Making brother cum for me 1080p - Millie Knoxx

Making brother cum for me 1080p – Millie Knoxx

I wanna show you my new panties I got brother, you’ve been walking around all day in your boxers all day and it’s made me so wet thinking about your hard dick. I show you my pussy and I want you to jerk off with me. I dirty talk until we cum together and you cum all over me!

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POV Mommy Roleplay - Delphoxi

POV Mommy Roleplay – Delphoxi

You’ve had a tough day at work and you need me to roleplay as your mommy to make you feel better. I tell you to be a good boy and eat mommy’s ass and pussy ! You do as mommy says and please your mommy! Pleasing mommy just relives all that stress from a long day! Now be a good boy and fuck your mommy’s pussy.

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Mommy Roleplay JOI - Delphoxi

Mommy Roleplay JOI – Delphoxi

You’ve come home from work to find me waiting for you. I tell you that I went through your computer while you were away and find your collection of mommy porn. I tell you that I’ve noticed how distant you’ve been with me and that I want to start acting out your fantasies to help turn you on! I tell you that i want you to jerk your cock for me as I pretend to be your mommy! I tell you how I want you to jerk off as I call you a good boy and encourage you to jerk off for your mommy!

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Cumming in Mommy's Hairy Pussy - Enigma MGF

Cumming in Mommy’s Hairy Pussy – Enigma MGF

I am a little shy & by no means am I professional. Please keep that in mind when buying* In this video I’m dressed in a black robe. Underneath is a bralette & thong. You came home from school upset because a girl broke your heart, but don’t worry…Mommy is here to comfort you. You know I warned you about that girl. I express my sympathy & pull you in for a hug, telling you that it’s ok to lay your head on my breasts. I can tell you’re curious & notice you paying a little too much attention to them so I’m not surprised when you ask if you can suck them. I reluctantly give in. “Ok…but just one,” I say. I just want to make you feel better & take all the pain away. I moan & gasp as I simulate you sucking my nipple. Mommy is willing to do anything for her sweet boy. I can’t help but get aroused when you suckle on my big tit, so when you ask to see the 2nd one I reveal it with less hesitation. Next scene shows me telling you to keep this our secret before I remove all my clothes & show off my mature body. Your young cock rises seeing the hair I have down there. 😉 After I strip, I lay down on the bed spread eagle & rub my clit before using my realistic dildo, pretending it’s you as I fuck myself. “Your cock is so much bigger than I expected,” I say. You smile with pride, loving the way my hairy pussy envelops your cock tightly. I fuck myself increasingly harder, talking dirty the entire time. I shush you, warning that others in the house might here us. I moan to you that I’m about to cum, not even thinking about protection. After I finish, you admit that you just came inside me. I have a look of horror on my face, jumping up from the bed before I talk about the consequence of what you did. “You could have got Mommy pregnant!” I exclaim.

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MOMMY fixing snacks and spilling wine - Velma Voodoo

MOMMY fixing snacks and spilling wine – Velma Voodoo

Mommy Velma Voodoo has had a little wine before you came home from your part time job! shes critical of your work ethic but still loves that you are always around! she teases you about how much she loves taking care of you, even if you are too old to be living with her still. after scolding you about your desire for wine, she spills the tea she poured for you all over her top! you are a lazy boy and refuse to bring mommy a towel, so she must wipe the floor with her shirt, leaving her perky breasts exposed to the air and your wandering eyes. “its not like you havent seen it before!” she coos. even though you already ate mommy insists you must have your favorite snack, you cant go more than two hours without a snack made with love! she bends over far into the fridge in her high waisted denim jeans. her huge ass filling your entire field of vision. such a naughty boy you are watching mommy!

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Daddy Roleplay JOI - Tidecallernami

Daddy Roleplay JOI – Tidecallernami

Nami tells her Daddy how to jerk off. She licks her daddies dick and fingers herself all while dirty talking and instructing her daddy how to jerk off. Ends with a cum countdown 😉 (P.S. Sorry for my ass being covered in bug bites :C


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