Pimp Mommy 1080p - King Lexa

Pimp Mommy 1080p – King Lexa

Pimp mommy has captured you. She has you hostage and you’re definitely not the first. Now you are just one of many.
Pimp mommy does this for a living and only cares about her money.
She’s going to sex traffic your pussy and you have no choice but to let her. She takes your white pussy men and monetizes off their pussy rotating more than a dozen of men around a day!
She will leave you like a piece of meat while she collects her checks.
Pimp Mommy show’s you how you will be fucked every day and night with the purpose of you performing at your best. Don’t upset Pimp Mommy’s black dick customer’s or you’ll be in for a beating!

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Mommy Turns You Into A Girl - Icy Winters

Mommy Turns You Into A Girl – Icy Winters

In this video, Mommy figures out that you want to be a GIRL!!! She’s very supportive, excited even, as she picks out new underwear for you, and helps you try them on. She’s very happy to have a brand new baby girl, one that’s perfectly obedient, and will do anything she says… She’s very excited to introduce you to a new therapy method to help your body “develop” called SURROGATE BONDING… she says its a perfectly natural method, where you consume the fluids that her body produces… and rub her fluid all over your body! You feel like maybe it’s working, you feel funny… but… it’s better to just do as mommy says isn’t it? Much easier than thinking about what’s happening to you… that’s it… good girl….

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Mommys lil cock sucker - Luscious Rose

Mommys lil cock sucker – Luscious Rose

Mommy knows all your dirty secrets How you watch her how you jerk off with her panties and she knows you desperately want to be a sissy little cock sucker. Mommy will shove her cock in your throat and make you worship every inch of her mommy cock.

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POV mommy diapers you - Baby Pickles

POV mommy diapers you – Baby Pickles

You have been a bad boy and tried to wear big boy’s underwear. Of course it didn’t end up good and yoi had an accident. Mommy caught you and got angry, she spanks your cock a little, and tell you are too little for underwears, babies use diapers. She puts anti-rash cream on you, powders you, and diapers you. At the end, she perfums you and gives you some advice about wearing diapers 24/7.

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