Son Ass Grinds Mom in Kitchen Dad Nearby - Brittany Lynn

Son Ass Grinds Mom in Kitchen Dad Nearby – Brittany Lynn

A sexy blonde MILF in a satin nightie and robe is in her kitchen and trying to reach the top cabinet for something. Her son comes in asking if he can help. She tells him she needs him to reach the top cabinet and he comes in behind her, rubbing his cock against his mom’s ass as he does. She questions what he is doing and he just keeps up with the ass grinding. She reminds him that his father is in the other room and he promises to be quiet. Mom tries to resist, but she loves how her son’s cock feel son her satin covered ass and remarks at how much bigger it is than his father’s. He keeps ass grinding her and then takes her satin robe off and starts in with the titty squeezing. Soon he is undoing her top and exposing her big tits, which just makes it easier for him to do some hot titty squeezing. Mom loves this too and moans, as quietly as she can, in pure taboo ecstasy. The two go at the taboo ass grinding for some time. At one point he lifts him mother’s satin nightie up to expose her naked fat ass and he then grinds all over it. Soon he grabs her up and she wraps her legs around him backwards as he lifts her up and humps her ass hard. This leads to mom cumming and her son saying he is going to cum. She encourages him to do so and he cums right in his own boxers. The two then share an awkward moment as mom tries to get her satin clothes back in place and her son saying he has to go clean up. She reminds him one last time not to disturb his dad and he walk off as she continues to get dressed and recover from the naughty taboo action that just took place.

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Rae The Foster Mom Turns Bombshell 1080p - Butt3rflyforU

Rae The Foster Mom Turns Bombshell 1080p – Butt3rflyforU

Name John used occasionally- Rae just adopted you from the foster home and you have brought home failing grades and the principal just called. We need to get to the bottom of what is bothering you, but let’s talk about it while I get dressed for church. We are both going today to praise the Lord in his holy house. Ok now I am ready to worship God today. How does mommy look in my blouse, long skirt and pearls? Ok where were we? What is upsetting you so bad that you have bad grades? What do you have behind your back? Show me. Oh my goodness. I can’t wear this stuff. I am a wholesome women of church. I don’t wear strings for panties and this revealing type stuff!!!!I will put this stuff on but with one condition!!! You must get better grades. Ok deal? Ok give me the bag and I will put it on. How do I look? My goodness this stuff makes me look like a street walker!!! Stockings, g-string, stiletto’s, and this club dress!!! Oh dear, is that a boner you are getting? Did this outfit arouse you? Ok well I guess mommy has to help you! You can’t go to church with that erection. Take it out and stroke it in front of me. Look at mommy’s body in this dress. Here…..use mommy’s satin granny panties that I had on to jerk off your semen on to the granny panties!!!!

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Mother And Son Bonding - Daddys Rozay

Mother And Son Bonding – Daddys Rozay

Mommy returns home form the gym all sweaty with some items that don’t belong to her. She enjoyed the time she spend playing with you this afternoon, and wants to do it again. She takes out her surprises, goes over all the dirty details. I’ll give you a little hint the items belong to your aunt and your sister. The best part of all this is mommy stuffs her panties in her pussy maling herself cum all over them! Pulls them out and shoved them right in your face. Look at all that cream, and doesn’t it smell so sweet.

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My TS Stepmom: Mutual Masturbation - Wendy Summers

My TS Stepmom: Mutual Masturbation – Wendy Summers

Your Transsexual stepmom doesn’t like how you’ve been moping in your room since your break-up. It’s not healthy for a young adult male to be so depressed. Since you don’t feel like dating, she suggests masturbating. But since porn won’t cut it, your stepmom is ready to help you out. She slides into bed next two you and she encourages you to masturbate along side her. She has you focus on her soft full breasts and her thick, hard cock. As her hands rub up and down her dick, she becomes more and more aroused, finally spraying her load of cum. She licks up her cum and then offers to kiss you to share the taste. Here’s one cum filled kiss that will make it all better.

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Silky Slip Taboo Fantasy - Goddess Tatum Kelly

Silky Slip Taboo Fantasy – Goddess Tatum Kelly

Honey, what’s wrong? Mommy heard you crying in your room. Is it because my new boyfriend is in my bed right now? I know this is a difficult adjustment, but I promise you that he’s wonderful. You still look sad, which means Mommy is going to do something extra special for you. My boyfriend can wait. Right now, it’s all about you, honey. Do you see what I’m wearing? It’s a silky slip. Mommy is going to tease you with this slip and you’re going to jerk to me. I know how much you love stroking to my hot body so not only am I going to play with my slip, but I’m also going to take it off. There’s that smile! That’s what Mommy likes to see! Now get your dick in your hand and start stroking.

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Keeping Mommy Warm: Mom & Son Cuddle, Accidental Erection, Mom Helps Son, POV - HD 1080p - Christina Sapphire

Keeping Mommy Warm: Mom & Son Cuddle, Accidental Erection, Mom Helps Son, POV – HD 1080p – Christina Sapphire

“It’s so cold tonight!” Mom rushed into your bedroom. “I need to get in…I need to get in with somebody warm! It’s so cold, I just need to borrow your warmth.” She got underneath the covers with you and snuggled her body against yours.
“Oh, my feet are cold, can I put them up against your leg?” she shivered. “Oh my god…you are so warm. Can you roll over and put your arms around me? That feels so good.” Her butt accidentally grinded against your cock, and she let out soft, satisfied moans from the warmth. “Oh wait, what’s that hard thing?” she felt something stiff against her body. “Did you go to sleep with a toy in your bed?”
But then a sweet, warm smile ran across her face. “Did Mommy give you that?” she asked. “Did Mommy make you hard? I bet it feels good for Mommy to rub it, doesn’t it?” She first stroked your hard cock, then put her mouth around it. “That feels so good…you’re so warm. Keeping Mommy warm is such an important job,” she told you.
She laid back, her silky nightgown pulled up now, and told you to slide your cock inside of her. “Oh god, that’s so warm…” she moaned. “This is such a nice way to warm on a frigid night.” After penetrating her wet pussy, you finally filled it with your cum. “That’s the best love making I’ve had in a long time…” she said. “I’m not cold anymore. Thank you, honey. Can you cuddle with me now…keep me warm for the rest of the night? Just like that…your arms feel perfect around Mommy….”

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You like to make mommy happy don't you - Hot Wife Jolee

You like to make mommy happy don’t you – Hot Wife Jolee

You like to make mommy happy don’t you Mommy all dressed up sexy and wearing those hot red satin panties. It is making you so horny right in front of mom. cum make mommy happy by dropping your pants and touching your penis as mommy says. You like looking at mommies pussy and little asshole don’t you? want to taste ? cum and get it my naughty boy!

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Mother's Whispery Stroking Encouragement - Tara Tainton

Mother’s Whispery Stroking Encouragement – Tara Tainton

Mother knows what you want. Mother knows what you need. And she’s going to give it to you right now… a slow, sexy, sultry, soothing, whispery encouragement to stroke your cock for her, to her, in front of her, on her… You’re going to come SO HARD.


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Consoling Mommy On Her Birthday HD - Butt3rflyforU

Consoling Mommy On Her Birthday HD – Butt3rflyforU

It’s my birthday and of course I have no one to spend it with. Your dad is gone…again…out of town and leaves me all by myself….You are my sweet boy and of course offer to stay home with me and do things with me on my birthday, but I tell you no way, don’t change your plans. You insist and go a step further and offer me a birthday massage….oh boy! I can’t resist that !!!! I begin taking off my satin robe showing my bare shoulders. “Oh my sweet young son, this feels soooo good..” “Mommy is so tense and tight”…..That feels so good….You tell me to let you rub my legs….I take my robe completely off…just leaving mommy’s thong and bra…..You begin to get aroused…..looking at me ….you are only 14, but your hormones raging….mommy’s body is so hot, you always jerk off in your bed thinking of what her pussy would feel like,what it feels like to have mommy’s lips around your throbbing , young begin rubbing me on my legs…you can see pussy lips between her legs and under her thong…….”Uhhhh…honey…..umm…what’s that ? You have a huge tent in your pants”…honey..did you get aroused by massaging me? Oh dear , ,my young baby….sit here….let me see….Oh my…you are getting so large down there….take it out…let mommy help you…let me show you how to release that build up…”I didn’t mean for this to happen”….Let mommy take care of that…Mommy’s hands and lips will feel good honey…It’s the least I can do since it is my fault you got aroused….showing my baby boy by bra and panties probably wasn’t a good idea… I will help you…I LOVE YOU!!! ENJOY!


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Ass Fucking The Milf Next Door 1080p - Butt3rflyforU

Ass Fucking The Milf Next Door 1080p – Butt3rflyforU

You live next door and your mom is out of town and you’re home all by yourself. I am the hot milf next door that you sneak over to see from time to time…now you have run out of laundry detergent and need to borrow some. You knock on my door and to your delight I am half naked…only opening the door a little to see who it is. I have a teeny tiny bra on, garter belt and satin robe with thigh highs and heels. I open the door and you are smiling ear to ear eye fucking me and my hot outfit. I tell you this isn’t the best time, I am filming and doing a photo shoot for a porno that I am starring in….I invite you inside since I know your mom is out of town because she would flip if she knew you were over here and filming porn!!!! You come in and meet everyone…the lead actor is 30 minutes late!!!! I can’t wait forever..but l introduce you to the producer and he asks your age….18!!!! PERFECT!!!!!! I ask if you would like to co star with me in this feature film….and oh by the way you know I love young cocks!!!! And this is going to be extra special honey!!! You will be fucking my ass….so go slow because I can already see that you have a huge hard on in your pants and you are so girthy …..but follow me into my bedroom!! This will be exciting for you!!! Your’re first anal experience! Let the action begin!!!!! ENJOY!


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