Shh Dont wake Daddy, Mom Son Roleplay - Kelly Payne

Shh Dont wake Daddy, Mom Son Roleplay – Kelly Payne

You wake up from a bad dream and run into mom and dad’s room. Both wake up but mom tells dad to go back to bed and offers for you to climb into bed with her and cuddle up. While comforting you mommy moves back a little, noticing you have a boner that keeps poking her, feeling like your doing it on purpose she confronts you about it and is enticed to play along, even though daddy is still asleep in the bed right next to us. Starting out with mommy rubbing your cock, mom starts to get aroused herself and starts playing with herself as well, until she decides you should get on top of her and fuck her quietly, and slowly so we don’t wake up daddy, she even has you eat her out a bit all while daddy sleeps. Shh…

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Lactating MILF Co-Worker wants your cock - Kelly Payne

Lactating MILF Co-Worker wants your cock – Kelly Payne

Your co-worker has been flirting with you for awhile and when you stop by for a hello, you notice she’s using a breast pump, you pause and linger without saying anything. She notices you eventually and talks casually before noticing your enticed by watching her pump, then she takes her nursing bra off and starts telling you how much she’s been flirting with you and flat out wants to be naughty right here right now in the office, basically on her knees taking out your cock… how can you say no, you can barely respond. She sucks your cock while talking dirty and starts spraying milk & sucking it off your cock, self-sucking and spitting milk & spit all over your cock. Once your cock is covered in milk & spit she puts it between her tits and tells you how she wants you to cum down her throat. After you fill her mouth with cum she casually goes back to pumping and asks if you’d like to go out this weekend? And maybe next time we could fuck in the office…

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Impregnate Mommy 1080p - Haylee Love

Impregnate Mommy 1080p – Haylee Love

Mommy has been searching for a young stud to breed her fertile pussy. She’s noticed lately that you have become quite a fine specimen and she is sure that your sperm will be potent enough for the job. You can’t say no to Mommy, you’re too much of a Mama’s boy for that! Let Mommy ride your hard cock till it bursts all your seed into her cervix. It’s so difficult to last long even though you know how taboo this is. The idea of impregnating your mom is ridiculously hot though and before you know it you’ve had your balls drained deep inside her.

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Mom Ruins No Nut November - JOI - Sadbaffoon

Mom Ruins No Nut November – JOI – Sadbaffoon

You get home from school and go straight to the couch to play some video games. You can’t wait to unwind after a long hard day. Your mom is in the kitchen putting away dishes and she asks if you can come help. You get annoyed and give her attitude. You’re usually really helpful and kind to your mom so she becomes concerned. She sits down next to you and asks if anything is bothering you. You tell her that because of No Nut November, you’re a little frustrated. Your mom is confused and doesn’t know what that is. You explain it’s when you don’t cum for the month of November. Your mom shakes her head in disappointment and concern. She says “Honey, you’re a growing boy. It’s not healthy to hold in your cum. If you need to cum, you go right ahead and cum. Follow mommy to the bedroom and she’ll help you get all that frustration out.” You follow her into your bedroom and your mom pulls out your cock surprised at how full your balls are. Your mom instructs you to on how to stroke your cock while she masturbates and brings you to orgasm. You’re such a lucky little boy to have a mommy like me.

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Custom for Cindy Sue | Audio Only - Miss Regina Rae

Custom for Cindy Sue | Audio Only – Miss Regina Rae

Audio only | Another custom for my little Cindy Sue, but this time she’s my little girl. She needs just a little bit of encouragement to live like my little girl 24/7. I tell her it’s okay to give in to all her naughty desires, and encourage her to stroke for me. Welcome to your new life with MILF, C

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Taboo Valentine's With Mommy - Daddy's Rozay

Taboo Valentine’s With Mommy – Daddy’s Rozay

Happy Valentine’s! Well it was suppose to be… Your favourite MIlF planned a super special night for your father. She knows how much of a bad cheating slut she has been, so tonight she really wanted to make it up to him. But, of course, he’s working late! So she asks you to take a few photos of her all done up to send to him. Things start to get a bit heated between you two. One last time won’t hurt.. right? She sucks you off, while you taste her wet pussy, squats on your cock, and so much more. Making sure this is a very memorable Valentine’s Day for you both!

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End of the World repopulating the earth with mom - Kelly Payne

End of the World repopulating the earth with mom – Kelly Payne

You’ve finally settled down into a seemingly safe location since the zombie outbreak, remembering back on an older conversation about you and mom being the only remaining survivors; Mom starts talking to you about how it’s up to you two now to repopulate the earth. Like adam & eve, your old enough to help mommy get pregnant & you both can start a family and create a new world. Mom undresses & offers to get your cock hard, getting your mind off the scary surroundings and more focused on mom just like you should be. Mom sucks your cock (pov dildo) reminding you not to cum until your deep inside mommy, so she can get pregnant. Getting incredibly aroused by sucking your cock mommy lets you know she wants you to fuck her now. You fuck her, and both of you get so excited mom is loving your cock deep inside her, you cum in her and mommy pushes your cum in even deeper, which gets you both excited again, and you fuck mommy a second time, this time mommy bends over for you to fuck her from behind & then finishing in a missionary position. After you cum a second time, you both decide to hurry up and get dressed… maybe this location isn’t as safe as you both had hoped for.

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Step-Mom Caught You Watching Porn - Zoey Devlish

Step-Mom Caught You Watching Porn – Zoey Devlish

Your hot step-mom walks in on you and lectures you for watching porn, but she also wants to teach you REAL sex is like! So she teaches you about oral and getting your dick properly hard before riding you till you cum inside step-mommy’s pussy! Don’t worry, step-mommy will clean up your mess!

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Mommy's Little Vampire - Kelly Payne

Mommy’s Little Vampire – Kelly Payne

Mom finally comes home early next morning; she went out last night for a Halloween party having no idea the night would end this way. She looks sad, and as though she’s been crying. She tells you a woman bit her at the party, she thought it was simply playful fun, but she soon found out vampires are actually real, and now that she’s become one, she has to change you. She can’t live without you, and she knows you couldn’t survive without her being just a young boy. Mommy promises to protect you & care for you always, encouraging you to nurse from her breasts after biting you. She somberly speaks to you as you nurse, and eventually tells you how you are now hers and you both belong to them, the vampires that made you. She demands you allow her to place a collar around your neck, that is connected to nipple clamps. Mom struggles with the thought of you changing and continues to comfort you trying to keep you awake as long as possible before the change begins, awaking as mommy’s little vampire concubine.

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