Lessons With Stepmom Scarlett - Scarlett Belle

Lessons With Stepmom Scarlett – Scarlett Belle

It’s a big night for you – you’re finally going out to a club! But you need to borrow your stepmom’s car, and she wants to give you some advice before you leave. In fact, she wants to give you a hands-on demonstration! Before you try to get laid tonight, let your stepmom give you some real life experience.

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Mommy Roleplay Riding Dirty Talk - Charlette Webb

Mommy Roleplay Riding Dirty Talk – Charlette Webb

Cum support for my one and only baby boy. Non stop riding and dirty talk, i’m so bad in this but proud, my mind is sooo perverted lmao. You Will Adore if you’re into this fetish. Mommy puts you to bed and teaches you a lesson you’ll use for the rest of your life. Like i seriously rocked this one. You should get it <3 You wont be disappointed.

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Bedtime With Mommy Part 3 - Reya Reign

Bedtime With Mommy Part 3 – Reya Reign

Part 3 of 3. You can’t stop thinking about how amazing the last couple of visits from your mommy have been, so you were excited to see her in your room again tonight. Daddy has finally gone to bed, and mommy wants to take things further with you. She’s watched you jerk off, she’s felt you in her hand and her mouth, but now she wants to know what it would feel like with you inside of her pussy. You feel your cock harden and you hope she lets you fuck her tonight. Your excitement grows as she takes off her pajamas and gets on top of you, your hard cock pushing against her bare, wet pussy. It’ll be fine as long as you don’t cum inside of her. She eagerly slides you inside, and the warmth of her pussy walls hugs your cock as she moans with pleasure. How does mommy’s pussy feel as it slides up and down? Mommy rides you until she cums, then asks if you would like to cum for her. She knows you want to fuck her and ram your cock into her, so she lays back and spreads her legs for you. You slide your cock into mommy again and start thrusting, bringing yourself closer to climax with every stroke. She tells you how much better you feel than daddy, how she’ll think of you every time daddy fucks her. You feel your cum about to shoot out, so you pull out and cum all over mommy’s belly. Daddy will never find out that you fucked mommy better than he ever could… This video has virtual sex scenes.

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Sis Doesn't Just Want To Cuddle 1080p - Kaedia Lang

Sis Doesn’t Just Want To Cuddle 1080p – Kaedia Lang

Wide Shot, saying Alex in the video, wearing a t-shirt with something blue/sexy underneath. It is a late cold night and you step-sister comes to your room complaining she is cold. She asks you if she can be with you so that she can be warm but you refuse at first. However she makes her way to the bed and makes herself comfortable. She then thanks you for the warmth and gives you a small kiss. Then another kiss and then another until it gets out of hand becoming a bit passionate. Your step-sister notices you are turned on by feeling how hard you are and takes your pants off. There she starts licking and sucking you. Even though it’s still a bit cool she starts taking off her clothes and covers the both of us under the blanket continuing to suck you. She is then ready to have sex with you until you get on top of her teasing her pussy with your dick. She enjoys the tease for a while until she wants it deep inside her. That’s when you slide your dick inside her slowly and she moans in a cute way while you go slow then a bit fast. A short while later your step-sister tells you to stop to make sure no one is awake but you still do her anyway. After giving her a nice kiss you start to go fast and this makes your step-sister cum which makes her twitch. Your step-sister tired catches her breath and decides to ride you getting on top of you (cowgirl) in the front and sliding your dick inside her. While slowly riding you at first then going faster she takes the time to kiss you passionately. However you try stopping her because we were getting a bit loud and that you wanted to pull out. But your step-sister doesn’t listen and takes control riding you faster and harder saying to cum together. After a while a of riding the moment finally happens when the both of us cum together she twitches yet again exhausted and is very happy as she slowly gets off you. We couldn’t believe this happened and she lays on top of you happy to be with you. Enjoy

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Sister Home Wrecker Riding and Creampie - Jessica Starling

Sister Home Wrecker Riding and Creampie – Jessica Starling

Your wife is out, and you enter your bedroom to find your sister waiting for you on your bed. She’s dressed in pink slutty lingerie and has a leash and collar around her neck. She giggles at your shock. It’s not like you’ve never seen her in something slutty before. Your sister complains about your wife, saying that she knows you can do better. Your wife is boring, old and ugly. And your sister… well, look at her. You’re confused and hesitant at what she’s suggesting, but she knows the way that you look at her. And, you have fantasized about it. She starts to undress, and your hesitation slowly begins to fade away. Your sister strikes a deal with you: you two will fuck, and if you don’t like it, both of you will go on with your lives and pretend like it never happened. BUT, if you DO like it… you have to leave your wife. She mounts your hard cock and begins to ride. Your wife never fucks you like this. Your sister rides your cock like a professional. Watching her tits bounce up and down alone almost makes you bust. She pulls on her leash while she rides. Her pussy is all yours for you to use. Forget about your stupid wife. Your sister fucks your cock frontwards and backwards until you shoot a huge load inside of her. You watch your cum drip from her pussy. You know your fate now — you must leave your wife immediately so you can have your sister’s sweet pussy whenever you want.

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