom & Sister, Forced Sex – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Nikki Brooks & Anastasia Rose

By far, one of the most intense & disturbing taboo clips I’ve ever released…
“Lately, I’ve been thinking about getting him a therapist,” Mom told her daughter. “Someone who is well educated, or at least someone who specializes in special cases.”
“Maybe he will be okay with it…” Mom went on to say, “he has to know that what he’s doing is wrong.” They were scared of you. Ever since Dad was out of the picture, you declared “man of the house” and made sure that Mom and your sister, Anastasia, knew who was boss.
You had become terribly sexually violent. You didn’t care how many times they cried, how times they begged you to stop – you got what you want. They couldn’t defend themselves against you, and it happened quite often. So much that they sat together quietly trying to find a solution to the aggressive, inappropriate behavior.
“Hey,” they put fake smiles on their faces when you entered the bedroom. “I was just talking about you,” Mom quickly said. “Your sister is going to go to her friend’s house, and why don’t I invite your buddy over and order some pizza? You guys can rent a movie…”
Friend’s house? No, she wasn’t going anywhere – they knew the rules. “Why can’t she go to her friend’s house?” Mom let out a nervous giggle. “It’s her friend…Dacey. You know Dacey’s mom likes taking the girls to the mall and…excuse me.” You had snapped at your mother, telling her that your sister was dressed like a slut, and she defended her.
“She does not look like a slut,” Mom said angrily. “No, there’s not going to be any boys at the mall. Why are you concerned with your sister’s life like that? Let her do her thing, okay? Sweetie, we’ve had a really tough couple of months and I understand everyone is re-adjusting to everything. Just let your sister go have some fun.”
They tried really hard to get you to hang out with your friend – a little too hard. “Why don’t you call him, huh?” Mom repeated, but that only pissed you off more. “I’m not trying to get rid of you, sweetheart.” You violently yanked on her arm and Mom comforted your worried sister who now wanted to stay to protect her.
“Your sister is going to go, okay?” Mom said sweetly. “Listen to me, sweetheart, you don’t run her life, okay? She’s growing up and she just…” Another arm jerk for the stupid bitch who thought you gave a damn what she thought. This, once again, upset your sister, but you knew there was nothing she could do to stop it. That neither of them could do.
“You know, bro, I’m not going to Dacey’s tonight or anything,” Anastasia blurted out with a smile on her face. “We were talking about a sleepover, but we didn’t set a date or anything.” Things were getting awfully suspicious, so you decided the both of them needed a reminder of who was in charge.
You yanked down your sister’s dress revealing her young tits, and she embarrassingly tried to cover up. “D-did you hear him? He wants me to…” Anastasia turned towards Mom with a shocked face, and Mom attempted to cover her up. That was until you told Mom to take them back out, and she did so obediently. “It’s okay, Mom…” Anastasia comforted her.
Mom tried the whole “rent a movie” bit again, which only caused you to become more frustrated. It was time for them to pleasure you again – it didn’t matter if they were willing or not. You’d yank on their bodies, shove their heads down on your cock, then push them back so you could see the tears in their eyes from gagging on it.
Mom and Anastasia tried to defend one another – how sweet. It didn’t matter, though, you always got what you wanted in the end. It didn’t matter who sucked your cock first, who you forced your cock into last – they both got it.
They needed to respect you as man of the house. They’d do everything you said, no matter what it was, or they’d be trained into obedience. It didn’t matter how many times Mom cried, “It’s not right.”

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Brother takes sister's anal virginity - Sarah Calanthe

Brother takes sister’s anal virginity – Sarah Calanthe

When I, your little sister, accidentally walked in while you were showering the other day, I saw your cock! Ever since then, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It’s wrong, but… I really want your cock, brother… Wait, you want to fuck me too?? We can try… But I don’t want to get pregnant. You can fuck my ass instead! I’ve never had anal sex before. But I would love for you to take my anal virginity, brother! This vid features lots of dirty talking, me fingering my ass to warm it up for your cock, riding your cock, POV doggy style anal with my fuck machine, and a big anal creampie with me pushing the cum out of my asshole.

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Step-Sister's Shower - Miss Metal

Step-Sister’s Shower – Miss Metal

I just got home and feel all hot and sweaty, I need a Shower. I see you (my older Step-Brother) just sitting in the living room so I tell you I’ll be right back. Not long after, you follow me, and open the bathroom door slowly – and sneakingly Spy on me washing my body and then using the showerhead with hot water to Masturbate and Moan. But… doesn’t last long, you get caught! I… I was actually hoping you would join me. No turning back now, you saw me naked, now I want to see you too… Actually, do you want to join me in the shower and wash my back? Don’t be shy… I know you want it too… We proceed to get in the bathtub together, my hair is still wet, and your cock is already so hard. I want to put it in my mouth. Oh you taste so good. I do you a very nice and sexy Handjob and Blowjob (I use my realistic dildo) to start out our little secret. Do you want to put it in me? I want it too… We stand, face to face, and you begin to put your cock inside me, who knew it would feel so good? I ask you if you want to fuck me from behind, you agree… And you make me Orgasm twice, while penetrating me deep. Do you want to Cum too? Do you want to Cum inside me?

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Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Amanda Bryant - Brother & Sister Share a Bed, POV - Sister Loves Teasing Her Brother - HD 1080p

Brother & Sister Share a Bed, POV – Sister Loves Teasing Her Brother – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Amanda Bryant

“It’s so stupid that we have to share a bed,” your sister ranted. “I mean, come on, we’re older now and we’ve been doing this for years.” Sure, it made sense when you were younger, but now that the two of you were older, it was getting more uncomfortable to do.
“Sure, we can share a room, but I think the bed thing is a bit much, don’t you?” she went on to say. “Obviously, I’m developed now, and so are you, and sometimes you turn over and poke me with your boner at night. Super weird, right?”
On top of that, Amanda told you that she liked to sleep naked sometimes, but she couldn’t do that because you were her brother. “What would people think? I think you might like it,” she smiled devilishly, “but me, personally? I don’t know if I like that or not. I can see that you do, though, because I think you have a boner. Do you have boner right now? You’re trying to hide it. It’s definitely peeking through your pants.”
Over the years, she had felt your boners push up against her, which made her love teasing you. “You like these underwear?” she smacked her big butt. “I put them on because I knew we’d have this conversation. I had a feeling, I knew where it was going to go.”
Amanda spread her legs and ran her fingers against her lacy panties. She teased you with the idea of sex, then told you how horny she was to get you throbbing hard. Eventually she slid her panties off and masturbated in front of you. “Do you wanna lick my pussy for me?” she asked bluntly.
For the first time, your wet tongue caressed her pretty, pink pussy as she moaned in pleasure. “You know what, I want you to fuck me now,” she said. You fucked her missionary and doggystyle, then filled her tight pussy with your cum. She looked up at you with big, blue eyes, a smile on her face, “Can I go to sleep now?”

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Virgin Sister Gets Fucked - Slutty Sister DeepThroat BlowJob, DoggyStyle Fucking and an AssJob Cumshot! - Amedee Vause

Virgin Sister Gets Fucked – Slutty Sister DeepThroat BlowJob, DoggyStyle Fucking and an AssJob Cumshot! – Amedee Vause

I’m still a virgin, well, technically. I never had actual sex, but I did have some sexual experiences. Now I got a boyfriend, it’s the prom night and I know it will come to sex at some point and I’m not prepared for it! It’s not like I’m dumb and I don’t know what I have to do, but I don’t trust myself and am shy, I know it’s not obvious, but inside, I really am! So I don’t exactly get how to approach this, should I suck his cock first? How should I move during… you know. I was so desperate in my attempt to be perfect for my new boyfriend that I decided I should have sex with someone else first, just to get how it feels like and not to embarrass myself while with him, my special one… It’s quite difficult to hook up with somebody for sex all of a sudden, even dressed with a short skirt and no panties like I was. I felt again that little spark of madness inside of me and asked my brother to tell me about his prom night, sex, everything. He was unsuspectingly telling his story wile I was thinking of ways to seduce him. Yes, you are right, I decided to fuck my brother, it’s not like I’m gonna see him for the next 3-4 years (I’m going to college), so I don’t see the problem! What was weird was the fact that it wasn’t difficult for me to convince him, it was enough to touch his crotch, make him take it out for me, rub a bit and then put it quickly in my mouth, before he changes his mind! The BlowJob was just an introduction, for the most important thing for me was to have a cock in my almost-virgin pussy. He was so surprised about the DeepThroat but, well, darling, the virgin women of today are no longer what they were before. Then we fucked. I mean, we fucked for good, thirsty for each other’s skin and touch. He put it in and started pounding and all I felt was a nice, thick sliding cock in my tight but wet pussy tickling my clit, no pain at all! That was with me lying on the bed… after that I sat doggy-style in front of him and it was even better, being able to control the movement and spread my perky ass for my big bro! I fucked him like that until he almost came inside me and stopped, but I did not, teasing him with my ass, and sliding it up and down in that narrow, sexy ditch in between the buttocks giving him an ass-job. That’s where he came, sploshing my ass and my arched back with his hot, brotherly cum!

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Sister Home Wrecker Riding and Creampie - Jessica Starling

Sister Home Wrecker Riding and Creampie – Jessica Starling

Your wife is out, and you enter your bedroom to find your sister waiting for you on your bed. She’s dressed in pink slutty lingerie and has a leash and collar around her neck. She giggles at your shock. It’s not like you’ve never seen her in something slutty before. Your sister complains about your wife, saying that she knows you can do better. Your wife is boring, old and ugly. And your sister… well, look at her. You’re confused and hesitant at what she’s suggesting, but she knows the way that you look at her. And, you have fantasized about it. She starts to undress, and your hesitation slowly begins to fade away. Your sister strikes a deal with you: you two will fuck, and if you don’t like it, both of you will go on with your lives and pretend like it never happened. BUT, if you DO like it… you have to leave your wife. She mounts your hard cock and begins to ride. Your wife never fucks you like this. Your sister rides your cock like a professional. Watching her tits bounce up and down alone almost makes you bust. She pulls on her leash while she rides. Her pussy is all yours for you to use. Forget about your stupid wife. Your sister fucks your cock frontwards and backwards until you shoot a huge load inside of her. You watch your cum drip from her pussy. You know your fate now — you must leave your wife immediately so you can have your sister’s sweet pussy whenever you want.

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