Taboo Saga - Casual Sex with Daughter - Azura Alii

Casual Sex with Daughter – Azura Alii

Your petite step-daughter, Azura Alii, casually enters your bedroom. She crawls onto the bed and takes hold of your dick. “I want you to get hard for me Daddy” she commands ever so softly and sweetly. Azura positions herself between your legs, taking your cock in her hands and mouth and working with it until it is rock hard. She strips for you. She shows you her cute body, including her hairy ginger bush and her delicate little toes and soles. Then Azura climbs on top of your dick and rides you gently and passionately until you both climax together.

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Dad.... Will it hurt? 1080p - Alice Merchesi

Dad…. Will it hurt? 1080p – Alice Merchesi

I walk into my daughters room wondering why she’s calling me. She seems stressed and upset about something. Could it be about school maybe? I know her finals are coming up soon. I ask her “What’s wrong sweetie? Are you ok?” I’ve never seen my daughter so anxious but she finally explains to me what’s going on in her mind. After she tells me that she’s a virgin, I’m absolutely shocked! Is this something that I should have her mother talk to our daughter about? Honestly I had no idea if she was having sex or not, but I did know about her boyfriend. “So you and Brad haven’t had sex yet?” I asked her. “No we’ve never done it… “My daughter and I have a very strong relationship so of course I would do anything to help her.
“I know you wouldn’t hurt me and I’m really comfortable with you, and I’ve put a lot of thought into it and I want my first time to be with someone I trust. I really trust you Dad, and I thought that maybe my first time would be with you!”
Was I hearing this right? Does my daughter actually wants to have sex with me?! I love her no matter what but I don’t think that this is very appropriate. I asked how far she had gotten with her boyfriend, and she tells me about a handjob she has given him. My head is spinning what do I do?!?! I start thinking about how much she has grown as a woman and it starts to turn me on! I then begin to rub my daughters nipples, watching them get harder and seeing her get more excited…
Being the supportive father that I am, I show my daughter exactly what I like and how to turn me on. She says “I want daddy to put his dick in me!” I never thought that these words would be leaving my daughter’s mouth but I am so hard for her!
She spreads her fresh 18 year old pussy for me and begs me to fuck her. I go slow, feeling every part of her tight, warm, wet pussy… Hearing her scream out to me “Fuck me daddy!” only makes me grow harder inside of her, and fight the urge to instantly fill her with my cum. But she’s not done yet, I can tell she needs to be fucked even more before I give her my entire load straight onto her young face!!


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Your New Stepmom - Erryn Hex

Your New Stepmom – Erryn Hex

I know it’s a little embarrassing having someone as young as Me as your new stepmom. I’m only 22 and married to your father, you must be wondering how that happened. Are you sure you really want to know the honest truth? His bank account… And his dick. Turns out your stepmother isa little bit of a gold digger! HD.


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Nurturing Step Mommy Peeing and Giving You JOI + Countdown - Victoria Veritas

Nurturing Step Mommy Peeing and Giving You JOI + Countdown – Victoria Veritas

Could you make a Mommy Pee JOI and Masturbation video? In the beginning you are fully dressed and have to pee really bad and are unaware that your son is hiding in the bathroom. While pushing your panties down, Before you get to finally sit on the toilet you are surprised to see your son hiding in the bathroom but you invite him to watch mommy pee in the toilet or the bath tub. He is very curious and wants to watch from close up and see how it comes out of his moms pee hole. excited! You strip off all of your clothes. After filming your golden censored and your pleasant release you invite him to the bathroom floor so he can explore and watch you masturbate for him on the bathroom rug. You ask him if he would help lick and clean off mommy’s pee hole before she penetrates herself with a dildo that she was hiding from for her little boy. You spread your pussy lips talk about mommy’s golden nectar and slowly work the toy inside. Showing your son how mommy masturbates and feels her nipples when she gets horny. Your son wants to jerk off while mommy masturbates but is too embarrassed. He is getting excited and mom wants both of you to cum at the same time. You then give him jerk off instructions encourage him to stroke his penis for mommy and toward the end you give him a 10-0 countdown on when mommy is going to cum and she is very happy that her son came at the same time. Don’t tell Daddy because this will be our little secret.


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