Mom Ruins No Nut November - JOI - Sadbaffoon

Mom Ruins No Nut November – JOI – Sadbaffoon

You get home from school and go straight to the couch to play some video games. You can’t wait to unwind after a long hard day. Your mom is in the kitchen putting away dishes and she asks if you can come help. You get annoyed and give her attitude. You’re usually really helpful and kind to your mom so she becomes concerned. She sits down next to you and asks if anything is bothering you. You tell her that because of No Nut November, you’re a little frustrated. Your mom is confused and doesn’t know what that is. You explain it’s when you don’t cum for the month of November. Your mom shakes her head in disappointment and concern. She says “Honey, you’re a growing boy. It’s not healthy to hold in your cum. If you need to cum, you go right ahead and cum. Follow mommy to the bedroom and she’ll help you get all that frustration out.” You follow her into your bedroom and your mom pulls out your cock surprised at how full your balls are. Your mom instructs you to on how to stroke your cock while she masturbates and brings you to orgasm. You’re such a lucky little boy to have a mommy like me.

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Your New Step Mommy - POV Taboo - Sadbaffoon

Your New Step Mommy – POV Taboo – Sadbaffoon

Your new step mom is moving in with you and your dad today and you’re upset about it. You feel like she’s only with him for money and it’s super weird because she’s closer to your age than your dads. She comes into your room to talk to you in hopes that your relationship with her will improve. She begins to explain how much fun it’ll be to have a younger step mom. She’ll let you throw parties and break your dads rules, but only under one condition. Your dad no longer sexually satisfies her because of his old age. She says if you’d be willing to do some sexual favors for her, you guys would be able to work something out. Your dad isn’t home right now because he’s moving boxes for the big move so she suggests that we start helping each other out right now! Meet me in my room in 10 minutes, she asks. You go in there to find her mostly naked with just a lose blouse on. She says it’s felt like ages that she’s been waiting for you for. She takes your cock out and starts to gag herself on it. You feel yourself growing bigger and bigger in her mouth. After a few minutes she asks you if you’ve ever eaten pussy before and if you’d be willing to eat your step mommy’s. She pushes your face in between her thighs and humps your tongue. The way she smells and tastes is making your dick even harder. She spreads her pussy and shows you the tight hole your cock is going into and your dick starts to throb. She mounts you and starts riding your dick, with her tits jumping up and down. It feels so good deep inside your step mommy. She keeps saying how she’s so excited to be your little mommy toy, to be used by you. She turns around and rides you in reverse cowgirl and you watch her asshole pulse while she cums on your dick. She rolls over on her side and begs you to fuck her until you can’t hold in your jizz anymore. When you’re about to cum, she pulls your dick out of her and shoves your cock in your mouth like she’s starving for cum. You empty a load into her mouth and she gulps it down. You taste just like your dad! I’m so excited for our future together as your step mommy.

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Mommy's How To - Sucking Cock - Sadbaffoon

Mommy’s How To – Sucking Cock – Sadbaffoon

Your mom found the dirty pictures of those hot guys you hid in your room. You get really embarassed and worried that she’s not going to accept you. She quickly reassures you that you’re not in trouble at all. Your mom is so glad that you’re learning more about yourself and your sexuality. She’s so proud of the boy you’re growing up to be! The reason she’s come to talk to you today is because she wants to teach you about boys. She says if boys are going to be something you’re pursuing, you need to know what they like! She pulls out two dildos of different sizes and proceeds to teach you how to please them.

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Step Sis Made You A Naughty Video - Sadbaffoon

Step Sis Made You A Naughty Video – Sadbaffoon

Hey big bro! I was feeling a little curious so I went into your room and looked at what was on your computer. I cannot believe you are such a pervert and you film me during my private times while I’m alone in my room. Will you stop filming me if I make a super special video just for you? Okay then 😉


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Step Sis Just Turned 18 - Sadbaffoon

Step Sis Just Turned 18 – Sadbaffoon

Thanks so much for my 18th birthday present, big bro! What is it though? Can you show me how to use it? Why does it vibrate like this? I really like it when you show and teach me new things. Can you teach me more things? I’ve fantasized about you too while I was growing up. Includes big bro teaching me how to use a vibrator, big bro fucking my mouth + my pussy in different positions, and a facial to end 🙂


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Step Mom Takes Advantage Of You - Sadbaffoon

Step Mom Takes Advantage Of You – Sadbaffoon

You just came home from surgery and your step mom wants to take care of you! You’re a big fan of her so you don’t mind at all. The meds your doctor gave you paralyzed you though!! Your step mom told you not to worry and it should ware off soon. You pass out and wake up to your step mom sucking your cock! While surprised, you’re enjoying it very much and just lay back and watch her please herself with your cock. Not that you really have a choice though 😉


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My Step Dad Mind Controlled Me - Sadbaffoon

My Step Dad Mind Controlled Me – Sadbaffoon

My step daddy came to wake me up during my nap to play a game with him! I love playing games with daddy so I was very excited! The last thing I remember was daddy telling me to count down from 10. I woke up with my pussy soaking wet. I have no clue what happened :O


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Caught My Lil Bro Spying - JOI & CEI - Sadbaffoon

Caught My Lil Bro Spying – JOI & CEI – Sadbaffoon

It’s not okay to spy on your big sister while she’s in the privacy of her own bedroom… you fucking pervert! I hope this will help you learn your lesson. Listen to your big sister tell you how to jerk your cock while she embarrasses and degrades you. I can’t believe you’re turned on by your family! She makes you eat your own cum as a punishment for being so gross & perverted. Maybe next time you’ll learn to have some respect.


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Breeding Your Pet Sister - Sadbaffoon

Breeding Your Pet Sister – Sadbaffoon

I was playing in my room pretending to be a cat and my annoying older brother came to tell me that I’m not a real cat! He said the only way I could be a real cat is if I let him breed me. I was so confused! What in the world does that mean? He said that it means he’d put cat babies inside of me! I want cat babies. That sounds soooo cute. I asked him how breeding works and he said he’d put his cock in my kitty hole and put his seed deep inside of me. Sounds kind of gross, I thought. But I want to be a real cat! So I let him do it, I let my big brother breed me.


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Curious Little Step Sis - Sadbaffoon

Curious Little Step Sis – Sadbaffoon

I’ve been super bored all day and got caught up day dreaming about my step brother. I know that’s wrong, I feel really guilty about it. He’s not home right now though so I’m going to snoop in his room. I found a pair of his boxers!! That’s what boys use as underwear, right? I sniffed them and they smelled sooo good. It made me feel really tingly inside. Oh no! I think he’s home. He walked in on me in his closet, sniffing his underwear! This is so embarrassing. He told me to smell them again in front of him. I couldn’t help myself. He said he was going to teach me some things and to meet him in my bedroom. I learned so much!!


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