Helping Mom Cum After a Bad Date - Sammi Starfish

Helping Mom Cum After a Bad Date – Sammi Starfish

Hi, I’m 38-yr-old Sammi. This is another mother/son roleplay. This was a custom video request from a fan. Here is the script that was given to me by the fan: “The scene starts off with you (Sammi Starfish) getting home from a date that you were on. Your “son” asks you how it went and you complain that it was not very good. Your date could not last long enough in bed for you to get off and it has frustrated you sexually. So you go upstairs to your bedroom and masturbate. Your son knows that you went upstairs to get yourself off and he enjoys watching so he comes up shortly after you. But you do not mind being watched by him. You should be considering this as normal for your house. Everyone in your house is very open about masturbation and sexuality. I want you to masturbate until you cum. But there is a bit of a twist to the masturbation scene. Your date has fucked you up the ass and lost his condom up your asshole. He has cum much too quickly and left his used condom halfway up your ass. So once you are done masturbating you pull the condom that is filled with cum out of your ass and pour it all over your face. Your son then fucks you bent over the bed with the cum from the condom all over your face until you cum again. This can be a single camera production. But I would like most of it to be POV from the perspective of the son. But at the end scene where you are getting fucked I would like the focus to be mostly of your face covered in cum as you get fucked. I realize that part of the movie will not be able to be POV. But for the rest I would like it to be POV. Thank you very much Sammi, I can’t wait!!!” That was the description I was given and I stuck to it. The entire scene is 25 minutes long. I have also added 5 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage to this video at the very end of it. Getting a condom filled with fake cum up my ass was a bit more difficult than I expected. It’s actually kind of funny to watch. So I decided to include that as a free bonus for everyone who buys this movie lol. The whole movie is kind of a voyeur masturbation kind of theme, which leads to me being bent over and fucked. If you are into the family taboo genre, this one will not dissappoint. And remember, membership is the cheapest way to get all my vids. And I have a crazy amount of content on my Crush for those who just can’t get enough of me. I update Crush every single day.

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Mom & Son FaceFuck - Plastic Wrap Mummy - Sammi Starfish

Mom & Son FaceFuck – Plastic Wrap Mummy – Sammi Starfish

Hi, I’m 38-yr-old Sammi Starfish. This video is actually 23:30 in length. The last 4 minutes of the video is a series of degrading and extremely messy post-facefuck pictures that were taken immediately after filming the video. Once you watch the video it will make more sense to you as to why those pictures are there. I don’t want to spoil it for you lol. In this scene I’m doing what I do best. Roleplaying as a mother to an 18-year-old senior in high school, and getting my face brutally fucked by him. It might just be my messiest face fuck to date. Non-stop gagging, messy facial humiliation, and deepthroating. Once the scene is set the gagging seems to never stop until my face is covered in spit and cum. I hope you enjoy it as much as I hated it lolol. If you are a big fan of my videos consider becoming my Crush. Continue to download

Mom and Son - Duct Tape ANAL Sex - Sammi Starfish

Mom and Son – Duct Tape ANAL Sex – Sammi Starfish

Hi, I’m 38-yr-old Sammi Starfish. Get ready for some very creative anal action in another one of my mother/son RolePlays. In this one my “son” is watching television as I decide to go take a nap. I ask him to wake me up later. Reminding him of what a heavy sleeper I am. So as it’s time to wake me up he tries yelling my name, shaking my shoulders, and pushing me on the bed. Nothing seems to be working.
Having run out of ideas, and getting horny by seeing me lay there with my ass bent over the bed, he decides to try waking me up creatively. He uses Gorilla Tape to spread both of my ass cheeks completely open so that he can examine to see what mommy’s asshole looks like. After enjoying what he sees he decides to put dildos up my asshole. But I still do not wake up. It is not until he has his entire cock deep in mommy’s asshole that I finally wake up. Startled at first I wonder what my son is doing up my ass. But it feels too good to ask him to stop. I orgasm and he finally fills my ass up with his jizz. Then leaves me there with my gaping asshole taped open on the bed.
I have also included 7 minutes of behind the scenes footage that followed my hard ass fucking. I price my videos based on their length, and this BTS footage has been included at no charge. It is a free bonus. You get to watch me stretch and fool around a bit with my stretched out asshole flashing the camera. I could definitely feel that my asshole was looser and very recently fucked. Definitely used my asshole.

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Aunt Blows Nephew - Public Cum Walk - Sammi Starfish

Aunt Blows Nephew – Public Cum Walk – Sammi Starfish

Hi, I’m 38-yr-old Sammi Starfish. This is a Nephew/Aunt roleplay video. In it I play an Aunt taking my 18-year-old nephew out to dinner. But on the way I receive a phone call from my photographer saying that he is having to cancel my photo shoot that was scheduled later today. And I really needed that money to pay my rent this month or I am totally screwed. In total desperation to provide those photos to my producer I ask my nephew if he can help. I explain to him that I am actually an “adult” model. He never knew. And that I need to get a photo set to my producer no later than tonight. And more embarrassing yet is that this photo set has to include me with hard cock in my mouth and a very large facial. My nephew tells me he has not cum in 36 days and has a massive load that he is willing to let me use for my face. So I pull over in a nearby park and suck his cock while he takes the pictures that I need. Then he jerks off his massive load all over my forehead, eyes, cheeks, and nose completely covering my face in one of the biggest warm loads I have ever had on my face. But I also need pics of my face with completely dried cum. But with this much semen that is going to take a long time. So I hike back down the hiking trails passing other fishermen and hikers along the way with my face completely drenched in cum. Then we drive to a nearby gas station and I pump gas wearing my epic facial. One car comes to a complete stop and back up in reverse to get a better look at my facial. It was so embarrassing lol. But I got all the pics that I needed and I did not wipe off a single drop of cum from my face until it had completely dried to my face. I had never let cum dry on my face for so long like that before. It was like plaster when I finally was able to clean my face off. My eyes got so red from having so much cum in them. If you love the way I look wearing cum on my face then this is the ultimate show for you. All shot in HD in perfect outdoor lighting. The video itself is actually 29 minutes long. The last 4 minutes of the video I included the pics set that my “nephew” took during the shoot. Those are also very high quality HD pictures. So make sure you watch to the end for the 4 minute pic compilation. I price my videos based on their length, and these last 4 minutes of pictures are included completely free of charge. I know you will enjoy them. It’s the perfect opportunity to pause the video and take screen shots of the best pictures and imagine adding your big load to my already covered face. And if you love my vids remember that membership is the best bang for your buck. And consider subscribing to my CRUSH. I have hundreds of exclusive vid clips available ONLY to my Crushes as well as thousands and thousands of pictures.

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Moms Thong Leotard Workout - Sammi Starfish

Moms Thong Leotard Workout – Sammi Starfish

Hi, I’m 38-yr-old Sammi. In this video my 18-year-old son who is a senior in high school gets home from school and comes into the living room to watch television. But I am doing my daily workout routine so he is going to have to wait to watch tv. So he decides to just hang out and watch me do my workout. Except I am wearing nude colored nylons, knee high socks, athletic shoes, and a very skimpy thong leotard. He likes what he sees and comes up with an idea after watching me do lunges and squats in my tiny little thong leotard. He tricks me into doing a ton of very embarrassing and revealing exercises so that he can see me bounce my big ass and humiliate myself. He tells me that science has come a long way toward learning how to build muscle and reduce bodyfat. And that he can help me with my workout with the things that he “learned” in gym class. And I buy into his trick hook line and sinker and do everything that he tells me to do. Some of these embarrassing exercises include bouncing my ass up and down while holding my ankles. Moving my head back and forth with my mouth wide open as if I am giving a blowjob over and over again to “work my core”. He convinces me that my thong leotard is restricting my movement and that I should un hook it. So I do revealing my pussy and asshole to him as he has me do exercises that open up my ass cheeks and reveal my entire pussy to him. And if that were not enough he tells me about a “weight lifting supplement” that burns fat. Except the supplement is a cream that is absorbed through the skin and has to be applied to the asshole. So he rubs it into my asshole for me and tells me to continue working out with my asshole covered in cream that looks like semen. Then he helps me cool down by telling me to rub my groin area to help the muscles cool down. The workout takes place in my living room at first, but we move outside where it is hot to help get that sweat going so that he can show off my big fit milf ass to all the neighbors in my condo complex. If any of them were smart enough to look out their windows that it. As well as passing traffic next to my house. This was a very fun video to shoot. There is no sex or blowjobs in this video, but it is very sensual. You will definitely get a chance to worship my pussy and asshole too. The movements that he had me do were completely humiliating and ridiculous. But mommy is not very smart and is very gullible and easily tricked into showing her asshole and pussy if you put a little bit of thought into it. And remember that membership is the cheapest way to get all of my vids. I also update Crush daily and have hundreds of vids and thousands of pics there for those of you who are huge fans. I have more Crush content in fact than any model I have ever seen on MV. In fact, if you can find a model with more Crush content than me I will send you a promo code for 50% off of my Crush. I hope you enjoy this video. It was a little embarrassing to film, but it was also a TON of fun to film. Enjoy!!!

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Mom Teaches Son - FaceFuck - Sammi Starfish

Mom Teaches Son – FaceFuck – Sammi Starfish

Hi, I’m 38-yr-old Sammi. I have come to really enjoy doing family taboo videos and I honestly believe this is one of my best performances in that genre so far. In this one I am the mother of a boy who just turned 18 and is a senior in high school. The video starts off with him walking in the door just as he got off of school. He is nervous and asks me if he can talk to me about something. Of course being the loving mother that I am I’m happy to listen to his problem. He confides in me that he is not comfortable talking to his father about this because he is afraid of him over-reacting. So I listen as he is embarrassed to tell me that he is still a virgin and that his new girlfriend told him that she was going to give him his very first blowjob later tonight. But he is not able to get excited about it like he should be because he is too nervous. And to make matters worse his girlfriend wants to be facefucked and he has no idea what he is doing. So to calm his nerves I decided to show him what sucking cock is supposed to look like by showing him on my 7.5 inch dildo that I keep in my purse. But he still is not quite understanding it. So finally I tell him it’s okay as I am unzipping his pants and pull his cock out. “Mommy is going to just show you because that will be easier”. He instantly gets rock hard as I use my hands and mouth on his penis. Now that he is hard we are ready to begin the lesson. I tell him to grab my hair tight as I am on my knees in front of him. Now push my head all the way down on your cock until you hear mommy gag. Just pretend I am your girlfriend so that it’s not weird. Now keep going harder and deeper until you feel your cock slide down mommy’s slippery throat. Don’t stop until I am gagging and spit is erupting out of my mouth. Now that you have mastered that technique lets try a different position. I will lay on my back with my head upside down off the couch. Make sure you video this so that you can study it later. Now push your cock down my throat hard and rough. You will hear me gagging uncontrollably, you will hear me gasping for air, and you will feel spit erupting out of my mouth down my face.. This is how you know you are doing it right. Don’t feel sorry for me… I have been sucking cock for 25 years and know what I am doing. Now grab the back of my head in that same position and push my head up and down on your cock fast and hard. You are going to worry that you are hurting me, but don’t. I know what I am doing. Just fuck my throat like it is a pussy. I can take it. And don’t stop until all of the cum has been drained out of you. As you are cumming push your cock deep down my throat and gag me. All of the cum will erupt out of my mouth and cover my face. This is how you know you are facefucking properly. It’s called a gagging throatpie. It’s the most important part of a face fuck so don’t forget that part. Now that mommy’s face is covered in spit and warm semen lets go have lunch out outside on the back porch. I’m going to leave all that spit and cum on my face so that you don’t forget what a woman is supposed to look like after you have fucked her face. If she wants to be facefucked you can’t just expect a blowjob. You have to use her mouth hole properly or she won’t be satisfied. I’m so glad I was able to calm your nerves and teach you an important part of life. I enjoy being your mother and I am here for you anytime you need me.. If you need any more lessons about life you know I am always here for you. — And remember that membership is the cheapest way to get all my videos. I release two new videos every single weekend so check back every week for new stuff. I also have thousands of pics and hundreds of vid clips on my CRUSH. So if you are a big fan of my big fit milf booty definitely subscribe there because I update my CRUSH with new content every single day. Enjoy the video… and definitely check out my many other family taboo and facefuck videos. I am constantly working to improve my skills in those genres 🙂

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Spying on a Milf Working in Cutoff Jeans - Sammi Starfish

Spying on a Milf Working in Cutoff Jeans – Sammi Starfish

38-year-old amateur wife and mother of 4 gets spied on doing chores on her back deck, kitchen, and front porch where all of her neighbors can see her flashing her ass in her tiny little cut-off jean shorts. After 10 minutes of spying on her doing her slut chores she gets naked and sneaks upstairs to masturbate on the bed with her ass in the air. The camera man then sneaks in and fucks her doggystyle and gives her a massive creampie inside of her pussy. Close-up shots of the cum leaking out. Now satisfied, she puts her jean shorts back on and finishes her chores outside as the creampie leaks out of her pussy soaking the crotch of her shorts with his cum load. If only her neighbors knew it was a load of cum that was leaking from her milf pussy. Once finished she takes her shorts completely off and sucks every last bit of cum from her shorts slurping it all up. Then she stuffs her entire shorts into her mouth just to be sure she got it all like any good slut Milf would do.

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