Smell Your Step-Mom's Stinky Feet - Myprettyfeet8

Smell Your Step-Mom’s Stinky Feet – Myprettyfeet8

I don’t like that you’ve been violating my privacy by smelling my stinky socks and shoes, so I’d like to make an arrangement with you, step-son. I will leave out my stinky socks for you to stiff, and I will leave my stinky flats by your door, so that you don’t have to sneak around. I’m dangling my flats with my legs crossed while we’re having this conversation. When My first flat falls to the floor, I allow you to take a whiff of your step-mom’s stinky feet for the first, and only, time.

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Mummy's Good Little Piggy - Dommelia

Mummy’s Good Little Piggy – Dommelia

Mummy wants you to be a very good piggy for her. I know that you want to be a very good piggy for Mummy because she will reward you with lovely sessions with her big round milk filled boobies, and you loooove Mummy’s boobies, don’t you? So you need to give Mummy all your pocket money, every single penny! That’s right, just put aaaaaall that money into Mummy’s bank account and then you can snuggle into this cleavage and have lovely soft kisses from Mummy’s big luscious lips and you can jerk your little tiny piggy penis!

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Step-Mommy teaches her step-son a lesson - Clara Domme

Step-Mommy teaches her step-son a lesson – Clara Domme

You really think you can get all of that luxury lifestyle for free, piggy step-son? I think you should remember I saved your ass fom so many situations that your step-Dad knows nothing about, that now you will do whatever I want in order to not get exposed-fantasy and continue with your life just as it was until now, bitch!

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Momma puts you in chastity - Spoiled Mean MILFs

Momma puts you in chastity – Spoiled Mean MILFs

Your mom knows you’re a growing man, but she’s not going to let you thinking with the WRONG HEAD, your dick ruin your future. She pulls out a chastity device and explains how it works and that she’s going to ground you if you don’t wear it. This will help you stay focused on your future and, with no girls around, you’ll have so much time to do more work around the house too. Now scram, and get used to your new life in chastity for Mommy.

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Blackmailed by the feet of Momma and Aunt - Spoiled Mean MILFs

Blackmailed by the feet of Momma and Aunt – Spoiled Mean MILFs

Your mom and your Aunt just got home from a fun ladies night and didn’t notice you in the corner while they were talking about the evenings happenings. You threaten to tell your father, but your Aunt knows all your secrets. Namely, your foot fetish. They decide to exploit that by taking their shoes off and letting you sniff. They notice you have a fucking boner and are disgusted. Then they pull you closer and let you lick their stinky feet… as long as you promise not to tell ANYONE about what you heard them talking about!

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Mom Rewards Good Grades with Footjob - Cattie

Mom Rewards Good Grades with Footjob – Cattie

You’re home from college and your Mom wanted to help you get settled in quicker by helping you unpack. However, as she’s going through your boxes, she comes across an abundance of dirty ladies socks… and holy sh*t… they’re her missing ones! She gives you a chance to explain yourself. And now it all makes sense… baffled she’d never caught on before… you’re obsessed with Mommy’s smelly feet! To your surprise though, your Mom decides to indulge in this. You got amazing grades in your classes and that deserves a reward! But you can NEVER tell anyone about what she’s about to let happen… EVER! Go grab Mommy’s lotion! You’re going to massage her feet, since she loves being pampered! And you both know how much YOU appreciate that too… If you do a good job at this task as well, Mommy will massage your dick with her soft toes and soles in return!

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Mother's Pantyhose JOI - Georgina Feet

Mother’s Pantyhose JOI – Georgina Feet

Just a quick little sort out in your bedroom and what do I find, a pair of hidden pantyhose. They’re mine, they’re used, you’ve taken them out of the laundry basket. I knew I saw you before in the basket touching my nylons. I feel bad for you, this is my fault, you always wanted to touch my nylon covered legs. So I decide that I owe it you to help you out….

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Mom Dishes Out Humiliation - MoRina

Mom Dishes Out Humiliation – MoRina

(POV) You’ve just gotten a bare-butt spanking from your dad, in front of guests and everything. You’re in your bedroom, sulking and nursing your bruised ego. Your mom comes in with some nice cooling lotion to put on your red, sore behind. She tries super hard to be sympathetic, but you can tell she thinks you deserved what you got for being caught jerking off, sniffing stolen panties. And she really can’t help laughing at your little pee pee being on display for everyone. You protest, but she pulls out a measuring tape and proves just how tiny your little penis is. And laughs about it… oh how hard she is laughing. So, your mom loves you and even though she is having a good laugh at your expense, she devises a plan so you can sniff a pair of panties to your heart’s content. She removes her own and shoves them in your face. All of a sudden, your little pee pee starts getting hard and it starts her back to fits of laughter as she measures it again and mocks you all over again.

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Mom's New Sunglasses - MoRina

Mom’s New Sunglasses – MoRina

You sent your mom a sexy pair of black frame sunglasses with dark lenses. She made you a video to show her opening the gift, since you are all grown up now and working out of town. Before she even opens the gift, she tells you how proud she is of you and how much she loves you. She thinks you are so handsome and she loves the special relationship you have. She’s wearing a beautiful matching bra and panties for you and you smile thinking about how your relationship has evolved… She opens the gift and puts on the sunglasses. She’s looking at herself in the camera as she makes this video for you, and you can clearly see that she loves the glasses. She models them for you, even moving the camera closer to show you left side and right side! She has pulled her glasses down on her nose… you love that look and she knows it! She tells you that she will be sure to pick you up from the airport wearing these glasses and promises to give you a very special thank you….

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