Roxy Cox and Eva Ray - Use Our Holes Step-Daddy, Get Us Pregnant

Roxy Cox and Eva Ray – Use Our Holes Step-Daddy, Get Us Pregnant

Roxy and Eva are step-sisters, they think they are alone at home and decide to play with some toys they got. Unknown to them, Step-Daddy is at home and hears them and walks in to find them playing with themselves. They tell Step-Daddy they went shopping with the allowance that he gave them and got some new toys to play with and now they are very horny and want to play with Step-Daddy’s big cock. They both kiss and pull out their big tits squeezing them together and teasing Step-Daddy to get his cock hard. They both get on their knees to suck Step-Daddy’s cock, taking turns sucking and talking dirty. Jerking and sucking his dick till it’s nice and sloppy and ready to fill their tight pussies. Now Step-Daddy want to fuck both of them and first Eva lays back on the couch and takes Step-Daddy’s cock begging for his cum and to impregnate her. Step-Daddy fills her pussy with a big load of creamy spunk and now it’s Roxy’s turn to get fucked by their Step-Daddy. Step-Daddy slides his big throbbing shaft deep inside her cunt and fucks her good and she takes a big creampie and gets knocked up by Step-Daddy too. They love all of Step-Daddy’s cum dripping out of their pussies rubbing and playing with themselves.

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Step-mom Trains Step-daughter to be an Office Slut - Roxy Cox and Brook Logan

Step-mom Trains Step-daughter to be an Office Slut – Roxy Cox and Brook Logan

Roxy the mom walks into office and her daughter Brook is waiting there on her first day, looking bored, playing with her phone. Mom tells her she is finally going to learn what work is really about and start being a productive member of society. Daughter scoffs and tells her mom to stop boring her but Roxy suddenly pulls her up by the hair and grabs her by the throat. “I’m not your mother here, I’m your boss, do you understand?”, “you’ll treat me like your boss and do exactly as your told like a good girl. Mom inspects daughter. First looks at face and tells her to be trashier, slaps her, e.t.c. lifts skirt, feels tits, tells her boobs are too small. Compares to her own big tits and gets them out. Mom stuffs daughter’s bra so she looks like a proper bimbo. Mom turn daughter round and bends her over, spanks her ass. Pulls her panties off and tells her to never wear panties to the office, her job here is to be used for other people’s pleasure so she should always be wet with no panties. Mom pushes a butt plug into her ass – stuffs panties her mouth and rubs her clit as she moans. Mom tells her she’s ready to test her daughters holes to see how well she’ll perform in her duties. Daughter complains but panties in her mouth are muffling the sounds. Mom lifts her skirt to reveal a harness and attaches a big dildo as daughter complains. Roxy gets Brook on her knees and shoves her strap on into her mouth, making her suck and gagging and getting it nice and sloppy dripping onto her tits. Grabbing her head and pushing it deeper and deeper down her throat. Mom tells daughter she is ready for a real challenge and strips her off naked except for heels, attaching a body harness & choker and spanking her with a paddle. She bends her over to face full length mirror and fucks her pussy from behind while pushing her mouth onto toy stuck to mirror for DP. Close up on Brook taking that cock from behind and seeing it stretch her. Mom tells daughter she has done better than she expected and now she’s loosened up, she might just be good enough to be the new office slut, but it’s time to prove it to the real boss. Mom pushes the daughter forward to meet boss’s cock. Daughter’s ass is arched up in the air in background as mom fucks her from behind while daughter sucks on bosses cock in foreground. Mom gives JOI telling her boss to use her daughter’s mouth and eventually tells the boss to cum in her mouth, cum drips out onto floor and Brook plays with it.


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MILF Stepmom & Taboo Step-Sister JOI - Roxy Cox

MILF Stepmom & Taboo Step-Sister JOI – Roxy Cox

Roxy your mom knocks on your door “Hi, can I come in”… she gets no response so eventually just walks in. “Look, I know you aren’t happy with us moving in but for your dad’s sake, I hope we can all just try to get along, OK?” She leans in squeezing her cleavage. “I want to introduce you to your new step sister now… I really hope you’ll get on together” She calls Eva in “Eva, Come in and meet your new brother darling” Eva walks in and joins Roxy at the desk. She says “Hi big brother” Mom says “I can see you’re not convinced but I think you’re going to change your mind about this new living arrangement, maybe one day you’ll even call me mom”. “Why don’t you sit there and you can get to know us both a little better?” The two of them start making out, licking each other’s faces and kissing. The girls break off the kiss and turn to the camera. Mom says “See, we’ve always been very close to each other, haven’t we Eva?” She nods. “And now that you’re going to be part of the family, I think we should really be close too”. “Eva, go and get closer to your new brother. Your cock is pressed up against her round ass “Holy fuck, what are you…WAIT…oh wow…he is so so hard…that feels…naughty and good.” Roxy and Eva start making out again and your cock is starting to drip pre-cum” Roxy encourages your new step sister to strip off for you and she takes off her clothes while telling you to stroke and jerk for her. Mom “See how much closer we are already”. Eva “Yeah, are you going to treat me like a real sister now… wanna play a game?” She smiles and looks up at him. Eva starts to jerk you off and Roxy encourages her to give you JOE. Ava: “I can feel him getting ready…he’s going to cum soon.” Roxy: “Let me squeeze his balls, I want him to completely empty his balls for you when he blows.” Ava: “Wait, where is he going to cum?” Roxy jerks you off over Eva’s face and mouth, then rubs the cum on her face. Now we both will have to get you hard again and Roxy is now stripped off for you too, your hot Mom and sister naked in front of you. Now they both share your cock and lick the shaft and take turns sucking you off. You want to cum again in your sister’s filthy mouth don’t you. Eva sucks you dry and loves the taste of your cum. They both are still horny and want more cum. Eva sits back and plays with her with her wet pussy and is such a greedy cumslut for you. She’s making you rock hard again isn’t she and you love every second of her playing with her tight little cunt. Roxy ties a blindfold around your sister Eva while she continues to rub her pussy.Eva is so horny thinking about your cock deep inside her. Mom whispers to stepson “listen to me, you’re not going to cum in your sister’s mouth, you’re going to cum inside her pussy, OK? You nod and she smiles. Eva asks “What are you two talking about” Mom “Oh… you’ll find out soon enough” Roxy whispers “Eva is expecting it in her mouth, but I think a warm cumshot in her pussy would be better to finish her cumslut training”. Roxy licks and sucks me till your nice and sticky. She teases Eva’s pussy with your cock and and starts fucking her with it. Eva moans in shock and pleasure together.”That’s it, spunk in your little sister, let’s be real family. You fills Eva’s pussy with a big creampie.

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Mom Blackmails Babysitter to Blow Hubby - Roxy Cox

Mom Blackmails Babysitter to Blow Hubby – Roxy Cox

Roxy the mom invites Serenity the babysitter in and turns to face you her husband. Roxy explains that her husband is not happy with her performance. He told me he caught you on the nanny cam, not paying attention to our son, not putting him to bed on time and always on your phone. This behaviour is not acceptable young lady and I have no choice, I’m going to have to fire you. The babysitter gets upset and is pleading not to fire her that she really needs this job. If you really want to keep your job, you’ll have to prove to us you will follow instructions from now on, no questions asked. The babysitter agrees as she knows she need this job so bad. Now that you seem more willing to follow orders, the first thing you’re going to do is strip for my husband and see if you can impress him. The babysitter protests, but Roxy gets her way and Serenity takes off her coat to reveal her sexy lingerie underneath. Roxy instructs her husband to jerk for the babysitter while she tease you in that hot lingerie, showing off her hot body. Roxy controls the pace of your jerking we don’t want you cumming too quick now do we, bending Serenity over to spank her ass and telling her to take off her bra and show off those big tits. Roxy is in charge telling the babysitter how to be a good cock tease while telling you what pace to stroke and jerk off to her. Pulling off her panties and spreading her ass so you can see those tight holes. Wank it hard and faster for that juicy wet pussy. “My husbands cock is rock hard now, well that was a good start but now you’re going to suck his dick, get on your knees”, Roxy says.
Both Roxy and Serenity are on their knees now. Roxy telling her to suck you off, she so good at this isn’t she? What a treat you are giving my hubby, you want to cum in her mouth don;t you. Blow that load right into her mouth and Serenity takes all that cum right in her mouth and swallows. “Oh darling, that was quick, it’s been a long time since you had such a young slut’s mouth on your cock hasn’t it? Let’s get you hard again, I want a turn”, Roxy says.
Roxy kisses and makes out with Serenity the babysitter, to get you rock hard again and you are just dying to get that dick between us. Roxy licking the tip of that cock and teasing you more. You want to cum again don’t you, but this time your going to give Roxy all of your cum and she takes your load in her mouth too. “Now it’s time to get those perky titties around my husband’s cock”. Ah, they’re implants, I knew it! Of course that’s one of the reasons we first hired you, now get to work”, Roxy yells.
You slide your cock between Serenity’s nice titties, fuck those big tits and make them bounce. My hubby’t cock trapped between those big tits, I know you want to spunk all over them. You’ve got another big load for her tits don’t you, go on fuck those titties good and spray your hot sticky jizz all over them. You can’t last can you, yes that’s it cum all over those tits. Such a mess, Roxy licks the cum off Serenity’s tits and loves the taste.
Roxy tells the babysitter she’s going to suck him off once more and you better last longer this time or I won;t let you use her again. Serenity is sucking your cock again while Roxy pushes her head further down the shaft. I’m going to let her do all the work and drain your balls dry. Your dick is so sloppy, you love her on her knees and sliding that cock deeper down her throat. Your going to get milked dry again and she’s going to swallow all of your cum. You are going to cum in her mouth again, fill her mouth with all of that cum so much of it that it drips down her chin. Good girl, we’ll expect your performance to stay like this in future, Roxy says.”

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MILF Moms Drain Daughters Cheating BF - Roxy Cox

MILF Moms Drain Daughters Cheating BF – Roxy Cox

Three moms confront a boy who has been fucking all of their daughters at the same time. Roxy, Sarah and Kelly are not impressed with your behaviour and we tease you for thinking your a big man just because you are fucking a few inexperienced girls. We know exactly what would happen though if it was us instead of our daughters, you would cum in your pants if you saw the real thing from an experienced woman and wouldn’t be able to handle three hot MILFS at once. We decide we are going to milk you completely dry until your shriveled balls will never recover or go near anywhere near our daughters again.We are all feeling very horny and being all together in our sexy lingerie, we begin teasing you. Sarah giving you JOI while Roxy and Kelly kiss and make out. Look at you getting rock hard and just had to start jerking your cock for us horny MILFS. We all get on our knees and Sarah starts sucking you off while Roxy and Kelly talk dirty and and telling you to cum in her mouth because we know you can’t hold on. One big load in Sarah’s mouth and Roxy and Kelly lick the excess cum dripping down the sides on your cock, sharing all of that tasty cum.But we aren’t done with you yet, we said we were going to milk you completely dry and there’s three of us to please. You don’t get off that easily. We continue to tease you, Roxy telling you to jerk again while you watch Kelly & Sarah kissing and making out. Roxy begins sucking you off while Kelly and Sarah encourage you to cum again and you blow another load in Roxy’s mouth and Kelly and Sarah lick the excess dripping down the sides. We keep going, Kelly telling you to jerk while Roxy and Sarah kiss and make out. Kelly sucking your cock and going deep on your dick. She’s ready for another load, give it to her! You blow another big load in Kelly’s mouth and she spits it into Sarah’s mouth and she shares it with Roxy spitting into her mouth. Three hot horny MILFS cum swapping and sharing your cum.That was fun, but we want more fun. Sarah’s bent over and you slide that cock between her hot ass cheeks. Kelly and Sarah kissing, while Roxy’s telling you to jerk more and telling you to cum all over her hot ass. You spunk all over her hot ass, close up on her ass you can see all that cum dripping down. Now your going to fuck Kelly’s big tits, while Sarah eats her pussy and Roxy encouraging you to fuck her titty and cum all over them. They bounce so good and it’s not long before you explode again cumming all over Kelly’s tits, all that jizz dripping down her hot body. Close up again on Kelly’s tits you can see them all covered in your spunk. Now your going to fuck Roxy’s juicy pussy while Sarah and Kelly rub her clit and squeeze her tits and tell you to cum and blow another hot load deep inside her. All that cum filling Roxy’s juicy wet cunt and Kelly and Sarah lick it out off her tasty pussy. We all like to share that cum. Fully naked, the hot moms stand over you. “Wow, you came 6 times, I bet you never came that many times for our precious daughters did you? ” One your shrivelled little balls have finally recovered, you won’t be going anywhere near any of our daughters again. If you do, next time we won’t let you stop after number 6″ Now get out!

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