Mom & Son are Sold into Sex Slavery - Mom Must Perform Sexual Acts with Young Son, POV - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Reagan Lush

Mom & Son are Sold into Sex Slavery – Mom Must Perform Sexual Acts with Young Son, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Reagan Lush

This is a very disturbing & intense video. Highly recommended for those who want something far more… You will love it.
Mom was disoriented, confused, and scared when she woke up – she had no idea where she was or how she got there. Somebody had stripped her down and replaced her clothes with red lingerie and thigh-high stockings.
Her eyes widened when she saw you lying asleep beside her
“Honey, wake up,” she said frantically. “Please wake up for Mommy. Sweetie, listen…I don’t know where we are, I don’t know why I’m wearing this. Don’t be afraid, we’re going to figure out a way to get out of this. Just know that I won’t let anybody hurt you, okay?”
All she could remember was the sound of someone coming into the house last night and now the two of you were here. Although she tried her best to comfort you, you could hear the panic and terror in her voice – she wasn’t sure what was going to happen to the two of you.
A man finally came into the room. “What do you want with us?” Mom shifted nervously on the bed. “Who are you? We’ll give you anything that you want. Look, we don’t want any trouble, just please don’t hurt my son – he’s just a boy.”
“What…what do you mean you own me?” Mom stammered. “What? No, I’m not your entertainment. This is not a game, this is my son. Just please let us go, we won’t say anything.” Mom turned towards you in-between her conversation with the man to comfort you, to reassure you that everything was fine, but it was obvious that it wasn’t.
The man explained to Mom that she’d have to perform sexual acts with you, her very young son, as entertainment for himself and his guests. “I’ll do whatever you want,” she said desperately in an attempt to protect you. “Please…don’t make me touch my son, it’s going to fuck him up for life. You’re going to traumatize the poor boy, look how young he is – I can’t do that. Please don’t make me. No, no, please don’t hurt us.”
If Mom didn’t cooperate, if you didn’t cooperate, the two of you would be beat. As terrible and disgusting as it was, Mom was prepared to touch you in any way that the man told her, and everyone would watch. Since this man owned you and your mother, the two of you would be forced to repeat these forbidden, taboo acts over and over for other clients.
“Mommy’s going to take care of everything,” she looked at you soft eyes, then turned back towards the man. “Don’t you yell at him, you talk to me. Sweetie, just be calm. We’re just going to put on a little play for these men and it’s just pretend – it doesn’t mean anything. Just do whatever Mommy tells you.”
“Alright, you sickos, you’re going to get your way,” Mom shouted at the group of men waiting to watch. “So, what do you want me to do? I’m not going to say that. Okay, fine, fine.” They not only wanted to see her do sexual acts with you, they wanted to hear her say that she wanted to and that she liked doing them, too.
“Sweetie, listen to Mommy, just know that anything I say is just pretend, okay? We’re just playing characters like we do at home, right?” she tried her best to make this disturbing, perverted situation better somehow.
“I’ve always wanted to know how my son’s cock tastes and now, I guess, I’ll get to find out,” she struggled to say as she looked at you. With each new thing she was ordered to do, she tried her hardest to prepare you for it – to explain what was going to happen in the simplest, most innocent way.
“It’s okay if it gets hard,” she told you. “Mommy’s going to put her mouth on it, okay? And it’s going to feel good, but it’s going to be a little strange. It’s going to be warm and it’s going to be wet and it’s going to nice. So, don’t be scared, okay?”
Mom would cry and argue with the men after each horrible, sexual act, then do whatever sick thing they wanted next. You had never done any of these things before – you didn’t even understand what any of it was. You just listened to Mommy and did what she said – you trusted her, and it seemed like it was really important to listen to her now more than ever.
But even after all this was done, Mommy was still really upset. Deep down, you didn’t think she knew a way out – a way to escape. And the man even said that the two of you would have to stay forever.

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I Must Give Master Everything He Desires - Son Brainwashes Mom into Obedient Sex Slave, POV - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Reagan Lush

I Must Give Master Everything He Desires – Son Brainwashes Mom into Obedient Sex Slave, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Reagan Lush

“Hey sweetie, what’s up?” Mom looked up from the TV. “I was just watching my show. Were you still planning on going out with your friends later? Did you need some money or…?”
That wasn’t why you were in her room. You had been studying brainwashing techniques and needed someone to test your new knowledge on. Mom was the perfect specimen.
You circled your finger in the air to create a spiral, then played a low, vibrating sound to begin the process. “I’m just…going to be at home…sitting here,” she said slowly, her eyes fluttering as she became locked in a trance.
You snapped your fingers, finishing the brainwashing process, and Mom looked at you with blank, wide eyes. “Yes, honey, you can have whatever you like. Anything for you, sweetie,” she said in a soft, monotone voice. “Yes, you are my Master. I would do anything for my Master. You deserve everything you’ve ever wanted.”
“I must give Master everything he desires,” Mom continued to say. “I must strip for Master, I want to strip off all of my clothes.” She stood up and began stripping down slowly and sensually for you. “I do want to expose these breasts, I need to,” she said mindlessly. “I have to show my breasts to my Master. Yes, I must touch myself. I must show my Master my entire body. My Master does own me.”
“I want to please you, Master. I do love your cock, Master. I must get it hard for you. I must feel Master’s cock,” she said bending down and wrapping her soft hand around your cock. “I only love Master’s cock.” She stroked your cock, then placed it into her wet, warm mouth to suck it.
Mom wanted…needed to show you every inch of her body. She got up onto the bed, spread her legs, and masturbated for you. Everything she did was for you and only you. She brought herself to an overwhelming orgasm, then awaited your next command.
“I do want to get on all fours for Master,” she repeated. “I do want to feel Master plunge deep inside of me. I must have Master’s cum!” You fucked her as she moaned loudly, then filled her with your cum.
“Yes, anything you say, Master. I’m yours and only yours. This pussy belongs to you,” she said with wide eyes, a finger pressed between her lips.

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Mom Teaches Son How to Make Love, POV - A Very Romantic & Loving Experience - HD 1080p - Reagan Lush

Mom Teaches Son How to Make Love, POV – A Very Romantic & Loving Experience – HD 1080p – Reagan Lush

A very passionate, intimate, & loving experience with your mom…
Mom wanted to have a talk with you. She sat in beautiful, red, lacy lingerie that you made you uncomfortable to see her in, but she told you there was a reason for it. “I want you to trust me…” she told you, “I know you’re really blossoming, especially sexually. And it’s okay, I want you to talk to me about it, I just want to make sure you’re making the right decisions.”
Mom knew how good-looking you were, and how many pretty girls there were out there waiting for your attention and love. “I just want you to know the difference from just fucking some girl and making love to a woman. I mean, I don’t know how you feel about your girlfriend now, I know you’ve been kind of dating around and not taking anything too seriously…but if you really care about somebody, and you really like someone, making love can feel really good, too.”
She explained that there was so much more with making love, a special connection, and she wanted you to be ready to share that with a wonderful lady one day. “I figured if I could show you how to really make love to a girl, then maybe you’d be ready when the time really matters. I mean, there’s a huge difference…and maybe you’re not ready to fall in love just yet, but you love your mom, don’t you? So, why don’t you let me show you…I really think I could help you.”
So, Mom had dressed in her special outfit so you could see what that was like. “When you’re in love with someone, you can help strip them down and caress their body instead of just pulling their panties to the side. When you’re making love to someone, you want to feel them…so why don’t you get close to me and feel my skin, the lace that’s on my skin – doesn’t that feel nice?”
The two of you would share a very close, intimate, and loving experience. Mom would kiss you passionately and caress your cheeks, sending goosebumps throughout your body. It was something you had never experienced before – something that made you feel love, warmth, and a special connection.
You’d graze your fingers against her beautiful breasts, then suck on them sweetly and gently. “Women love that…” she purred. “Now as much as you love having your dick sucked, you gotta get a woman wet, don’t you? You have to be gentle and sweet to really get a woman’s pussy wet…nice and slow. Never rush a woman,” she told you.
She laid back, her legs spread, and her bare, pink pussy laid in front of you to lick and worship. Once she had been taken care of properly, you’d penetrate her slowly. “Slowly, slow, just like that…you wanna make love to her slowly, sliding out and then pushing back in…” she moaned. “Mommy loves the way you slowly fuck her. Then you wanna touch my face and tell me that you love me. Go on, baby, tell me…tell me you love making love to me. Oh, you wanna cum inside your mommy, don’t you? When you trust someone and you love them, you can cum deep, deep inside of her…”
“You just feel so close to me now,” Mom said in-between breaths, “so connected. My cum and your cum dripping out of me…it’s so much deeper when you make love.”

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The Deal: Mom & Son Swap Bodies, POV - Mom Must Teach Curious Son about Girls, Foreplay, & Sex - HD 1080p - Reagan Lush

The Deal: Mom & Son Swap Bodies, POV – Mom Must Teach Curious Son about Girls, Foreplay, & Sex – HD 1080p – Reagan Lush

“Okay sweetie, I really need to get back to cleaning those dishes,” Mom said frantically, “what do you need to talk to me about?” Because you were getting older, you started to express an interest in girls and wanted to know more about them. For months, you had been asking Mom to teach you about foreplay, sex, and how to pleasure a woman, but she didn’t want to talk about it…at all.
“Oh god, no, not this subject again…” she panicked. “Why do I have to be the one to talk about sex with you? No, please…I told you how uncomfortable this subject makes me…” Of course she understood that you were going through puberty, but she didn’t want the responsibility of talking about the awkward things with you. “Can’t you go on the internet like normal boys do…or talk to your father?” she went on to say. “Why don’t you ask him about it? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”
You knew Mom was going to respond like this – she always did. So, you had come up with a plan. You told her that you had a magical amulet that, when touched by two people, would swap their bodies. If it worked, she’d have to teach you about sex, and if it didn’t, you’d leave her alone forever. “Sure, then I’ll be happy to show you a woman’s body and show you just what to do and every inch…” she promised. She didn’t believe for a second it would work.
“So, that’s it?” she asked looking down at the amulet. “I put my hand on it? Now what? It’s really warm…what am I waiting for exactly?” Just then, a surge of energy pushed her back, and the both of you had swapped bodies. “Oooooh see, I told you it would work!” you said excitedly. “I bet you feel like a big dummy now, don’t you? Mom, stop…don’t freak out, we’ll be able to switch them back later.”
Mom was scared of all the crazy things you might do with her body, but you reassured you wouldn’t be rude. “You promised that you would show me,” you pointed at her with a big smile on your face. “It’ll be fun! So, show me what I’m doing here. How do you get out of one of these things in the first place? I’m going to touch these boobs one way or another!”
“If you want me to be nice to your body, then you better show me how!” you told her. You struggled to unbutton her blouse with her long fingernails, but were excited to see her big tits popping out. You started groping them, but Mom made sure you weren’t too hard on them – girls didn’t like their tits groped so rough. You experimented on them, pinching, groping, grabbing…until you figured out what felt best, and how to pleasure a girl by touching them.
“I want you to show me about…down there,” your fingers pointed towards your mom’s pussy. “Come on, you said you would! Plus, there’s so much going on down there, you really need to teach me what to do…I need to learn how to do this right.” So, Mom went on to explain a woman’s body, and what to touch to make a girl feel best.
You tried it out on yourself, even pressing a few fingers inside, but that wasn’t going to help you learn about the sex part. You wanted the full experience, so you asked Mom to put her cock, since she was inside your body, inside of you. “I don’t want to hurt a girl,” you told her. “Take my penis and slide it in me for a minute, just so I know not to go too hard. Listen Mom, I know I’m making you uncomfortable, but you made a deal with me…”
So, she did…and boy, did you love it! It felt amazing. “Oh my god, my dick is so deep in your vagina,” you laughed, but after a bit, you felt something wet inside of you. “Whoa, what was that…? Oh my god, it feels like you just plunged so deep in me. What is that? It feels weird…you can pull out for a second. Your pussy is soaking wet, Mom!” But you had quickly discovered that your mom had accidentally cum inside of you. “Mom, you did not! Did you seriously cum in me? Ew, Mom!” you said jokingly. “You don’t know how to use a dick?! I know your pussy’s tight, but really…gross, I need to clean this out.”
Of course Mom was ready to switch back, but you weren’t done. “We’ll switch back after I do a little experimentation…” you went on to tell her. “I wanna go in the bathroom, clean up a little, and I’m gonna see how tight your ass is. Just a couple of fingers, I promise!” You quickly ran off to the bathroom.

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Mom & Son Become Friends with Benefits, POV - HD 1080p - Reagan Lush

Mom & Son Become Friends with Benefits, POV – HD 1080p – Reagan Lush

“Well sweetie, I wanted to talk to you before you have your game later tonight,” Mom said warmly, “and I was hoping you’d keep an open mind here…” She went on to explain that her and Dad were having some issues, and since he wasn’t around much because of work, that the both of you needed to be there for one another.
“You know I need you, sweetie,” she smiled, “you’re my one and only son. You’re the person I can count on…and let’s face it, you’re pretty much the man of the house now. You’re getting older, going on a lot of dates, have a lot of friends…but Mom really needs you now.” And because you were maturing, you were becoming more sexual, and there was no need to be shy about it. Your needs were becoming more drastic, you were jerking off more, and Mom didn’t want you to be afraid to talk to her about it.
“Now that I’m lonely all the time, I feel like we should be able to count on one another,” Mom caressed her inner thigh. And since you were going out on dates all the time, Mom figured you probably had had sex, too. “I feel like you and I should be able to talk about these things – have you ever heard of a friend with benefits? It’s not really a fuck buddy, I’m sure you’ve heard of that thing from your friends, but a friend with benefits is a lot closer…”
Mom went on to explain that a friend with benefits could be someone you were really close to, like her, that you could get sexual with, fool around with, have fun with – someone that could help you out before your big dates. “You think Mommy is sexy, don’t you? You like looking at Mommy, don’t you?” she asked seductively as she unbuttoned her pink blouse. “I mean, if you’re going to have a friend with benefits, it should be with me, shouldn’t it? You’re always looking at Mommy…you know this would be the perfect situation…I wouldn’t tell anybody…”

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Mommy Loves Son's Small Pee-Pee, POV - Mommy Takes Advantage of Young Son - HD 1080p - Reagan Lush

Mommy Loves Son’s Small Pee-Pee, POV – Mommy Takes Advantage of Young Son – HD 1080p – Reagan Lush

Warning: this is an extreme taboo clip…
Every morning after Dad left for work, Mommy would come into your bedroom. “Good morning,” she’d smile. “Wakey, wakey, sweetie, how are you? Look at you…so tired, I know it’s so early. You know how Mommy loves coming in and waking you up.”
She’d lie beside you, her hand softly brushing up against your no-no spot, and ask, “Did you have good dreams last night?” Her voice was sweet and soft, and she was always so gentle with you. “Who’s Mommy’s favorite little boy? You are. You wanna wake up with Mommy like you did last time?” she smiled. “Daddy’s not here, so we can have our special alone time that we like to have.”
You were so young…so pure, so naive…you had no idea that Mommy was taking advantage of you. “Don’t be shy, sweetie, you can trust Mommy,” she said reassuringly. “Why don’t you let me rub you a little bit. Don’t you worry…I can touch there. I know you don’t like your no-no spot touched, but you know Mommy knows how to make it feel good. See, Mommy likes it when it moves. It feels funny, doesn’t it? That’s perfectly normal. If it moves, that means you’re having fun.”
To make you feel even more comfortable with what she was doing, Mommy slipped off her pretty lingerie and showed off her body. “You remember what we call these, right? These are Mommy’s breasts. It’s okay to look, it’s okay to touch. You remember last time it made your little pee-pee jump, didn’t it?” she said warmly. She began to rub her no-no spot to show you it was okay, then asked you to do the special thing she taught you just the day before.
“I’ll lie down and you lie down right on top of Mommy – just make sure you get right between my legs…” she told you. “Just make sure you put it in the right hole, remember? See, that feels good, doesn’t it?” She taught you how to move your pee-pee inside of her private spot. You felt something come out of your no-no spot, but Mommy told you it was okay. “Sweetie, did the white stuff come out again?” she asked. “Oh, it’s okay…don’t be embarrassed, it’s normal. Just slowly pull your little pee-pee out…”
She smiled at you and told you how proud she was of you, then said she would make the two of you some breakfast.

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Son's Revenge on Mom - Forced Sex, POV - HD 1080p - Reagan Lush

Son’s Revenge on Mom – Forced Sex, POV – HD 1080p – Reagan Lush

Warning: this is an extreme clip.
You were furious. You stormed into Mom’s room screaming at the top of your lungs. “Can you…” she gave you a serious look, “stop yelling at me!” She was talking on the phone, but because you were causing such a scene, she had to hang up.
“Calm down!” she said sternly. “Excuse you, young man! What exactly is the problem? Slow down, slow down.” You explained that you had went into your room to see that your favorite action figures were gone. “You’re mad that I threw away your little dolls? Yeah, I threw them away,” she argued, “how old are you now? You are way too to be playing with dolls!”
It was obvious that Mom didn’t understand what they had meant to you, and it only infuriated you more when she called them “dolls.” She rambled on about how you should go meet other people instead of playing with toys – that it was time for you to “grow up.” She stood up to walk past you, and that’s when you decided to fight back – you’d make sure she’d never throw away another one of your toys, that she’d never disrespect you again.
You slammed her against the wall, your hand against her throat, and she gave you a terrified look. “What are you…what are you doing? Stop it!” she panicked with wide eyes. “Get your hands off of me – I am your mother! Do not touch me like that, I don’t like it. I know that you’re mad, but let me go.”
Not a chance in hell. She wanted you to interact with other people? Grow up? Okay, fine. You groped her big, perky tits and she cried…even begged you to stop. “Don’t grab me there!” she pulled back to button her shirt up. “No…you’ve made me really uncomfortable. Stop it!”
Things only got worse for her. You pulled up her black skirt, rubbed your fingers against her panties, then began to strip her down. She tried to fight you off, but didn’t stand a chance since she was weaker than you. “Don’t take my panties off,” she said desperately. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry that I upset you…don’t-don’t do that…” Her pretty, pink pussy was exposed now, and you rammed your fingers inside, then swirled your wet, warm tongue against her clit.
You wrapped your hand around her neck to throw her down on the bed, then penetrated her hole. “Please stop…” she cried, “you don’t know what you’re doing. Please don’t cum in me.” Even though poor Mommy didn’t want this…you could feel her pussy was wet around your cock. “No, sweetie…no…don’t do it, don’t do it…please don’t cum in me!” But the both of you knew you were going to do it.
“Please just let me go…I won’t even tell your father about this,” she looked up at you with exhausted, sad eyes, her pussy full of your seed. You patted her on the cheek as a sarcastic way to comfort her, then watched as she quickly gathered her clothes and began to get dressed.

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How Babies Are Made - Mom & Son Graphic Talk, POV - HD 1080p - Reagan Lush

How Babies Are Made – Mom & Son Graphic Talk, POV – HD 1080p – Reagan Lush

“Sweetie, I’m so glad that you came to me for these questions,” Mom smiled. “Who would know best about how a man and a woman make a baby than your own mother. I’m so happy you feel comfortable to talk to me about this.”
“You know, your father and I had a lot of fun making you…” she began to say, “and I think it’s perfectly natural to be curious about it, and to even feel confused about how the whole process happens.” She told you about how Daddy used to get hard-ons all the time, even in public, and how she and him used to fuck any chance they got. Hearing her say such dirty things made your pee-pee hard, which Mommy soon noticed, but she told you it was okay.
“It’s okay, it’s perfectly natural to feel that way,” Mom reminded you. “I used to make your father feel like that all the time.” She went to tell you how wild she used to be and how you were conceived because of that. And to really make sure you understood the process of how babies were made, she discussed how a man and a woman have sex together.
Her hands groped her big, perky tits, and her fingers slid against her clit as she explained how both people needed to be stimulated. “Have you ever seen a pussy before?” she asked. “Sweetie, don’t be shy. This is where you were born – this tiny, little pussy.”
“This is where she gets wet from. And the wetter that you get her pussy,” Mom circled her clit, “the easier it is to slide your cock inside. See how that easy is?” She said that you could use your mouth and your fingers to pleasure a woman, which made your pee-pee twitch. She went on to describe, in graphic detail, how to fuck a woman, then impregnate them. “Your father couldn’t help but to cum so deep inside of me,” she moaned, “that we made a baby. Your father has a big cock just like you. So, you better be careful where you’re shooting all of that cum…”

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X-Rated Mom - Son Makes His Own Adult Channel with Magic Remote Control, POV - HD 1080p - Reagan Lush

X-Rated Mom – Son Makes His Own Adult Channel with Magic Remote Control, POV – HD 1080p – Reagan Lush

“I know what you’ve been watching…” Mom ranted. “You think I wasn’t going to see that? It went right onto my credit card, young man! No excuses!” She went on to explain, in great detail, what adult content you had been watching, which made the whole situation awkward and embarrassing.
“You haven’t been doing your homework, none of your chores – I am sick of this!” she continued, now finding other things to complain about. To save yourself any further humiliation, you pointed the remote control at her, pressed a button, and Mom rambled on, but there wasn’t any sound coming from her mouth.
Best part was that she had no idea that it was happening – she looked ridiculous. You pressed another button, which unmuted her, and her voice came back annoying and strong. Ugh, she still wouldn’t shut up. So, you had fun going back and forth between muting and unmuting her, then decided it would be more fun to try something else.
Since she wanted to bitch about the adult channel and the porn that you had been watching, you thought it’d be enjoyable to make her your own x-rated show. “I love all that Asian pleasure you’ve been watching…” her tone changed into a more sultry and seductive one. “And I just wanna whip out my beautiful titties for you, son. Look at how fucking huge they are – I just wanna put your cock between them. I know you wanna fuck me…don’t you?”
Her hands ran up and down her gorgeous, petite body, groping her exposed, perky tits as she said perverted, naughty things to you. You pressed another button, which caused her to go back to her bitchy, normal self, and she continued running her mouth as if nothing had ever happened. “And I am not going to let your father see any more of that going on. I’m going to be looking at all the credit cards bills from now on, your text messages…I’m gonna make sure that I’m aware of everything you’re watching, young man,” she said sternly.
Seemed like x-rated was the better choice. Once again you sent Mom back to her sexy, sultry mode, and she stripped down, telling you all the hot, dirty things that turned you on. Her pussy become wet as her fingers circled her clit, and it only made your cock throb more, which made you want more. You sent her into a further “x-rated” mode, and now she was on her knees sucking your cock, and you had your tongue on her perfect, pink pussy.
“You don’t need to watch porn anymore…you can just fuck this tight, little pussy right here. I want to feel your hard cock shoved deep inside of me…” she purred. “Show me how you fuck a woman.” You penetrated Mom’s pussy as she moaned in pleasure and told you to fill her with your hot cum.
Once you were finished, you returned Mom to her normal state, and she continued her big lecture. “And that is the last that I am going to speak with you about this, okay? I’m not going to have this conversation with you again…” she proceeded to say, then paused when she felt her pussy dripping. “Oh…my god…oh, that is wrong! This is so perverted!” she said panicked and disgusted. “I can’t believe this…I can’t believe that just happened!” Although she had no idea what really happened, she pieced together why she was naked and why her pussy was dripping with cum.
“You know what…you can watch whatever you want,” she said. “Just don’t tell your father about this – this is our little secret, okay?”

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Caught Staring At Mom and Moms Work friend Footjob HD - Maria Marley and Reagan Lush

Caught Staring At Mom and Moms Work friend Footjob HD – Maria Marley and Reagan Lush

Reagan and Maria have gone back to Reagan’s house to finish up some work after hours. Reagan lets Maria know that her son asleep so they can work with no distractions. As Reagan is going through her iPad with Maria they both cant help but to dip and dangle out of there heels. Unknown to Reagan and Maria Reagan’s son is actually up and is secretly staring at Maria and his Mom dip and dangle there sheer nylon feet out of there shoes. Maria notices something from the corner her eye. Maria sees Reagan’s son and is shocked. Reagan so embarrassed but Maria tells Reagan to not worry and she has a way to deal with this. Maria whispers something in Reagan’s ear and she nods back to her with approval. Reagan orders her son to get on the ground and take off his pants. Reagan has decided to deal with this by having a little fun with this little foot loser and to force her son cum from there pantyhose feet. Reagan and Maria stroke his cock as they verbally taunt him finally they make him cum from there sheer pantyhose soles and laugh at him as thy show off there cummy sticky soles.

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