Mommy's Rubber Lover 2 - Sophia Sylvan

Mommy’s Rubber Lover 2 – Sophia Sylvan

Are you ready to do more for your mother, my little collared slut? Suck on mommy’s nipples while I hurt yours. Maybe I should I’ve you hormones so you will grow baby A cups. You have ask permission play with your sister, don’t get any crazy ideas, would you like to have a sister to play with, sweet sisters, the sister and the sissy? I always wanted a girl, so that’s why I punish you and make you my sissy bitch. Someday I’ll make you suck dick for mommy, I want my own son’s spit on black dick, to get it wet for us. Let’s share, baby. Let’s suck this long black double ended dildo together, maybe someday we will share a black cock like this, wouldn’t that be nice? Good boy. Be a good whore like your mother. I’m going to teach you everything I know. A good family shares everything. I have to beat you for being a boy and not the girl I wanted. Stand at attention, let me slap that cock. Want to earn the right to take this big dick in your sissy hole? Lube up your hole while I whip your dick. It’s going right in your ass, you sissy faggot. Want to get your whore ass filled faggot? I will punish it first with my riding crop. I want to get fucked but you don’t deserve to fuck me today, you need to remember your place. Put the chain of the clamps in your mouth and don’t drop it til you cum. You caecum with mommy. Lay down missionary like a good sissy and share this big dick with your mother. I put it inside me then work it into your hole deeper and deeper, making you take it painfully deep, you take the most of this cock, trying to get your body closer to mommy’s beloved pussy, working for it, pushing your faggot ass into me hard to get me off. Rub your slitty while you take this dick. I love you son now take that 10 inches while I cum! I’m so creamy, you creamed yourself too so nicely. Now suck my cum off this black cock, it’s so white and thick, let’s share again, licking my cum with a mother son goodnight perverted kiss.

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Mom is using her yellow rubber latex kit - Hot Wife Jolee

Mom is using her yellow rubber latex kit – Hot Wife Jolee

Mom is using her yellow rubber latex kitchen gloves again.
Mom know you need some help with your hard on. Let mom take care of that issue for you. You are such a sissy boy! you are more like a girl to me I will make your asshole a pussy now Now You see mom putting on her yellow rubber latex kitchen gloves she does dishes with. Now do as mom says and you will feel really good after. Mom will give you some instruction by showing what mom will do to your asshole first. Mom wants to be gentle for her sissy slut!!

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Son caught with sissy clothes - Spoiled Mean MILFs

Son caught with sissy clothes – Spoiled Mean MILFs

Elis’s mom is going out of town for a week so he raided her lingerie drawer so he could have some kinky fun wearing lace panties while she was gone. He called a friend over and then laid down for a nap while he waits for them to come over. He wakes up from his nap to his mom walking in because she forgot something. She’s asking a lot of questions and he finally comes clean. He tells her that likes to wear girl clothes and lingerie. She strips him down and helps him put his cute, sissy outfit on to help him see if this is really what he wants. She’s proud of her creation so she takes some pictures. Looks like you’re gonna be Mommy’s new sissy girl.

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School Bully Nuts In Mommy - Butt3rflyforU

School Bully Nuts In Mommy – Butt3rflyforU

You came home with a terrible report card so tonight is mommy’s special night of pleasure and your night of punishment!!! Mommy is all dolled up for your school bully to come over! That’s right! He loves mommy’s tight pussy and huge tits!!! Maybe watching mommy get fucked by the school bully will motivate you to get better grades!!!Mommy is wearing this sexy body suit and thigh highs for your bully!!! He fucks me so good and tonight will be extra special because I want him to leave his hot seed inside mommy!!! But don’t worry, you have front row seats to watch this hot evening!!! And mommy will of course save you his special treat!!! You will be mommy’s good pussy cleaner!!! Maybe you can at least clean me up after…..can you do that right? I know your grades stink, but maybe you can at least be a good pussy cleaner!!!!

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Mommies Baby Boy - Lindsey Leigh

Mommies Baby Boy – Lindsey Leigh

Mommy is back and pushing your limits even further. I want you to be my baby. Sucking a pacifier, using a diaper and letting me change you. Mommy always knows whats best for her son, come suck on mommies titties. “I am going to take care of you and take complete control baby” I say it over and over like a nursery rhyme. I want your potty privileges to be up to me. I want that ass to belong to me. Dont you want to be a good boy for mommy?

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Mommy Pleasure JOI - Miss Jade

Mommy Pleasure JOI – Miss Jade

Go right on ahead my sweet baby and stroke yourself. Show me what a big boy you are. Give into your little mommy fantasies, look up at me and allow that pleasure to take over. Mmmm oh yesss, baby feeels so good and warm with mommy.

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Mommy femdom roleplay - Godess Sophie

Mommy femdom roleplay – Godess Sophie

Nothing more twisting than my boy looking through my laundry after mommy`s dirty panties
Recently i discovered that he actually loves more than just sniffing
Turns on-my boy loves to lick and wank over them
Its just such a turn on that so i make a deal with him……. im gonna make him wear them everyday in any place he goes and stroke for mommy his boy cock

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Sissy B*** Mommy Love - Miss Jade

Sissy B*** Mommy Love – Miss Jade

This view of me hovering above you, you’re so aroused by your mommy. The way I wrinkle my nose when I look down at your stinky Nappy. My soothing voice, how I always know best. No wonder you’re such a good obedient sissy B***. You will do anything to please mommy.


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