Step Sister Camgirl Fantasy Custom - Bunni Bangz

Step Sister Camgirl Fantasy Custom – Bunni Bangz

This is a custom originally created for a customer named eddie 🙂 in this video, i play a sister who has a secret desire for roleplaying – its her kink. she absolutely loves acting it out on cam, especially for her regulars, and she’s noticed that her step brother tends to leer behind her door and watch too. one day she’s interrupted by him when camming and she has to confront him – he confesses his desires to fuck her, and she gets extremely overwhelmed and freaks out, kicking him out of her room. the next day, she approaches him, and tells him that she took his laptop to watch a movie, and saw all of his past porn history on step siblings and family sex on pornhub.. and how turned on she is by this. the confrontation turns into a full on sex session, filled with dirty talking as she rubs her pussy and tells you how much she wants your cock in her.

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Mom's Trashy Friend Takes Your Innocence - Slutty Spice

Mom’s Trashy Friend Takes Your Innocence – Slutty Spice

Your mom is having a girls night out with one of her friends from college, and she shows up before your mom is ready to go out. She sits with you at the table reminiscing about knowing your mom for so long, and talking about how big and handsome you are getting. She can’t believe when you tell her that you don’t have a girlfriend. She talks to you about how all of her friendships fail, because she just can’t help herself around her friends husbands, brothers, etc… She takes of her jacket and seems to be getting pretty comfortable. At one point she even spreads her legs and you can’t help but glance and notice she isn’t wearing any panties. One thing leads to another and she notices you have a huge boner, and she really wants to help you with that. She’s an experienced lady ya know? Who better to have your firsts with?

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Mom Gives You A Permanent Erection - British Goddess Anna

Mom Gives You A Permanent Erection – British Goddess Anna

Recently you’ve started to have thoughts about your Mom, dirty, inappropriate thoughts. It all started when you were talking with your friend who confessed that he has had SEX with his Mother! You were on a night out and he denied it the next day but you knew it was true. Dirty bastard.
Ever since that night, you have been aroused by the idea of fucking your own Mom. Feeling what it might be like with your cock inside her, Mommy’s juices slipping out of her pussy all over your balls as you penetrate her in the most intimate way.
Because of this you have developed an embarrassing issue! Each time you are near your Mother you get hard! And not just a bit. No. You get full on erect, swollen in your pants and virtually impossible to hide!
At first Mom didn’t notice. But now you have a feeling she knows. Fucking hell! After a few ‘episodes’ Mom sits you down and asks you to explain. As it turns out, Mom is friends with your friend’s Mother and she knows all about the sex between them.
And as she talks, it becomes clear that YOUR Mother has been having the same thoughts as you…

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Your Girlfriend Jerks You Off to Her Daughter - Bettie Bondage

Your Girlfriend Jerks You Off to Her Daughter – Bettie Bondage

You girlfriend’s daughter has been such a tease lately: bending over in front of you, always smiling and teasing, sitting on your lap even though she’s way too old for that…but you’d never do anything. You just look. Harmless, right? You didn’t think you were being too obvious, but your girlfriend’s asked you to sit down and talk. She tells you that she knows you want her daughter. You figure you’re totally busted, but she tells you its ok. She understands, and she’s here to help! She tells you she took the liberty of buying a fleshlight and getting a pair of her daughter’s panties…and she’s going to drain you into “her daughter!”
You can’t believe what a naughty mom your girlfriend is being as your cock rises in your pants. She smirks, telling you to take it out and stroke while she gets her daughter’s tight little pussy ready, licking, sucking, and fingering the fleshlight until you’re oozing precum. She slides the fleshlight down onto your cock, telling you what a slut her daughter is. How she’s your cumdump now. A total whore for you to use. You watch her mother slide the smooth pussy down your cock, urging you to fill her daughter with cum, stroking you while she licks at your cock, running her tongue over “her daughter” and begging you to use that little whore-hole. You fill the toy with cum and watch as your dirty girlfriend pulls the toy off, shoving her tongue deep inside to extract your load

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Fluffer Nutter - Naughty Babysitter Strokes You To Sleep

Fluffer Nutter – Naughty Babysitter Strokes You To Sleep

Your new babysitter wants to invite her friends over to raid the adult sippy cabinets, so she makes you get ready for bed even though it’s still super early. She senses your resistances and doesn’t wanna risk you being awake when her friends get here. She decides to teach you about masturbation, she’ll do it for you the first time….

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Skinny-Dipping With Mom - Kylee Nash

Skinny-Dipping With Mom – Kylee Nash

You’ll feel like you’re watching your own homemade vacation video in this POV roleplay. Mom has taken you to the beach for one last special trip before you’re off to college, but today she has something quite naughty in mind – skinny dipping! After teasing you by having you help her oil up her perfect body, Mom seduces you into running into the ocean with her – as naked as the day she was born!
A very natural-feeling and realistic tease from Mom.

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Mom in sexy white makes you cream for he - Hot Wife Jolee

Mom in sexy white makes you cream for he – Hot Wife Jolee

Mom in sexy white makes you cream for her Mom in her sexy white summer dress and high heel sandals makes you cream precum from your throbbing hard young cock. Mom wants you to sniff her panties first which makes your cock rock hard and twitchy in your hand. You want mom to allow you to fuck her pussy from behind as mom bends over to take your young hard cock. Cum for mom my naughty boy!!

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