Self Sucking Mommy's Big Boobs JOI - Gwen Adora

Self Sucking Mommy’s Big Boobs JOI – Gwen Adora

You wake Mommy up in the morning. You’re ready to go to school, but you had a dream last night that gave you some morning wood that you can’t get rid of. I ask you what you’re dream was about and you confess it was about a girl, and that you were sucking on her boobs. Asking you a few more questions, I find out that your dream was about me. It’s ok baby boy, it’s perfectly natural for you to have sexy dreams about your mommy. Sucking on my titties is so normal and I’m glad I can help you feel good. You climb into bed with me, and I cuddle you, before asking you if you want to suck on my titties to make your boner feel better. I suck on my own tits, showing you how it’s properly done, before letting you take them in your mouth to suckle on. I tell you that Mommy sometimes wakes up with a wet pussy, just like you do with your hard boner. I ask if you want to see how wet I am when you suckle on me like this, and you eagerly want a peak. I lift up my blanket and show you my juicy pussy, touching it a bit with my fingers. You continue to suck on me and jerk off until I ask if you want to touch my wettness, you agree. Before we take things too far, we come together – I let you jizz on my belly. Mmmm good boy. Now go get ready for school.

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Lactating and Cuming for Daddy - Kelly Payne

Lactating and Cuming for Daddy – Kelly Payne

Daddy your little girl has noticed you watching her use her breast pump, and feed the baby. Catching you stare at her tits constantly. She has decided to confront you daddy, by making a naughty video of herself, milking her sweet tits, spraying it all over herself, self sucking her huge DDD tits while masturbating and being daddy’s dirty little slut. Talking dirty to you the entire time and counting down so you can cum with her. Of course she made this naughty xxx video and sent it to your company’s work email address. DO you dare open it daddy? Or do you delete it daddy.


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