Can You Keep a Secret? - Angel The Dreamgirl

Can You Keep a Secret? – Angel The Dreamgirl

You hid in your mom’s dressing room to spy on her.
“You are already a big boy and you gotta get a girlfriend,” your mommy tells you. But you can’t control your erection, you saw her beautiful body, you watched your mom sexy legs on high heels, you spied on her in the hope that then you will jerk off on her nylons, remembering her beautiful legs, when she leaves the room.
Suddenly she noticed you, but did not show it, she continued to dress, and then mom opened the door to her dressing room and was surprised.

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Friend's Mom Masturbation JOI - Moaning Mona

Friend’s Mom Masturbation JOI – Moaning Mona

I’ve come to hang out with your son, and I notice you are wearing tape under your tube top and I ask you why you do this. You tell me that it’s because your nipples are so big and dark that if you didn’t they would poke through. And you say that little boys like me are not allowed to see your nipples, because it would make me hard and you could get into trouble. But it’s already too late, you can see the bulge in my pants. I beg to see them, at first you say no, but then you don’t want to get into trouble for making me hard, so you say you will let me jerk off over you, just this once, but I have to be quick because you don’t want to get caught. You begin to tease me and pull your tube top down and showing me your covered nipples, I beg for you to take off the tape, and when you do you see how excited I get. I’m jerking my dick really fast and you can see a lot of precum from my dick. You tell me you want me to cum for you, that you want to hear me moan while I stroke it to you. And that I have to cum quickly, so you tell me you’re going to spread your legs for me like a whore and that I only have 3 minutes now to cum. You squat down, open your legs and twerk your body for me, telling me to have a good look at your pussy while I stroke myself off.

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Sons Sneaker Fetish - Evamarie88

Sons Sneaker Fetish – Evamarie

Watch me catch you going through my dirty sneakers… What you doing son? What is it you like how dirty mommys vans are? i rub them on your crotch and my son instantly gets hard… You do have a sneaker fetish? Well know girl will be into this so its mommys job to sort you out… i get down between your knees and slide my sons hard cock into my sneakers giving you a shoejob… Before putting them back on and rubbing my dirty trainers up and down your erect dick…. Mmmm I want you to cum for mommy i slide your dick inside my vans once more and give you a cum countdown to shoot your load inside… Good Boy… I stick my tongue inside the shoe and lick it up… My sons cum tasted good #taboo #son #mommy #sneaker #shoejob #evamarie88 #vans

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Mommy's Shoes - Anabelle Pync

Mommy’s Shoes – Anabelle Pync

Featuring Anabelle Pync!
Hey baby boy. Do you like Mama’s shoes? Do my arches make you excited in your pants? Do you want to sniff my shoes and sweaty soles?
Why don’t you get your tent pole out and start rubbing it? Rub that little penis and put your pee pee on my feet because it makes me happy to see how excited you are.
Don’t cum yet because you have to listen to mama! Let’s give my toe cleavage some special attention.
You love how I stroke your penis as I wrap my feet around it. You like it when we tickle your balls.
Now I want you to put it in my shoes. Look at your load! You make Mommy so happy as I squish my feet inside my cum filled shoes.

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