The Sweetest Cuck For a Son - Siena Rose

The Sweetest Cuck For a Son – Siena Rose

I have the sweetest cuck of a son and we both love to have you bring your friends home so you can watch me suck their cocks. I talk sweetly to you and talk about how you love to sit on mommy’s cock and have me feed you cum. I want your friends to be nice to you and I have you record me sucking his cock so he can take it to school and show his friends. Pretty soon they will all be your friends because mommy treats them like kings with long, sloppy, wet blowjobs. I make him cum in my mouth and let you watch it run out and then I decide to make him cum a second time for us.

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Taboo-Mother Found Her Purple Gloves - Siena Rose

Taboo-Mother Found Her Purple Gloves – Siena Rose

I found an old pair of purple gloves that I had forgotten about. And they immediate made me think of you and your naughty glove fetish. I’m still a little upset that you had taken my last pair so I’m going to put these super soft cashmere gloves on and softly tease your young cock with mommy’s gloves until you cum all over them for me. My 4th Taboo Glove Fetish for mommy’s special boy.

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Mommy's Soft Sweater - Siena Rose

Mommy’s Soft Sweater – Siena Rose

I know how fond you are of Mommy’s soft gloves, scarves and sweaters. I can tell you are really getting hard watching me talk to you and touch my soft sweater. I wore my softest sweater today for you knowing I was going to tease and love on you. I talk seductively, tease you and slowly unzip your pants. I tell you how no one can make you feel like Mommy makes you feel. I brush up against you with my soft sweater and play with your cock. Oh and your father just came home so we need to be quiet. I’ll send him away long enough to get your hot, young cock to unload all over my super soft sweater.

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Momma's Boy Has a Glove Fetish - Siena Rose

Momma’s Boy Has a Glove Fetish – Siena Rose

I busted you taking my gloves and I am ANGRY. What were you going to do with them anyway? Those are my favorite soft gloves and they look SO GOOD on my hands. I cannot believe me putting my gloves on in front of you is making your cock hard. Now you’re in for it. PULL YOUR COCK OUT NOW!!!!!!!!! You’re just going to have to sit there and let mommy punish your cock. This isn’t what I had planned for today at all. I cannot believe how big and fat it is as I am teasing and brushing up against that hard cock of yours. You can’t handle momma looking this hot stroking your cock with my super soft cashmere gloves. Shhhh, momma’s got you. Just let it go. Guess your going to have to blow a load all over my nice gloves aren’t you?

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